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BROTHERS & SISTERS Recap: Tug of War

October 13, 2008 by  

Wine anyone?Hey all, Jamie here again with some Brothers and Sisters action. This Sunday I celebrated Thanksgiving. In Canada the holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October, so before the show last night I sat down with my family and had a yummy Turkey feast. It made me think about families and how they relate to each other. Boy am I glad that my family isn’t as dysfunctional as our friends the Walkers are when they eat together. Sure were not perfect and we fight like any normal family but the Walkers are just plain scrappy at family functions. Needless to say I’m in a slight turkey daze and filled to max with pumpkin cheesecake.

So much happen this week so let’s jump right in to the madness. I was thinking after the last episode “where hell has Saul been hiding?” and how much I miss him and thank god he was back tonight. The episode begins at Ojai Foods meeting between Holly, Tommy, Sarah and Saul and the tension is obvious. Tommy and Holly want to change the entire company name to Walker Landing. They also want to take 500 acres of Ojai’s land for a vineyard, all in an effort to make more money and get the company out of debt. Both Saul and Sarah are exasperated/furious and storm out.

Meanwhile we discover through a telephone conversation with Nora that Kitty is in New York shopping for a publisher for her book. She’s keeping herself busy while waiting hear from the adoption agency. She may not go through with publishing the book because she’s still wrestling with the decision to resign her position as Robert’s aide.

Justin has to work military recruiter as he is still enlisted and it’s not a position he doesn’t adjust to very well. He did not seem comfortable signing up boys to go to war and it got even more uncomfortable when soldier he saved in Iraq tracks him down. The grateful soldier invites him to have dinner with his family and Justin accepts even though seems quite unsettled by the thought. He blurts out the meeting to Rebecca, and she would like to go to the dinner Justin is quiet when he meets with Rebecca for dinner with him much to Justin’s curious dismay.

Kevin has a big dinner meeting with a possible client and begs Scotty to join him as spousal support. However when Kevin’s boss implies that if he’s serious about becoming partner and wants to land this athletic company client he might want to fly solo to the meeting because the company owner might not approve of Scotty and his lifestyle, Kevin is torn.  Go back into the closet and make partner or risk it asll? Grrrr…..I did not like that, not cool!

Kevin hunts for Kitty to talk, but find Robert instead. I really enjoyed their conversation. I like their chemistry. Robert advises Kevin to do what he needs to do and to remember that once he’s partner it would never happen again. In other Robert news, he’s been at odds with his new neighbors who seem to be raising bees.  Leave it to Robert to threaten to call the President.  Good stuff.

Saul decides to resign from Ojai. Sarah is devastated and tries to stop him, but he’s done. They fight and Sarah questions his loyalty to the family and I totally agree with him, he has been loyal for 40 years. Saul then goes to Nora and they discuss his resigning and his coming out. He’s actually quite happy about retiring, he doesn’t want a job, he wants a life.

Nora goes to Sarah and asks her to apologize to Saul. She pleads for her to be supportive of him. Nora also tells Sarah that she should quit too. Can I just say wow, the wine is flowing this week, and nearly everyone is drinking. I noticed that in numerous scenes, multiple family members are jugging wine.

Kevin tries to uninvite Scotty to the dinner but quickly come clean about the situation. Scotty is extremely cool about it all and tells Kevin that he should fight for partner but also to be who he is. OMG how awesome is Scotty? The dinner meeting is even more awkward when the new clients assume Kevin is married to a woman and he doesn’t correct them. Kevin feels horrible after but in the end stays silent and chooses not to confront his boss.

Rebecca and Justin arrive at the soldiers house and instead of a dinner it’s a full on party. Rebecca finds out that Justin saved his life and wants to know all about it. They start to tell the story, but Justin freaks and leaves. He goes to a bar while Rebecca searches for him in a panic. They have a huge fight when he returns home. He didn’t drink but still refuses to talk about what happened.  When Rebecca pushes, Justin blows up and explains he lost a friend in the same accident and storms off yet again. He later goes to her and apologizes and finally opens up to her.

At the board meeting Sarah surprisingly defends Tommy and his vision and changes. Shortly after, when Tommy is thanking her, she quits. She and Nora with wine again discuss what she just did. I’m glad she quit, I think she needs to find something that she really love but seriously so much wine tonight!

Kitty’s back and she has 4 offers and it looks it will be a bidding war for publishing rights and she wants to celebrate. Robert is also looking to celebrate because Kevin and he solved his bee problem. I hope that Kevin and Robert start hanging out more.

Tommy decides to keep the Ojai Foods brand and very confidently explains to Holly that’s its out of respect for company’s history. Saul, Sarah and Kevin toast to Ojai and to their own future away from it, with red wine of course.

So how long do you think Kevin will play straight?

Was that accurate portrayal of Army recruiting?

Will Saul become a man of leisure?

How much wine will the Walkers drink next week?

Until next week,

— posted by Jamie

Your Brothers and Sisters devotee for this season is Jamie aka Jamer (GMMR handle). She hails from Vancouver BC and is pumped to be adding a dash of Canadian flare to the GMMR. So what will the Walker’s have in store for us this year? I don’t know but let’s enjoy the bumpy ride together!

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3 Responses to “BROTHERS & SISTERS Recap: Tug of War”

  1. Nicole on October 13th, 2008 6:22 pm

    Jaime, I agree about Scotty – he is the best! I’m so happy anytime Kevin and Scotty are on screen. I like the big shake up at Ojai Foods – I’m hoping it gives Tommy a bigger story line, as I feel his character seems really peripheral a lot of the time. I’m also looking forward to Saul focusing on his personal life for a while. As for Sarah, I have no idea what she’s going to be doing, but I’m looking forward to finding out. I’m so glad Justin didn’t go and get drunk – I hope we don’t have to go through another rehab stay this season – but I wish he’d grow his beard back!

    Happy Thanksgiving from a fellow Canuck!

  2. Jamie aka Jamer on October 14th, 2008 3:25 pm

    i agree that Tommy has been kinda ignored so far this season. Where’s his daughter and Julia? I can’t wait to see how the show Saul in this transitional time for him!! Oh the drama!

  3. Jamie aka Jamer on October 14th, 2008 3:28 pm

    And Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canucks out there!