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THE AMAZING RACE 13…Let’s Talk Teams!

October 6, 2008 by  

The Amazing Race 13

As I spent last Sunday evening ‘hangin’ tough’ with NKOTB, I missed out on the premiere of THE AMAZING RACE‘s 13th season.  But with the airing of tonight’s second episode I’m all caught up and ready for another fantastic season one of the most fascinating and exhilarating reality shows on TV.

Being citizens of TV, I think you all know the basic premise of THE AMAZING RACE.  Teams of two race around the world, following clues and performing tasks to take them from destination to destination.  Each week the last team to arrive at the designated pit stop may be eliminated.  Throughout the competition a few lucky last place finishers are spared elimination, but endure a penalty to stay in the game.  Not know when these saving graces will appear, no team can risk coming in last.

In last week’s premiere, 11 teams races from the starting point in L.A. to various parts of Brazil.  Beekeepers/Hippes Anita and Arthur were the last to arrive and were Philiminated from the race.

This week the ten remaining teams found themselves once again in a battle for first.  Anthony & Stephanie came in last and were sent packing).  [Note to new TAR watchers: Pay attention to the editing and you’ll probably be able to figure out early in the episode who is going to win.] With the tasks still somewhat on the easy side, the biggest challenge some of the teams faced were working with each other.

Two weeks in and there are already teams I love and some I loathe.  Let’ get all judgy judge and break them down, ok?

There are just a few teams this season that I’m already rooting for.  As is usually the case with my personal team preference, I am once again pulling for the teams that so far have shown that they appreciate the experience of the competition, know how to work together as a team, and know how to treat each other like human beings (you’d think it was a given, but trust me, it’s not).

My favorite team so far is Mark & Bill.  The comic book aficionados and self described geeks form San Diego (I’m sure I was at Comic Con with them as Mark is the treasurer of the annual event), are relying on their brains over their brawn to make it through the race.  They seem to be really taking in the experience and having a lot of fun.  I worry that their speed, or lack thereof, might hurt them when going head to head in foot races against the other teams.  But as a geek myself, I have to be pulling for these guys.

Toni & Dallas, the mother/son team from California seem to be using the race to strengthen their already strong bond.  Dallas is one of the more fit competitors this season, but I like how he seems to be taking the time to encourage his mother.  They’ve stayed in the middle of the pack so far, so they’re going to have to make some big moves if they want to break out and win a leg.

Aja & Ty have been in a long distance relationship for quite some time, so hopefully their communication will be a big advantage for them.  These two have been somewhat quiet in the game but something tells me they’ve been holding back.  I’ll be watching out for these two as the race continues.

Mark and Bill aren’t the only geeks on the race, but they are the only ones owning up to it.  Andrew & Dan – Team Superbad – look like they walked out of a Judd Apatow flick.  Red headed Andrew is the Seth Rogan of the team and seems to embrace his slackerdom.  Dan is more Fogell (but thinks he’s McLovin) with a mixture of pessimism and cockiness.  I can’t get behind these two guys yet as they haven’t really shown me that they’re in it to win it.

I want to like Nick & Starr, I do, the brother and sister team.  But there’s something about Nick that irks me already. Maybe it’s that he seems a bit arrogant or perhaps its his willingness to whore out his sister to win the race – not quite sure.  Starr seems like bit of a drama queen, but I can deal with her. They seem like strong competitors, so I’m going to try to keep and open mind with these two, but so far I’m a little ‘eh’.

Hey did you hear that Ken cheated on his wife, Tina?  Or that Kelly & Christy both recently left really bad marriages?  Um, I hope someone told them that the guy waiting at the finish line is Phil Keoghan and not Dr. Phil.

Every season there is at least one couple that are hoping that this race will be the catalyst to take them to the next stage in their relationszzzzzz. Seriously?  Go to counseling – don’t travel the world under extreme conditions.  Ken, an ex-NFL star (something they’ve mentioned at least 1000 times) and his cougar-wannabe wife Tina brought a lot more luggage than their backpacks on this race.  Can they leave it all behind and move forward towards this finish line?  (And could I be more cheesy…sorry).

If Kelly & Christy would take a minute to stop bitching about being starter wives and read the clues they might make it a little further in this game.  I said a little further.  We’re not dealing with brainiacs here (or even comic book nerds for that matter).

Marisa & Brooke – two blondes from the South.  I really have nothing worth saying here. They fill the TAR criteria of having two blondes competing.  They’ll be gone soon.  They annoy me.

And finally there is Terence & Sarah.  Good Lord I just want to slap that man-boy upside the head.  Forget racing to the pit stop, Sarah needs to race in the opposite direction of this guy.  One of the divorcees said Terence reminded her of her ex-husband (did I mention she was divorced?), in as much as he was verbally abusive and controlling.  Ya think?!  Not only is Terence and emotional douchebag, he’s a manipulative asshat. How about him telling Sarah that every time she talked to someone on another team, that she wasn’t being supportive of him?  Then of course there was the time in the first episode that he actually forbid her to talk, and talked to the other team on her behalf.  And don’t even get me started on his beahvior when he hit his head on the trunk (blow on the cut?  what is he 5?)  Yeah I pretty much hate this guy. Two episodes in and he already ranks up their with some of my least favorite contestants of all time – a list that includes Jonthan (TAR 6), “my ox is broken” Colin (TAR 5) and Peter (TAR 10).  If it weren’t for Terence I’d probably like Sarah more, but it’s hard to root for a woman who dates that douche by choice.  Let’s hope these two are out of the race soon so I can fully enjoy the show.

So there it is.  My breakdown on the contestants so far.  I’m interested to see if my opinions will change over time.  I’ll give credit where credit is due – I wouldn’t last a day on this race.  But it’s hella fun to watch.

Are you watching THE AMAZING RACE this season?  I hope so.  Have any teams your rooting for/against yet? Does Terrence annoy anyone else as he does me?

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5 Responses to “THE AMAZING RACE 13…Let’s Talk Teams!”

  1. Patty on October 6th, 2008 1:06 pm

    You hit it on the head with me. Your top two teams are my favorite teams too. I hate hate hate that Terence and Sarah. But I guess there has to be a team to hate for being asses early on. Kelly & Christy I just hate because they are dumb.

  2. Alyssa on October 6th, 2008 1:13 pm

    Ditto here on Terrence. He’s AWFUL. What does she see in him? I’m looking forward to them getting kicked off and then the interviews afterwards “So, do you realize now that you’re an asshat?”

    Also, Nick & Starr Spangler (yes, that is her name) – I read something on about them. She’s a Cowboys cheerleader and he’s doing off-Broadway in The Fantasticks, so they’re performers by nature. Should be interesting.

  3. Holli on October 6th, 2008 1:24 pm

    Mark and Bill are totally my favorites. As for the rest, I’m completely meh. Mom and son — don’t see mom being able to hang physically and stop wearing matching outfits. After last night I see why Ken cheated. Tina must have incessantly claimed credit for inventing something and drove him to it. But seriously, I hope they work things out. I figure the couple who got eliminated last night (so boring I don’t remember their names) are doomed despite their turns out apartments are okay eye-opener.

    This seems to be the physically weakest group of women ever. What is with the men carrying the packs everywhere? The blondes are boring; they make me miss the beauty queens. The frat boys are dumb and make me miss the models. This is a truly underwhelming group of contestants. But Phil keeps me going.

  4. Lisa (aka lmr) on October 7th, 2008 8:06 am

    Mark and Bill all the way! I want some brains to win over brawn this year. More than a tad annoyed that they gave the answer to Tina and they won because of it. Saved only by the fact that M&B were happy for the cougar-couple.

  5. grumpyoldman on October 7th, 2008 8:16 am

    Sarahs wearing glasses are totally hot.