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NBC Announces January Schedule

November 25, 2008 by  

NBC has just announced it’s lineup for January.  We’ve got some new shows, some returning favorites, and others…well, they just are no where to be found.

Let’s get at it.

Superstars of Dance” – from the producers of “So You Think You Can Dance?” — will be airing on Mondays at 8pm, which means “Chuck” will be getting a break during the month.  But before you go all panicky, this was planned all along.  I, for one, will miss “Chuck” but knowing that this mini-hiatus means more original episodes…I can live with that.

Airing on Mondays at 9pm, in place of “Heroes” will be “Mamas Boys“, a new reality show from Ryan Seacrest.  Yes, the same Seacrest that brought the Kradashian’s and Denise Richard’s reality shows into the world. I’m not expecting much.

The Biggest Loser: Couples” and “Law & Order: SVU” will air back-to-back starting at 8pm. But don’t worry “Life”ers…you’re show is safe.  It’s just going into no-peat land a la “Chuck” and “Heroes”.

Clearly NBC didn’t get my memo on how I’d like to see less of Howie Mandel rather than more.  On Fridays, we will have a new show from Mandel called “Howie Do It” – right, because that’s necessary.

As already reported, “Friday Night Lights” will return in all its glory on January 16th. (Um, with “Dollhouse“, “FNL” and “Battelstar Galactica” all airing on Friday nights, Friday is clearly THE night for TV.”  Sweet!! Finally having no life is going to pay off!!)

Notably missing from the January schedule is “Lipstick Jungle“.  The show was canceled and then not.  But now it is. Put the Maybelline away ladies, this one can’t be saved…

Thoughts on changes at NBC?  Other than the FNL news, I can’t say this this news is all that exciting. Although with “Chuck” off my schedule for a month, it does free up my Monday night’s in January.  I just went from 4 favorites up against each other at 8pm to 3 faves.  It’s the little victories.

The full January schedule by night can be found after the jump.

MONDAYS (beginning January 5)

8-10 p.m. — “SUPERSTARS OF DANCE”; premieres Sunday, January 4 (9-11 p.m.); season finale Monday, January 26 (8-9 p.m.)

10-11 p.m. – “MOMMA’S BOYS”

(“Chuck” and “Heroes” return in February)

TUESDAYS (beginning January 6)

8-10 p.m. – “The Biggest Loser: Couples”

10-11 p.m. — Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

TUESDAY (January 20)

10-11 p.m. – “Dateline NBC”: Presidential Inauguration Special (10-11 p.m. ET)

WEDNESDAYS (beginning January 7)

8-9 p.m. — “Knight Rider”

9-10 p.m. – “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” encores (“Life” returns in February)

10-11 p.m. — “Law & Order”

THURSDAYS (beginning January 8)

8-8:30 p.m. – “My Name Is Earl”

8:30-9 p.m. — “Kath & Kim”

9:00-9:31 p.m. — “The Office”

9:31-10 p.m. — “30 Rock”

10-11 p.m. – “ER”


8-9 p.m. — “HOWIE DO IT” (series premiere January 9)

9-10 p.m. – “Friday Night Lights” (beginning January 16)

10-11 p.m. — “Dateline NBC” (beginning December 5)

SATURDAYS (beginning January 10)

8-11 – “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” encores

SUNDAYS (January 4)

7-9 p.m. – “Saturday Night Live Sports Extra”

9-11 p.m. – “SUPERSTARS OF DANCE” (premiere)

“Sunday — Event Specials”

8-11 p.m. – “THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS” (January 11)

9-11 p.m. – “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE FILM FESTIVAL” (January 18)

9-11 p.m. — THE LAST TEMPLAR — (January 25 and Monday, January 26)

6:15-10 p.m. — SUPER BOWL XLIII (February 1)

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6 Responses to “NBC Announces January Schedule”

  1. Kimber on November 26th, 2008 12:42 am

    Wait … what? Chuck is going into a no-peat land for January? Aww, it will be a cold, lonely month for me. Especially if Life isn’t rerunning either. I just got through the first season and was looking forward to catching up on S2 with reruns. Oh well.

    As to your current “twitter” comment … I am slowly losing passion for Fringe too. Last week’s episode was fantastic, and this week’s … meh. Peter and Walter Bishop rock my world, but my distaste for Olivia is growing, and I honestly feel no passion between her and Peter (if there even was to be any in the first place). Oh, and Astrid/Astrix/Asteroid is awesome too. But the show is kind of lackluster.

  2. Billiam on November 26th, 2008 1:36 am

    So Dollhouse is on the same time on FNL? Didn’t expect to have two shows I like up against each other on Fridays. I don’t often watch TV on Friday nights, so I’ll tape one and watch the other on Hulu, I guess.

  3. Deirdre on November 26th, 2008 9:37 am

    That really sucks about Lipstick Jungle. I was really seeing some major show improvements and that’s saying alot for a show I already liked. Oh well. I just hope they give us a bit of closure before it’s all over.
    I will miss Chuck but will look forward to it’s return. I just love love love that show!!!

  4. Lisa (aka lmr) on November 26th, 2008 5:56 pm

    Deirdre – it must be you and I watching Lipstick, I like(d) it too. Sad to see it go but FNL will soothe my pain.

  5. jennnnnnnnnn on December 2nd, 2008 10:49 am

    still not getting over the cancellation of my own worst enemy.
    i’ll still watch FNL, but this schedule, um… sucks.

    ben silverman was recently on charlie rose. talking about his mentor, brandon tartikoff, and how his legacy at NBC will be “SMART” programming.

    then he cancels the smartest show they have, and gives us this?! seacrest and howie and MORE biggest loser!?!

    wow. seriously.

  6. Lipstick on December 17th, 2008 4:16 pm

    FANS! ACTIVELY show your support for this show so it is not canceled! Here are a few DAILY ACTIONS for you to do:

    1. Email NBC as many times as you think of it! The more the better!

    2. Visit the NBC board to post an encouraging comment!

    3. Watch old episodes of LJ on the website – even in the background as you are doing other things on the computer

    4. Shop or “window shop” Lipstick Jungle on their site – click on the “shop” link on the toolbar for more info.

    5. Resolve to send something by postal mail every day as you are able – to the execs. Try sending tubes of lipstick or simple letters that are sealed w/ a kiss! The addresses are

    Mr. Ben Silverman
    100 Universal City Plaza
    Universal City, CA 91608

    Mr. Jeff Zucker
    30 Rockerfeller Plaza
    Suite 2502-E
    New York, NY 10112

    6. Spread the word. Speak well of the show and encourage people to check it out online. If you hook a new fan, tell them about the campaign.