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CALIFORNICATION: The Raw and the Cooked

October 20, 2008 by  

We knew it was only a matter of time before Hank Moody would screw things up but talk about short lived! Last night’s Californication showcased quite a turn of events with the happy Moody clan, who are in fact no longer happy. I just didn’t expect director Tom Kapinos to pull the plug so soon on the Hank and Karen’s rekindled romance, but he did.

The new episode, The Raw and the Cooked, was jam packed with a trio of major events for the newly reunited family. And just like so many times before Hank’s wild antics from his past have come back to bite him in the ass.

The fourth episode opens with Hank rocking out to Free Bird on Guitar Hero while Karen comes home with the surprise that the family will be hosting a dinner party. Apparently last week’s argument over Trixie the hooker has long been forgotten. They appear to have returned to honeymoon period.

Before the dinner party Hank has plans of his own and they come in the form of a marriage proposal that is long overdue. Is Karen even divorced from the dial tone yet?

In classic Hank fashion he confesses his love and explains to Karen that he would like her to “make an honest women out of him.” He also wants to “spend the rest of his life annoying the shit out” of her. How sweet and true! The two seem pretty happy; the only thing missing is Karen’s response.

The Moody’s first guest, unbeknownst to Hank, is Becca’s gentleman caller. Just finding out for the first time that his daughter has a dinner date, Hank answers the door to Damien, the boy at an all girl’s school Becca has befriended. Damien looks a little freaked plainly due to the Runkle’s make-out session in the hall than Hank.

Charlie and Marcy have decided to experiment with ecstasy before the dinner party and can’t keep their hands to themselves! Also on the party list is Mia, Sonya, the “Inner Artist” Julian, Lew Ashby and his guest, Destiny, the women Hank accidently serviced!

After all settling in the interesting collection of Hank and Karen’s friends finally sit down to a normal dinner, or at least what is normal for them. Becca kicks off the dinner by saying grace with thanks to the good Lord below. This of course ignites a debate over how much a parent should indulge their teenager’s different beliefs. Julian freely shares his disagreement with the way Karen and Hank parent. The Inner Artist definitely becomes the party’s target with his own beliefs which appear quite normal compared to Becca’s worship of Satan! From Becca’s dig about his book to the whole table exploding with laughter that he could actually smell that Sonya was pregnant, this poor guy was really taking at beating!

The bomb finally drops when Juliane freely announces that he isn’t the father of Sonya’s baby. Fast to do the math Mia explains that Hank must be the father considering the timing of everything. This new found information is such a blow to Hank and Karen they both seem too shocked to give any real response. Did you see this coming because I didn’t?!!

After the surprising news things only get worse with Lew foaming at the mouth while he shakes on the floor from an allergic reaction to something Karen served. While in the middle of begging for “the pen, the pen” the drugged up Charlie grabs a real one and stabs the rocker in the leg! Hank finally grabs Lew’s medical pen saving the rockers life.

Finally the colorful party goers leave and were back on the patio with Hank and Karen, who has taken up smoking again, can you blame her? It’s been one hell of a night and the couple isn’t doing too well. This is going to be one sad ending. This just isn’t something Karen can overlook and in light of the recent announcement and ironic twist, the guy just got a vasectomy, she decides to give Hank his ring back. Hank of course doesn’t take the news lightly and hits the road after giving the rock to a homeless person outside his house.

I love happy endings, who doesn’t, but this to me just signals another round of wildly entertaining nights out for Hank, which is the best part of the show, and his return to bachelorhood.

What do you think is Tom Kapinos going to string this out until the very end or will Hank and Karen get back together soon? How screwed up is Becca going to be?!

Next week Hank gets it on with former Dawson’s Creek actress Meredith Monroe.

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2 Responses to “CALIFORNICATION: The Raw and the Cooked”

  1. Philiana Ng on October 20th, 2008 9:39 pm

    I haven’t actually been watching this season, but I am so excited to be catching up relatively soon. (I’m still halfway through the season premiere!) I’m writing my term paper on “Californication,” its portrayal of Los Angeles and its counter-narrative of the city!!

  2. sarah on October 21st, 2008 10:39 pm

    The first two episodes are a little slow but it really picks up in episode 3 and 4!