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DEXTER: Daddy Dexter at it Again

October 6, 2008 by  

Before I start, can I reveal to all of GMMR that I think I’m coming down with something? It could be serious, I’m not quite sure.I actually laughed at SNL from this weekend with Anne Hathaway. Like, most of it! HAS to be an illness.


My my, didn’t we have a lot of things going on tonight in “Dexter”land? Let’s dive right in before I go looking for my giant, syringe-shaped rattle for little Dexter, Jr.

I thought this week did a wonderful job of building on all of the premises from last week’s premiere. I pictured that it might take Dexter a whole lot longer to find Freebo, let alone kill him and cover it up. But leave it to our new bestest friend in the whole wide world, ADA Prado, to help us tie up that loose end with one fell swoop, during a sequence where I was literally on the edge of my seat, wondering how Dex would get out of this pickle.

Again, Jimmy Smits knocks it out of the park, conveying the right mix of crazy, completely sane, and hell-bent on revenge. I kept thinking about the scene in “The West Wing” where Congressman (as I was properly corrected in the comments from last week) Santos delivered his do-or-die television ad with all the smoothness in the world. Then I compared that to Prado pacing around LaGuerta’s office. Such a stark difference.

I’m also loving what Deb is going through this season. There are a few different directions she could go at this point. She could keep pushing through and perhaps go insane because of it, but earn her badge the honest way…but she could also get screwed over by office politics, which, as we all know, are not her friend. She could give into Internal Affairs and see what happens to her relationships at work because of it. Or, there is this third option of intrigue in the informant. Deb is going through quite the crisis right now, both personally and professionally, and the informant seems to be her guardian angel, or something to that effect. But, while he could lead her to some sort of release, who knows what it would be. I’m a huge fan of Deb, so I’m really into this storyline and where it’s going to go.

I wonder if Angel is regretting his promotion. I think this season we’re going to be looking at a world where all of these people, Deb, Angel, Prado, LaGuerta, Rita, are trying to live their lives correctly, all while Dexter is above them pulling the strings (withholding info, killing suspects, etc.). They’re all lab rats and Dex is holding the cheese they’re all searching for…or, maybe in this case, the box of donuts.

I mentioned last week that a theme this season is going to be fatherhood. We added to that tonight. Not only are we going to look at what kind of father Dex can be, but also what he is going to take from Harry as well as the possibility of what Dexter, Jr. (which is what I’ll be calling him from now on. It’s just too creepy and amazing not to run with.) could become.

Also, who can’t picture President Bush as a youngin’, finger up his nose, staring at a fish tank in awe? Or, doing the same thing, as a 62-year-old…in the Oval Office…last week? I’ll be here all week, folks. Make sure to tip your waitresses and try the veal.

I wasn’t really surprised that Rita was keeping DJ (Yes…I’ve grown now, in the course of one review, to calling him DJ. Got a problem with it?!). I mean, it’s too awesome of a plot thread for an abortion to occur in episode three. I was actually surprised there was even a debate on whether to keep him or not. I guess it had never crossed my mind.

Overall, an awesome episode that continued to break new ground in Dexter’s universe. First, killing a man who might not be guilty. Now, being caught in the act? Geez!!

Tell me, all. What will happen next in “Dexter”land? Also, should I stop calling the kid Dexter, Jr. and/or DJ?

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Philboy is GMMR’s resident Dexter analyst. He spends his days studying Communications at Purdue University and his nights trying to keep up with his TV schedule without a Tivo. He awaits the day when Jack Bauer will save us all, but can live with Dexter, Chuck Bartowski and Ned the Pie Maker until then. He idolizes Barney Stinson and hopes to, one day, be the cop who declares someone dead in a procedural crime show.

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3 Responses to “DEXTER: Daddy Dexter at it Again”

  1. Carli on October 6th, 2008 12:29 pm

    Another great episode. I’m loving Jimmy Smits, so far. I just KNEW he was going to catch Dexter and love him for it. This season should be good!

  2. Lynzee on October 6th, 2008 3:23 pm

    It’s going to be a lot harder to sneak around and hide is arsonal when he and Rita are living together and doing 3 am feedings. Dexter’s private time is about to go down the drain, it’s going to be great watching how he figures out how to maintain his lifestyle with these new developments.

  3. Ryan on October 8th, 2008 1:06 am

    Awesome episode. The scene with Dexter killing Freebo with Prado lurking around the house and eventually finding Dexter was intense. It had me on the edge of my seat.

    Agreed that Smits has been an excellent addition to this season.

    I like Deb’s story line of internal struggle as well. As i said last week, i’m not a big fan of the actress playing the role, but its a good compelling and interesting tv.

    Should be interesting to see if Dexter has to “deal” with Prado down the line.