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A big storm is brewing and I just can’t wait to see what happens! Last night’s episode seemed to be the calm before the storm. Most of the 30 minute episode, titled A Lonely Place, was a conflict in the making that I’m sure will make for an explosive and eventful episode next week. Most of our favorite characters appear to be having a mid life crisis and are ending up in the arms of people we would least expect!

Getting back to this week’s highlights what I thought would be quite a falling out between Lew and Hank just didn’t play out the way I predicted. Last week when we spotted Lew and Mia together at the end of the episode it was a sure thing the new roomies would be going at it. Instead Hank patiently tells Ashby that his random sexual hook-ups with the underage head case Mia have to come to an end. The rock star, who takes an oath, has hoards of groupies chasing him so what’s with his interest in Mia? In the end Lew doesn’t keep his word and Hanks ends up catching the couple in bed. After attempting to talk reason with the crazy kids Hank gives up when Mia threatens to divulge their former one night fling! Hank does walk away with a great door prize though! A guitar that has been played by Kurt Cobain.

Moving on to Hank’s usual empty sex session of the week it seems our favorite ladies man doesn’t stop short when it comes to sleeping with his daughter’s teachers! Moody knows no boundaries and decides to spend some intimate time with Becca’s teacher, who unknown to Hank is also Damien’s mother, after school! You got to give the guy some credit though; this is a parent teacher conference like I’ve never seen! Mrs. Patterson, played by Justine Bateman, is a post sex crier. Hank decides to retreat to bathroom in his birthday suit and looks like he just might need a tissue as well after running right into Damien! The poor kid completely dumbfounded and in shock asks Hank if he hurt her?

And while all this crazy is going on the Runkle’s are knee deep in problems of their own. Daisy’s slam van director is looking to collect on her earnings from Vaginatown and has managed to get her kicked out of her apartment. With no where to go she climbs into bed with the Runkle’s. The following day Charlie tries to buy Daisy back from her crazy director only to discover Marcy has drained their emergency fun and sucked it right up her nose! Charlie decides she has to go to her mother’s to get sober leaving Daisy and Runkle alone. These two are destined to explore their sexual tension soon.

Things are heating Moody as well on the home front. After receiving an earful from Damien that her Dad’s a dick, Becca has a melt down and gives Hank a verbal scolding from behind a locked door while Karen sits by in agreement. Becca and Damien appear to be through. Talk about dysfunctional. In the end Becca forgives her father, and Damien easily drops everything too after Hank gives him the guitar and his word that he will not touch his Mother again.

The most positive thing that works in Hank’s favor in this episode is a staged hit and run that finally lands the novelist a meeting with the love of Ashby’s life, Janey Jones. We’ll just have to wait until next week though to find out if she ends up another notch on Hank’s belt. Also on next week’s schedule is a kiss shared between Karen and Lew! I can’t wait to see how this one pans out. Things are definitely heating up! Until next time!

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  1. joe on January 2nd, 2010 5:07 am

    He gives an enormously expensive guitar to his daughter’s boyfriend instead of using it to put her through college, the possibility that was mentioned earlier in the episode? This finally pushed the credibility meter of the show through the roof for me. Fake, fake, fake, stupid. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch this show anymore. If the characters aren’t at all believable or consistent to who hey are, then what is the point?