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Dirty Sexy Money – The Summer House

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Dirty Sexy Money Cast

Now that Dirty Sexy Money has been cancelled, I’m finding it hard to muster up the same level of enthusiasm for recapping it that I had just a few weeks ago. I fear that we are never going to know who killed Dutch (or if he is really even dead). It also seems that we might not witness the return of Juliet since her come back episode was whisked from the schedule last week without any warning. But because I am nothing if not loyal, I’m going to stick with it until the bitter end – however many episodes from now that may be.

Two One Weddings and a Take Over
It’s Karen and Simon’s wedding day. Tripp and Nick pay a visit to Simon to try to get him to call off the wedding. Tripp attempts to buy Simon off, offering him a blank check, but it is not money alone that Simon wants. To leave Karen at the altar, Simon demands a higher price – majority control of Darling Enterprises. No deal. Tripp and Nick leave in anger.

A short while later, Karen stops by to visit Tripp and expresses her genuine love for Simon. Ever the protective father, Tripp places a call to Nick and tells him to contact Simon and let him know that they have a deal. The ball is quickly set in motion. The transaction is already complete before the wedding guests take their seats.

Nick asks to be the one to break the news to Karen. When Nick comes to see her moments before she is ready to walk down the aisle, Karen hopes that it is because he wants to whisk her away to be with him. She is devastated by the real reason and furious at Nick for his hand in it. She sends him away and he heads out to announce to the crowd that there will not be a wedding.

But, wait – there will be!! Brian drops to one knee and proposes to Andrea. Somewhere in the midst of learning that Andrea’s cancer treatment is not working and that she is most likely going to die, Brian has realized that he loves her. His proposal is awkward and not particularly romantic and it seems like Andrea might say no, but she accepts to the delight of Leticia and Brian Jr., who later bust a move on the dance floor together.

Celebrating elsewhere is Simon Elder who is toasting his success in his boardroom. The celebration is short-lived because one of Simon’s lackeys breaks up the party to flip on a news report. It seems that although Darling Enterprises stock had risen with news of the takeover, it plummeted just as quickly as Tripp’s friends and colleagues started to pull out of their deals with Darling Enterprises. Scary Simon emerges, throwing his glass at the TV screen as he realizes that Tripp has bested him.

Simon storms over to The Imperial and he and Tripp have a little chat. Tripp offers to buy back the company at its fair market value but Simon won’t go for it. They settle on Tripp buying back half of the shares, making them…partners!!??!!! Nick is not thrilled to hear this news. Just last episode he told Simon that he was going to take him down and now he finds out that he is going to be working for him!

That is So 8th Grade
As for the relationship storylines, almost everyone was acting like a 12 year old:

  • Tripp asks Nick to set up a lunch date with Wrenn (who’s still lurking around for no apparent reason) for the three of them and then not to show up so that it would be just Tripp and Wrenn.
  • Nick “secretly” meets with Wrenn for coffee and he idiotically takes her to the coffee shop that Lisa frequents.
  • Lisa attempts to make Nick jealous by convincing Jeremy to take her to the wedding as his date.
  • Leticia attacks Wrenn and accuses her of attempting to steal her husband.
  • Nick interrupts a conversation that he is having with Lisa about the failure of their marriage to go find out why Wrenn, a woman he has known for all of about thirty seconds, is leaving the building.

This and That

Really, not much else happened in this episode:

  • Jeremy wants to hang out around Nola so he takes a job in Patrick’s office. Nola thinks it is a bad idea and convinces Pat to fire Jeremy but, at the last minute, Jeremy proves himself to be worth keeping on staff.
  • Lisa and Nick agree that they are not jealous anymore but just sad about the end of what they once were to each other.
  • Nick ends his strange little relationship with Wrenn.
  • Brian Jr. learns that his mother is sick but Brian lies and tells him that she is not dying.
  • Karen goes to see Simon and makes it clear that she had genuine feelings for him. She also makes it clear to Nick that she is super mad at him by giving him a big old slap across the cheek.

Will you miss the Darlings when they’re gone? Do you even care who killed Dutch or are you over it already? Feel free to weigh in below…

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6 Responses to “Dirty Sexy Money – The Summer House”

  1. Kim on December 4th, 2008 9:38 am

    Does this make you feel any better?

    Ausiello: Good news. Unlike Daisies, DSM and Eli had the time and money to produce what an ABC insider describes as “satisfying series endings.” DSM will finally answer the question, “Who whacked Dutch?” (brace yourself for a killer twist), while Eli wraps with what my source describes as a “powerful scene between Eli and his father.”

  2. Jamer on December 4th, 2008 7:42 pm

    thats does actually…..
    i am devestated, i adore Donald Sutherland and will miss all the soapy drama!!

  3. Ana Maria on December 5th, 2008 7:46 am

    …of course I’ll miss the Darlings; most of all, Tripp…and I do care about who killed Dutch…and I’d have loved to see Simon all humiliated and leave town with his tail between his legs, or dead…

  4. Kelly on December 5th, 2008 10:52 am

    I love this show, why do all the good shows get whacked?

  5. Emily on December 7th, 2008 1:49 am

    I love this show too… it is frothy, soapy goodness and makes me happy.

  6. unseelie on December 10th, 2008 9:48 pm

    dsm… some of the story is cheesy and nick uses the same 2 expressions for the whole show but overall its a lot of fun drama that truly will be missed. i kinda want to know the details of dutch’s death but it wasnt what kept me glued to the tube watching dsm.