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GOSSIP GIRL: The Magnificent Archibalds

November 18, 2008 by  

GOssip Girl Cast

Last night on a very special Thanksgiving day episode of GOSSIP GIRL…

Now that Dan and Serena have called it quits, how abouts Lily and Rufus just get on with the re-falling in love and getting married stuff? They make such a nice family to begin with, can’t Lily just leave Bass-Ass already? I mean what kind of man keeps files on his family?  There is no other purpose to keep that information other than blackmail.  And we wonder why Chuck is so screwed up.

Back to a happier place- In addition to thinking Lily and Rufus are all kinds of cute together, I think it would be nice for the van der Woodsen’s and the Humphrey’s to Brady bunch it up and become a strong, stable family unit.  They can stay in on Saturday’s and build houses of cards and perhaps participate in some potato sack races in the back yard. All games would of course include booze, but I’m ok with that.

Of course Lily being with Rufus would mean the end of her marriage to Bart-Fart (clearly I’m not a fan). But if (SPOILER ALERT BASED ON SPECULATION STOP READING OR ELSE DON’T YELL AT ME) Bart kicks the bucket like I expect him to next week, that might save us all a bit of angst and remove the barrier between Lily and Rufus.  Of course that would mean that Chuck would become an oprhan and (fingers crossed) inherit all of Bart’s cash.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  I couldn’t be wrong about Bart kicking it anyway…but I don’t think I am. (OK END OF SPOILERY STUFF)

Speaking of parental units, when did Eleanor start giving a damn?  Hey, I’m not complaining.  I think Blair is so need of some serious parental guidance (and not from Dorota – bless her heart), but her mother has never shown much interest before.  And the comfort she was giving to Little Jenny Humphrey? Where did that come from? I guess the Grinch does has a soft spot for little Cindy Lou Who after all.  That, or  “Miss Geist” has really been benefiting from all the sucky Italian roast coffee she’s been sharing with “Mr. Hall”. Yay for families!

Oh wait…hold the applause – we still have The Captain. Actually don’t hold the applause…now that I think of it, Nate’s Dad finally going to jail might be just what this boy needs in order to get a life.  There was so much promise for Nate at the start of this season.  With all the sex and the prostitution – I really thought the boy was going somewhere.  The daddy storyline really brought him down. But now that the Captain is gone, and Nate and his money-grubbing mother are back in business, perhaps there’s something more for this boy to do (besides Vanessa).

Vanessa…where is your family?  You annoy me. Just hook up with Aaron already and never (and I mean never) leave the art gallery/coffee bar.  Deal?  Deal. As for Aaron – well you know where I stand on him (see: Dear Gossip Girl…)

One last thing before I sign of…Being the age that I am, I feel my life has become a little boring and a bit complacent.  Good thing I have learned the sure fire way to turn my world upside down – black eyeliner!!  Who knew the power of the eyeliner.  Put it on and you completely transform into a new person.  You become a rebel with no morals or compassion.  Take it off and immediately return to your normal self with hardly a recollection of your time wearing said eye liner.  All this time and I never knew the power.  Thank you Jenny Humphrey for showing me the way.

On this Thanksgiving I will be saying a special thanks for Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz for bringing GOSSIP GIRL into my life.  I’ll also be saying a special thanks for Dorota.  I think we all need a Dorota, agreed?

Thoughts on last night’s episode?  What about Vanessa stealing Jenny’s letter from Nate?  Scandalous!  Oh and let’s not forget to speculate about Lily institutionalization.  Perhaps it was a result of her breakup with Rufus?  Perhaps she went just a little too wild while hopped up on too much black eyeliner. I’m intrigued.

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  1. saramc on November 18th, 2008 4:55 pm

    Argh! I knew buying the brown eyeliner was a mistake!