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Survivor Recap: “The Brains Behind Everything”

November 14, 2008 by  

This week’s episode cut the list of castaways down to eight potential millionaires. After a slow start with a bloated cast of eighteen contenders, the past two weeks have focused the show into a competitive sprint for the finish line. In order to keep up with the faster pace, it is time for some fast and furious headlines regarding Survivor Gabon.

* The bait and switch “Merge Feast” in last week’s episode succeeded in confusing a cast of characters who had grown presumptuous in their strategies for reaching the final three.

* Kenny has become the new Ace, despite acting skills that would not justify a callback for an elementary school play. From an awkward attempt to keep Charlie from revealing the second Immunity Idol clue to a successful campaign to eject poor Charlie from the tribe, the video game pro has somehow grown into a position of prominence. With Sugar’s help, we are watching Kenny become the judge, jury, and executioner of the game.

* Marcus’ elimination after physically tossing the Immunity Idol into its ocean grave was the stuff of Shakespearean tragedy. Is it just me, or are we headed for a final three with absolutely no physical ability?

* This week’s Reward Challenge, centered around Slingshot Golf, was a tremendous piece of production from Survivor’s underrated location crew. They have to be the hardest working advance team in television. Yardage markers and bunkers? Great stuff!

* With Charlie’s departure, the new king of unintentional comedy is Kenny. The talking heads about his powerful perch in the game are silly enough. However, Kenny also seems to find it charming to fawn over each female contestant, and this adolescent impulse to latch on to whomever is closest is odd to see in a grown man. This week, Kenny entered neanderthal status with his assertion that he had to fish for the, “beautiful women,” Crystal and Susie.

* Bob may not last much longer, but his construction of a fake Immunity Idol after failing to locate the real thing near the Sugar Shack was a flash of genius. I am very curious to see how he manipulates future outcomes with his faux Idol.

* Corinne is on the wrong reality show. I can already hear the MTV brass calling her for the next installment of “Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island.”

* Randy’s presence in the game is becoming uncomfortable, and his comments about G.C. and Crystal at this week’s Tribal Council were inflammatory. The producers must tread delicately with how Randy is edited into the show, because we are moving closer to a blowup over racial insensitivity. I fail to see how that would make for good television.

* The creation of the merged Nobag tribe generated a nice story arc for Sugar, who was the clear swing vote between the two warring factions.

* My predictions from last week were that Charlie would be the overall winner, and that Matty would be the next person eliminated. With Charlie joining Marcus in the jury, adding new chapters to the most romantic story on television, I can honestly state that I have zero idea what will happen in the coming weeks. This is a wonderful change of pace from the first batch of episodes.

Let me know what you think, GMMR Tribe! What did you think of the two Challenges this week? Were you surprised to see the merge just one week after the events at the Feast? Is Kenny as powerful as he thinks he is? Who are you rooting for going forward? Will Charlie and Marcus ever find true love together?

— posted by Erik

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  1. Flo (Popstars) on November 15th, 2008 7:13 am

    Ich watched Survivor China and Survivor Gabon is also great. But it’s hard to watch, because I live in Germany, so I have to download it via Internet. In Germany a german version of Survivor once was aired but less people watched it and it wasnt that exciting like the American version.