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Chuck vs. The Ex

November 11, 2008 by  

This is where I hang my head in shame and apologize profusely to SB.  Having missed CHUCK on Monday night while sitting on a plane (although in full disclosure I watched three episodes of CHUCK while flying so I get a few points, right?) I totes forgot to post SB’s review.  So here it is….really late….so sorry.


So, who loves November sweeps? Ummm … ME. I do. That’s when the drama and the angst really roll out, and what can I say? I love both, and this episode delivered fully.

I think we’re all used to having our hearts break for Chuck, but Sarah tore me apart this week. At least when she’s working her seduction ruses, you know it’s all an act. Seeing her dying a little over Chuck and Jill, knowing that it was real and he wanted something that he could be sure was an actual thing KILLED me, and at no moment was my heartbreak more devastating than when Chuck insisted it was too dangerous for Jill to give the speech and Sarah said, “Fine. I’ll give it instead.” And Chuck let her! I just wanted to punch him for being such an ass! And, okay, I know that Chuck was only being a sweet, protective, lovable ass, but he’s not supposed to be that for Jill. JILL!

I also got really mad at Billy when he suggested that Jill might be hotter than Sarah. Okay, no. No no no. Jordana Brewster is beautiful, obviously, but Jill in no way kicks the ass that Sarah does in all forms and facets of her life.

These characters have totally sprung to life for me this season. I wouldn’t have believed last season that I could really care that much about Sarah as a character independent of Chuck, but I totally do. I don’t just want Chuck to get the girl, I want them both to get a happy ending (and, before any of you pervs beat me to it, NOT in the massage parlor way–although maybe).

Obviously, and I think you all know this before you even read the words on the page, my favorite part was Chuck kissing Casey. I was bouncing up and down on the couch yelling, “Fanfic! FANFIC!” while Billy looked on in amused horror at what had become of his girlfriend. And also, call me crazy, but I thought Casey looked possibly hotter than ever while he was dying. Perhaps I have a messiah complex and wanted to save him. I’ll leave the psychoanalysis to you all.

And, as long as I’m working in no particular order whatsoever, how excited was I to see Awesome at the Buy More? I never complain at more Ellie or Awesome, and seeing worlds collide with them seems to always bring me great joy. As a sidenote, I loved Lester and Morgan passing Jeff the pen cap so they could finish their testing portion on CPR, and he knew exactly what to do with it. Hilarious! I was a little worried that after a Jeff-heavy episode, he might stop being funny to me, but certainly not, and they left him at the perfect level. I am just waiting for someone to tell me they were born ready so I can steal his “I was born premature” line. I’m still amused just thinking about it.

I think Billy’s favorite moment, and it was a good one, was when Chuck was listening in on Jill’s phone call and they heard him say, “Hello, it’s $12.50.” He said it was just so unexpected (true), but I also thought the delivery was perfect, and exactly how you’d say it if you thought you were talking to yourself. And I love how Chuck can’t even keep himself out of trouble when he DOES stay in the van.

Other little things I loved: that Charles Carmichael is still with us, apparently for good, Casey in a John Denver wig (what was UP with that?), Fulcrum being brought up again (which I feel does good things as far as story potential in the future), getting to hear Sarah talk in her real accent, and a REALLY high cringe factor. I felt so uncomfortable during so many parts of Chuck’s interactions with Jill, because I think that feeling of wanting to be doing better than you really are in life, no matter how great you’re actually doing, just to prove to your ex that THEY’RE the loser, is such a universal emotion. Now if I could just reach through the screen and tell Chuck that re-dating always ends badly …

I know I’ve been beyond repetetive about the awesomeness of Chuck all season long … but seriously, it’s awesome. I’m a LITTLE tired of Buster Bluth already (I know he has an actual character name … little help?), but even that doesn’t bug me too much because he serves a function in the story, fits into the cast, and reminds me of happy Arrested Development days. I just like when ridiculousness is free to run wild at the Buy More. But that’s my only minor, teeny-tiny nit pick. I am sort of bowing at the feet of the writers this year, porcelain gods that they are, because they’ve done some really amazing things with stories and characters in a time that’s traditionally the “sophomore slump”. I think the actors have been this great all along, and they’ve finally gotten the material that they deserve. Likeable characters, pitch-perfect tension, believable storylines in an otherwise outrageous landscape, and perfect balance between action/suspense
and humor. I just want to line these people all up on a stage and throw Emmys at them for like three straight hours. I don’t even like award shows that much, but that’s one I’d be glued to.

How about you guys? What did you think? There was so much great stuff that I know I missed some, so jump in! Your fearless recapper will stay in the van (but eavesdrop on your conversation and participate inappropriately!) while you have at it. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Chuck vs. The Ex”

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  2. Lisa (aka lmr) on November 14th, 2008 1:54 pm

    Great review SB, as always. I was the tiniest bit distracted by the fact that Jill had an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin – make her go away (and I think you know I mean all of the above.)

  3. littlebit on November 14th, 2008 3:14 pm

    i wasn’t totally hating jill, as i expected. i still have my defenses up a bit since she broke our little chuckster’s heart years ago.

    what i’ve loved most about sarah’s character is that she is finally starting to melt a bit and show some of her true self and feelings for chuck instead of keeping up her ability to “turn her emotions on and off like a robot.”

    casey’s wig – i haven’t laughed that hard is a long time. i had tears. and then when chuck planted a one on casey in an effort to save him, oh man. that had me laughing harder. and cringing. well done.

    jeff’s i drink alot and lester’s my parents had high expectations responses to awesome’s cpr class were spot on.

    anyone else missing anna wu?

    also loving how chuck is seeming more at ease when he slips into his charles carmichael alter ego. there is a confidence growing within chuck that is really good to see.

    the show gets better and better each week. high fives all around to the writers and cast.

  4. mass on November 14th, 2008 5:55 pm

    …liked this ep…and ir’s a good thing , because this season is areal dissapointmment…who’s writing this crap all the sudden??!!!
    Anyway,I actually laughed this Monday,and it’s a darn good thing Casey had some good lines.By the way…what happened to ANNA?