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Privileged: “All About Appearances”

October 22, 2008 by  

 I apologize if this is a little on the short (and late) side, but work is extremely crazy today and as much as I could go on, I have to cut myself off a little.

The big to do last night revolved around the twins being tapped to star in a national ad campaign for Limoges Cosmetics alongside their loving grandmother, Laurel. Megan suggested it, but this was before she realized it would take them to Europe for a month, causing them to miss a big chunk of school. Laurel and Megan once again go head-to-head with Laurel and her “my way or the highway” winning the argument. [FYI – I just recently got into “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” thanks to Philiana’s reviews on, and I have a whole new respect for Anne Archer after seeing her use and abuse Mac on that show. If you like demented and very funny, you must check it out sometime.]

Despite the blowout, Laurel revealed a softer side last night and confessed that she has felt estranged from her granddaughters since their mother’s death.  Seems the girls feel the same way.  Sage’s defensiveness about her relationship with her grandmother tells us so, as does Rose’s outright confession that she wants to have a better relationship with Laurel.  I think it’s going to be Megan’s new mission to get this family back on track. Aw, go Megan!

Anyway, Sage can’t help but blab to everyone about the photoshoot.  The minute she opened her mouth to brag I knew it was going to horribly wrong.   In the end the twins are cut from the campaign and of course Sage blames Megan for it all.

It’s not shocker that once again Sage was treating Megan like crap, but it’s nothing like the treatment she got from Headmaster Douchebag (he gets a nickname just in time for his fall from grace).

Headmaster Douchebag managed to, all in one episode, begin a serious relationship with Megan only to cause it to crash and burn with a very creepy and very scandalous rendezvous with an ex. It seems his ex-girlfriend was also an ex-student. Also, the “ex” part of “ex-girlfriend” didn’t seem to take, as she traipsed out of a closet in his office in just a bra after Megan reamed him out for dating a former student (even if they did wait until summer vacation started, ew). Best line of the night: “I can’t date somebody whose last girlfriend was a student where he works…or has ‘teen’ in her age”. So long Jacob, it’s been real. I can’t imagine that his character, despite being the Headmaster, will be around much on the show given recent developments.

Charlie’s unrequitted love has taken its toll and he just can’t deal anymore.  I love Charlie standing up for himself with Megan. He’s awesome and I’m still waiting to celebrate his (please, please, please) ultimate love affair with her, but he has been a very handy and willing soundboard for her without getting nearly the same amount of attention in return for a while now. Before she and Headmaster DB break up, she’s prattling on and on to poor Charlie about her new boyfriend when he finally blows up a little. She looks a little stunned, but it’s good for her to hear that he won’t always just be there, willing to offer advice and commiserate (she has Marco the chef for that now!). It’s about time that she sees that (and how convenient that this breakthrough comes just as he’s readying for a first date with Mandy).

Charlie ends up bailing on the Ft. Lauderdale Picnic that Megan has planned in order to make up for her past behaviour, because Mandy has scored tickets to the Jack Johnson concert (Charlie is clearly a music lover – The White Stripes and now JJ? Him and I could definitely hang). However, the look on his face after hearing that Megan and Headmaster DB broke up says that all hope is not lost between them, so fear not, Charlie fans. My senses are telling me that we may be in for an episode featuring Marco the chef playing Cupid for these two. He’s been listening to Charlie cry about Megan and now it seems he’ll be doing the same for her. How long can this last before he decides to take matters into his own hands?

Next week we get to meet Megan and Lilly’s dad at what looks to be an apocalyptic dinner party at the manse. Looks like D-R-A-M-A.

PRIVILEGED is the best show you aren’t watching. But I guess if you’re reading this then chances are you are watching so good for you.  Any Charlie and Megan fans out there?  Will these to get on the same page or is Charlie meant only to be her BFF?  Anyone else wondering when Rose will finally bust and stand up for herself to Sage?

— posted by Nicole

Nicole is a lawyer by day and will be GMMR’s resident Supernatural and Privileged expert this year. She lives just outside of Toronto, and as such, you’ll have to forgive Canadian spellings and maybe the occasional “eh” when they pop up in her reviews. Nicole is still in mourning over the loss of Arrested Development and desperately hoping that the movie happens soon. While she’s a lover of music and movies, television is near and dear to her heart and she’s really excited to be a part of the GMMR team!

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2 Responses to “Privileged: “All About Appearances””

  1. Kris on October 23rd, 2008 4:59 am

    I’m interested to see if there’s anything between Megan and Will (because he was so cute when they first met), but I know she’s meant to be with her bff Charlie. Just not too soon though. I like the angst.

  2. mg714 on October 23rd, 2008 4:23 pm

    I really loved the last episode – I cannot believe what a dirtbag Jacob turned out to be; poor Megan. But it’s not like she’s lacking in guys interested in her! I also am curious to see what she and Will would be like together but I definitely want her to end up with Charlie, I think. I agree that they shouldn’t get together soon, but I hope they don’t wait too long – I think them together could work the way Jim and Pam work on The Office, but then I don’t know where that leaves Will. I totally agree with something I read about how Will and Charlie are like Ben and Noel on Felicity!