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DEXTER: Go Your Own Way

December 1, 2008 by  


Wow!  What an episode. Let’s get started ASAP!

The driving force of this episode was Dex and Prado trying to get leverage on each other. Earlier in the season, I talked about how it seemed to me that the two of them were on different lines, Dex going up and Miguel going down. They met in the middle, with the first tandem murder, and since then the descent for Miguel has been a quick one, all the while Dexter keeps learning more about himself and inching closer and closer to a new plateau in his life. The scene on the roof tonight was sort of the beginning of the end for Miguel, the end we all know he will meet. I was impressed by the fact that Dexter wasn’t so quick to want to kill him and was looking for a more diplomatic solution to the problem. But, threatening Deb and then Rita was the last straw. It’s over for Prado. The only questions now are how will it happen and how many dead bodies will there be in the end.

Sorry, that was a little film noir-ish. But, it’s the truth. Who knows, other than Dexter, who could end up dead at the end of all of this?

On the Angel front, the new love of his life, Det. Gianna, got tuned up a bit by a would-be john on her Vice patrol. Angel is too good of a guy to take the law in his own hands and pull a “Prado”. In fact, asking Dexter for the blood sample off the books was as crazy as Angel ever gets. But, it was interesting watching Dexter see something in Angel’s eyes that he could identify, both first and secondhand.

First of all, I know it’s cheap, but Deb babysitting seems like a risk. All kidding aside, bringing Anton over was maybe a bit much and a bit too soon. Of course, Dexter Morgan, the tactless wonder, has to swoop in and make everything awkward. As Deb put it later, he really is worthless, as a brother at least. But, she loves him anyway. J

Deb and Anton failing to wake up provided Miguel with some leverage and also put their relationship into question. I hope that they stay together actually. I would love for Deb to have a relationship work for her past a handful of episodes. I mean, the only relationships we’ve seen her have are with Lundy and the Ice Truck Killer…so her track record isn’t stellar.

Masuka is trying to arrange Dex’s bachelor party, an idea which I can only imagine will turn out horribly. His awkward laugh after getting a sales ploy compliment from the escort service lady was perhaps, minus the scene on the roof, the best moment of the episode for me.

That brings us to the roof scene. A lot happened here. Firstly, Prado finally snapped. He lost it all. He was truly revealed as a megalomaniac who, much like Dexter, needs to be in control. He seemed to me like a drug junkie who decided to take down the entire drug dealing organization because he made one deal. The power of taking a life and creating that balance in the world is just too much for him. Second, he threatened Rita, as well as the entire façade of a life Dexter has created. And finally, after Dex left the roof, thinking he had won, we found out that Prado had let George King out of jail all for the purposes of taking Dexter down.

A lot of stuff happened here and, as Dex sits in George King’s trunk, I can’t help but wonder…

What do you think will happen next?

It’s a simple one, but there are a lot of possibilities. I hope everyone had an awesome Turkey Day and I’ll see you next week.

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Philboy is GMMR’s resident Dexter analyst. He spends his days studying Communications at Purdue University and his nights failing at keeping up with all of the TV shows he loves. His can’t miss shows are “Dexter”, “Chuck”, “Life on Mars” and “Pushing Daisies”. The thoughts running through his head for this week are, “Where did Thanksgiving break go?” and “Where did that missing disc of ‘The West Wing’ go?”

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2 Responses to “DEXTER: Go Your Own Way”

  1. Ryan on December 2nd, 2008 3:22 am

    Crazy episode and i have no idea what will happen next beside Dexter surviving obviously.

    I’m excited for the next two episodes.

  2. JennyL on December 2nd, 2008 8:45 pm

    This is one show where I never know what will happen next. The writers take it up another notch every season, and again this season, I have no idea how they will be able to resolve the conflict (and mess) Dexter has gotten himself into. Thank goodness we saw that look of “aha” from Laguerta – maybe she can save Dexter? Because I don’t know how he’ll get out of this one.

    I love Deb and Anton (as long as he stays good!)…and Prado’s wife is a great character – so I hope she stays. I’m still worried about Quinn – I hope he’s a good guy, and I like his chemistry with Deb. Can’t wait for next week…two more episodes!!