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Privileged – All About Friends and Family

October 8, 2008 by  

I’m all settled in to watch the new episode, and I see that Lauren Conrad will be a “special guest star” – oh God. I’ve made it my mission to know as little as possible about her and her ilk, and now she’s invading one of my new favourite shows? Please let her role be tiny. Laurel is back at home, but not for long, as we learn that she’s been called to St. Bart’s on business. What was supposed to be Megan’s first weekend off turns into work as she is informed that the girls have planned a pool party and she is needed as a chaperone. She has to cancel her planned weekend away with Jacob, but don’t you worry – she’ll have plenty of male attention to keep her busy.

Rose and Sage have planned the party strictly to sabotage a party that was being thrown by their best friends. At the party, there are many bitchy interactions between the two sides, culminating in Sage being drugged with the addition of crushed muscle relaxants to her drink (!). By episode’s end, the four girls are all still friends, with the drugging incident laughed off with ease. Only Megan seems completely appalled at what has happened, giving the girls a good speech about real friendship and how it doesn’t typically involve spiking drinks with medication. Rose and Sage don’t see things the same way – they have each other to count on and therefore their friends don’t have to be reliable. Not sure I agree with this – I grew up with a brother who I’m very close with and I still prefer it when my friends don’t poison me at parties; maybe it’s just me.

Will is back in yet another v-neck t-shirt. He’s still flirting heavily with Megan, despite the fact that he confirms in the episode that he and Lily are “dating casually”. This is news to me as I had been under the impression that the pair had only had the one date – I thought things had fizzled out after that. If they are dating, then why did Rose have to convince Megan to invite Lily – wouldn’t she have just come with Will? Strange.

Charlie is also at the party, in order to help out a very grateful Megan with chaperone duty. Who’s always there for you Megan? Pay attention to these things! Sorry, I just love Charlie. I know that the writers have to build anticipation for romance on a new show, but to me Charlie may as well have flashing arrows pointing to him at all times screaming “Mr. Right!” and I can’t fathom how Megan couldn’t see that. Will and Jacob fans, feel free to correct me in the comments section!

Okay, I’ve kept this particular opinion out of my Privileged reviews so far, but I have yet to warm to the actress that plays Megan’s sister, Lily. With a cast as talented as the one on this show, her flat acting style is painful for me to watch and listen to. I think her acting abilities might be more suited to the controversial film that Rose purchased in last week’s episode if you catch what I’m throwing, and I think that you do. Anyhow, Lily and Megan seem to be making amends, and then Rose’s diamond tennis bracelet goes missing after Lily was left alone in the room. Ruh-roh. Huge fight ensues, including an indignant Lily who is completely offended at being accused of thievery. Cut to an hour later and she’s pulling the bracelet out of her purse to admire it while Will is in the men’s room. Bad Lily!

It was a fun episode and Joanna Garcia looked stunning in her gorgeous bathing suit/sarong combo and Carrie Bradshaw-style hair flower. Marco the chef was, as always, perfection. LC’s guest spot was delightfully small – so small that I can’t even recall what she said – something gossipy about a fellow party-goer I believe. And now we can return to not giving her a second thought. I liked Sage a lot more in this episode – she pulled off the bratty-teenager thing while simultaneously being likeable. Lastly, was anyone else as disappointed that Charlie and Megan missed out on the White Stripes tickets? It distracted me the whole hour!!

Privileged returns in two weeks, so it looks like we all have some time to ponder how we want to see things go. Do you guys have a favourite in the Will/Charlie/Jacob race for Megan’s heart? Do you want to see Lily and Megan reconcile and work things out or do you want to see Lily be exposed and have Megan cut off ties for good? Does Will own anything in a crewneck? I’ll meet you back here in two weeks for the next episode!

— posted by Nicole

Nicole is a lawyer by day and will be GMMR’s resident Supernatural and Privileged expert this year. She lives just outside of Toronto, and as such, you’ll have to forgive Canadian spellings and maybe the occasional “eh” when they pop up in her reviews. Nicole is still in mourning over the loss of Arrested Development and desperately hoping that the movie happens soon. While she’s a lover of music and movies, television is near and dear to her heart and she’s really excited to be a part of the GMMR team!

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6 Responses to “Privileged – All About Friends and Family”

  1. D on October 8th, 2008 5:27 pm

    Nicole, I am with you on the actress who plays Lily. She has about as much range as the average ‘contestant’ on MTV’s “Next”, or something of that ilk.

    I have a feeling the Jacob thing will be short-lived. However, I just can’t see how Will could still be a viable corner on this romantic quadrangle after he dated her sister. I mean, my sister and I have a good relationship, and I still wouldn’t go near anyone she once dated, y’know? Team Charlie all the way.

  2. Mandy on October 8th, 2008 6:16 pm

    I try not to think about Lily. IMO that storyline is unnecessary drama, and yeah the actress is horrible. I like Will even though he was a complete ass to Megan last night. Charlie is a little too boring for me. He’s coming off more as an obedient puppy instead of a sexy love interest.

  3. Carli on October 9th, 2008 12:18 am

    I just can’t buy Charlie with Megan. I agree with Mandy; he’s boring and just tries to do everything Megan wants. Get a backbone, man! And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I loathed him on The OC…nope, nothing at all! If I’m forced to pick one of the three guys, I’d go with Will. Yes, he kind of sort of dated (is dating?) her sister, but he obviously likes Megan. And yes, he’s sometimes mean to her but he’s just jealous that she’s dating someone else and not him. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it 🙂

  4. Jen (HIMYM) on October 9th, 2008 9:35 am

    I wished they had put a repeat on instead of a new episode only because of the debate. Then of course didn’t post the episode so I had to go elsewhere. Anyways, I’ve disliked Lily since Day 1 and while the actress finally made her a tinge likable when they were talking about when they were kids, the writers made her unlikable again when she actually stole the bracelet. It’s like she wants Megan to hate her.

    Between the three guys, only Jacob is a good match for her now. Charlie is always waiting in the wings to swoop in but he has never done anything to make her think of him in any capacity other than best friend. And Will trouncing on Megan when he really doesn’t know the entire situation made me dislike him. Charlie, I just pity him. Will, he should have just remained out of it and continued doing what he was doing. Lily doesn’t need him to defend herself, especially when she was the culprit. Lily really is unnecessary. I would have rather they didn’t cast her, have Charlie constantly bringing her up and then eventually reveal her, played by a better actress.

    But of course Jacob will be short-lived. I think it’s sad that the guy I like best happens to be someone whose “career” started on Road Rules.

  5. Em on October 12th, 2008 8:03 pm

    I agree with you 100% about Lily. I have waited each week for you to bring up what a horrible actress she is! And it’s not just because her character is unlikable.

    I love Charlie and Megan. It’s true that he’s not exciting, but he’s always there for her – he’s so good.

    I liked Will too up until this week. It doesn’t seem to fit his character that he would be into Lily. I thought that it was just one date too. They have zero chemistry and even less in common. It seems so weird that he’s interested in her or cares about defending her to Megan.

    Jacob is a nice guy, but whenever the two of them break-up, I’ll be ready. No tears.

  6. Becky on October 13th, 2008 10:26 am

    I was way off on my watching so I just got to this episode this weekend. I love Charlie, too. I think he’s perfect for megan. obviously he’s going to have to do something for her to see him in a different light, but I’m definitely team charlie. I have about zero opinion on Jacob. We hardly ever see him so I pretty much don’t care. Will is ok. i agree that it should be next to impossible to ever date someone who dated your sister (especially if he slept with her, which I’m not sure that he did, but weren’t they kissing on the beach first thing in the morning?) I don’t have a brother and no sisters but I have friends that are like sisters and I would not date someone who they dated – maybe in middle school that might’ve happened. But as we’ve grown up, especially someone they slept with – that would just be “ew.” Of course, we’re all married now, but you see my point. I would agree with the Lily actress. It’s like if you took someone off the street and said talk like you’re a snob – that’s what she sounds like except she’s not a snob, she’s trashy so it’s all wrong. Anyway. Thanks for the recap.