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BONES: The Skull in the Sculpture

November 8, 2008 by  

Holler back, Bones fans!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve missed our talks, and even more than that, I’ve missed new BONES episodes. I have a lot to say about this week’s episode, so as Sweets probably said to Daisy, let’s get it on!

The Case:
This case, and the whole episode actually, felt very ‘season one’ to me, in a ‘where is my bear poop’ kind of way (which is a good thing). Motives were plentiful, as well as suspects, which is always good. We’ve seen the two drunk/stoned/whatever guys find a dead body already this year, but…maybe that’s how dead bodies are found everyday, and I don’t know it.

I didn’t like how toward the end when Brennan ‘figured out’ who the murderess was because of the skin discoloration. Um, once that was mentioned, I think we pretty much all knew what was up.

The Squints:
1. Daisy: Sigh. When I saw her on the screen, I said NO! No, no, no, no. And when she broke the skull, I was like “GET her OUT of the LAB!!” AH! But props to Carla Gallo for playing the part to perfection. I’m guessing CG isn’t as annoying in real life. And I did like the stuff with her and Sweets, but more on that later.

2. Hodgins: What do you all think about Hodgins? I think it was pretty obvious from the look on his face when Angela asked him if he was seeing other people, and in the way he said he was okay with her moving on, that he is not okay with all of that. His annoyed faces at Daisy made me laugh a lot.

3. Angela: Woot woot for the return of the Angelator! Except that it is coming at the expense of Hodgins, I’m enjoying Angela’s transformation into herself, if that makes sense. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out. I love her artistic side, and I love her friendship moments with Brennan.

4. Cam: Cam was good this episode. Very scientific and funny. I like how she described how annoying Daisy was to Sweets and how she paid him a compliment at the end. I feel like Cam is supposed to represent the ‘everyman’ audience member, but I just don’t feel like the show is pulling it off quite yet.

5. Sweets: Dr. Lance Sweets is in the house! He was the shiz, for sure. I’d like to think he taught Booth a thing or two about kissing a ‘woman of science’ on the forensic platform. I also like that Sweets told Daisy the truth. She’s annoying, no one there likes her. But…he does, and that’s good enough. More importantly though, where is this cozy, romantically lit, trendy little café Sweets and Angela keep meeting at? Booth and Bren…get on that!

Booth and Brennan:
Not too much in the way of B+B-shippyness this week, and that’s okay. Brennan was in the lab a lot and Booth was interrogating in his way, which is just fine by me. The reason I loved this show in the beginning was because she was obsessed with the truth, and he was obsessed with justice, and they had to figure out how to make that work between them. All that to say, I’m okay with it when they are in their own elements every once in awhile. I also appreciated that they were both good friends to Angela this week. There’s some common ground, hmmm? But what do you guys think? Is it past the point where Booth and Brennan could ever really be happy romantically?

Favorite line of the night:

Booth: What goes first?
Brennan: Gun goes first.
Booth: That’s right.

See you next week when Brennan h** t*e ***v* to **s* Booth’s ***t***!!!!

–posted by Seeleybaby

Seeleybaby is GMMR’s resident BONES expert. She’ll be following the show all season for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Booth and Brennan (ok especially Booth) well covered this year!

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9 Responses to “BONES: The Skull in the Sculpture”

  1. Kerry on November 8th, 2008 11:13 am

    Brennan has the nerve to diss Booth’s belting? That’s just harsh.

    I really enjoyed this episode; like you said, it’s nice when they can have all of the characters kind of doing there own thing at times without breaking them out of character or making the show too broad.

    And, in spite of any upcoming familial complications, I’m still holding out hope for Booth and Brennan.

  2. Patty on November 8th, 2008 4:45 pm

    I love that spoiler! I can’t wait until next week!

    And Sweets is the bomb!

  3. pb+bones on November 9th, 2008 4:20 am

    See you next week when Brennan h** t*e ***v* to **s* Booth’s ***t***

    what r u hidding???love your site…nice work…

  4. Kris on November 9th, 2008 10:23 pm

    Let me just say that i absolutely ADORE Sweets. Sometimes he really makes the episode for me 🙂 Anyway, can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  5. John on November 10th, 2008 6:28 pm

    I liked the episode, but have three quibbles.

    To give Angela more to do they keep giving her new skills out of no where. The ability to develop a computer program to unfold the corpse and assign cause of bone fractures, really?

    What judge would stop a corpse from being extricated to determine cause of death and if there was a murder. It is required by law the bodies be autopsied, except under certain circumstances.

    And Brennan could immediately identify the murder weapon as a fire ax because she has seen so many murders done that way? How many people have ever seen a fire ax except wielded by a firefighter? How many fire axes are lying around to be used as murder weapons?

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