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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: We’re So Happy You’re Happy

October 6, 2008 by  

Desperate Housewives - Cast

Hey guys! We had another great episode of Desperate Housewives this week. The five-year jump is giving the ladies some great storylines; from Gabby’s social snub to Lynette’s Oedipus moment, it’s all really working…so far.

Gabby has a lot on her plate; a blind husband, two overweight children, a shrinking bank balance, and the fact that she’s been socially blacklisted. Now that Carlos has taken a job at the country club, he and Gabby are seen purely as “the help”. They’re immediately dis-invited from the kickoff of the social season. Best of all, the hosts don’t even have the guts to do it themselves. Instead they send their caterer, Bree, over to break the news to Gabby. It seems to me that this storyline was a little far fetched; shouldn’t Carlos get cut some slack? He is blind after all.

Susan is balancing two ex husbands (one twice over) and a new boyfriend. After Mike has an awkward first encounter with Jackson, he insists that he and Jackson get to know each other. Not unreasonable considering that Jackson’s going to be around MJ a lot now. The kicker is that Jackson and Mike get along great; maybe a little too great, as Mike starts inadvertently spilling secrets about Susan to Jackson. Susan immediately puts a stop to their friendship only to realize that having a functional and friendly relationship with her ex isn’t such a bad thing. I thought this was a refreshing change of pace for Susan; she actually managed to act like a responsible adult. I think the dynamic between her, Jackson, and Mike has potential. And how great was Karl’s cameo appearance? I can’t wait for Julie to show up again. Maybe she’ll even bring a special friend along. Steven Weber perhaps?

As Bree’s career takes off her marriage begins to crumble. Bree is going by the last name of Van De Kamp instead of Hodge; she’s ashamed of Orson’s criminal past. It seems like her reasons for taking Orson back in the first place weren’t that well thought out, and now that she’s a successful chef he can’t deal with being ignored. Orson’s demand for pot roast at the end of the episode was ridiculous; Bree should have told him to get lost. I know I would have. [GMMR note: I was confused by this scene.  Are we to imply that Bree is perhaps afraid of Orson? I figured since she took him back she had the upper hand – clearly not the case.]

Lynette is annoyed that her sons are drifting away from her, and after learning that a former friend of Porter’s was busted for drugs she decides to go under cover online. After pretending to be a girl from a neighboring high school she discovers that Porter’s an aspiring poet. After a few online conversations Porter begins to fall for Lynette. Lynette is forced to write him a break up letter and she accidentally signs it ‘mom’. I understand that Lynette wanted to get to know her son better but her method of doing so was a complete invasion of his privacy. I know I wouldn’t want my mom cyber stalking me!

Perhaps the most compelling storyline of the episode was the interactions between Dave and Karen McCluskey. After Karen insulted Edie (“your boobs are a tribute to German engineering”), Edie threatened to move away from Wisteria Lane. Dave, who is desperate to remain on Wisteria Lane for an as of yet unknown reason, quickly talks her out of it. He then blackmails her by stealing her cat. Honestly, he is one of the creepiest men on television. Karen thought so too; she turned to Katherine for help at the end of the episode.

Before I sign off, can I point something out? Parker is older then the twins, not younger. Apparently when the show jumped ahead Parker got left behind. Seriously, does Marc Cherry think we’re that stupid? I can’t wait to hear your opinions on Parker’s age loss and the episode. See you guys next week!’

What’s your take on the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES fast forward?  Do you think it’s working?

— posted by Tricia

Tricia is going to be your Desperate Housewives girl this year. She’s from upstate New York and is currently a freshman in college. She’s also a hardcore TV fan; check out her homemade TV schedule:

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6 Responses to “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: We’re So Happy You’re Happy”

  1. Sarah on October 6th, 2008 8:48 am

    I’m pretty sure Parker is younger. He always looked younger in past seasons. I figured the reason he was always closer to Lynette than the twins was because he was younger than them and felt left out.

  2. Courtney on October 6th, 2008 8:51 am

    Good catch on the Parker situation. I honestly didn’t notice the age problem. Hmmm.

    As for McCluskey (who will always be my favorite Mrs. Landingham from The West Wing), I spent a large majority of that episode fearing for the life of that cat. So glad he’s back in safe hands.

    Last, as far as Orsen goes, I think we’ve always known him to be a slightly frightening man. Even Bree has. I love the fact that we’re keeping this going because a complete 180 would put me off a little.

    I’m still curious to see how the 5-year jump goes, but I’m definitely intrigued.

  3. Cori on October 6th, 2008 10:20 am

    No, Parker was definitely the younger one before. For a little while, I thought he was older than the twins, but sometime last year I realized he wasn’t. I’ve been waiting for him to show up because he was always my favorite of the kids. And where’s Penny?

    Anyway, it was another interesting episode. The Orson thing was weird, but she did keep promising him pot roast. I mean how many times was she going to put that off? The way Orson handled it wasn’t good, or for that matter sane, but he does have a right to be angry.

  4. Andy W. on October 6th, 2008 1:25 pm

    I also have to agree that Parker was always younger then the twins which explains why he was so clingy to Lynette.

    Orson was giving me Dale Cooper Twin Peaks vibes last night though.

  5. Shauna S. on October 6th, 2008 10:12 pm

    Dave is giving me the creeps. Why am I getting the feeling he reminds me of Gabby’s last husband? Could he be a relative?

    I am surprised Katharine has remained so predictable five years later? Where is her daughter?

    I enjoy your reviews, Tricia….cyber-stalking Mom.

  6. Abbie on April 15th, 2009 6:22 pm

    OMG, yeah I was soo confused about the whole Scavo kids age jump. Did the producers really not realise that they’d got the ages mixed up? Why didn’t the age of the eldest son change?