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Desperate Housewives: The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

January 19, 2009 by  

Let me just start with this: I think that this might have been the best Desperate Housewives episode ever. Really. The writing was fantastic and it the perfect 100th episode. Can you believe that it’s been 100 episodes? It feels like just yesterday that I was watching the premiere and loving it.

The concept of this episode was each of the girls’ having flashbacks that were based around times their handyman, Eli Scruggs helped them through difficult times in their lives. The episode kicked off with Eli announcing his retirement and fixing a loose shingle on Susan’s roof right before he suffered a heart attack. Juanita found him an hour later. Over a poker game, the girls’ began to remember the times he helped them.

Gabby’s flashback was set in the early days of her and Carlos’s marriage, when he was constantly absent and she was alone in a new town. Eli introduced her to the other housewives and arranged for her to be the host of one of their poker games. Gabby, however, acted stuck up and made a horrible first impression. Eli gave her a talking to and she immediately made things right, causing her to make the best friends of her life. I thought Eva Longoria Parker gave a great performance. She effortlessly switched between the new Gabby and the old Gabby. It was so sad to see Gabby so lonely and vulnerable. It reflects on her current situation too; Carlos has gone back to work and Gabby will once again be forced to endure his long absences. This time, however, it was her choice. Whether it will turn out to be the right or wrong choice is left to be seen.

Bree flashbacked to when she and Rex were still married and she was completely dependent on him. He made a comment to her that she should go get a job if she wants a new stove and Bree comes up with the idea of making her own cookbook and begins to work on it. When Rex comes home, however, he dismisses the idea and Bree throws the cookbook out. Eli, witnessing the whole scene, takes the cookbook out of the garbage can and saves it. Shortly after Rex’s death he gives it back to her. I thought this was very touching; it shows that Bree finally has the independence she always craved. I’m glad that Eli got to see her become a successful woman. As a side note, I thought that the whole exchange between Tom and Lynette during the scene where they were eating dinner with Rex and Bree was hilarious. Their back and forth was perfectly timed.

Edie and Dave have just returned from the Bahamas and Edie is shocked to find out that Eli died. In her flashback, she is upset that her husband no longer has an interest in sleeping with her. Soon after, she discovers that the reason for this is because he’s gay. Eli tells Edie that she’s an extremely attractive woman and that the idea that she could make someone become gay is ridiculous. He then comforts her in a typically Edie way; he sleeps with her. Classic. If nothing else, Edie is consistent.

Lynette’s flashback occurred when she was pregnant with Penny. She was horrified to discover that she was pregnant since she had just decided she wanted to go back to work. Tom tried to comfort her by saying that it might be the girl they always wanted. Lynette, however, insisted it would be a boy because “it’s always a boy. It will pee in my face…..” Then, when she went into labor, she had a classic Lynette moment; she was negotiating the details of her new job while riding out contractions. Shortly after Penny’s birth, Lynette was distracted while unloading the car and forgets Penny. Eli witnessed the scene, however, and immediately came to Penny’s rescue. Lynette is horrified and thanks Eli profusely. The lesson she learned from this applies to the present day too: even though she’s busy she needs to make time for her kids. This also showed the good and bad sides of Lynette; she’s dedicated and a good mother when she tries but she doesn’t always believe in herself especially where her kids are concerned. She can also be self centered but she always means well.

Susan’s flashback concerned the end of three of her past relationships. The first was when she Carl had just left her for another women. She had called Eli over to change the locks while she threw Carl’s belongings on the front lawn. Eli accidentally revealed to Susan that Carl had cheated on her before and Susan was infuriated both with Carl and Eli. Years later, she called Eli over for the same purpose, this time, however, it was Mike who had left her and instead of being angry she was devastated. Eli comforted her by telling her that even though she had been hurt by love he’d always admired her ability to love. The last time Eli came over it was to give Susan a spare key for Jackson, however, she and Jackson were already over. She then asked Eli to fix a loose shingle and left for the store. When she got back, he was dead. This flashback showed how far Susan has come. She’s no longer the woman throwing her husband’s possessions on the front lawn but instead a self-assured independent woman. At least for now.

The most moving part of the episode was the flashback concerning Mary Alice. This time it was not Eli who helped her but her helped Eli. When he first arrived in Fairport as a poor, out of work handyman Mary- Alice helped him by passing out his card around the neighborhood and basically setting up his business. The next scene takes place on the day that Mary- Alice killed herself. Eli stopped in to drop off a doorknob and could tell something was wrong but didn’t pursue his hunch. Later that day, he sat outside of Mary-Alice’s after news f suicide got out and vowed to always speak up when something’s wrong in the future.

It’s a tribute to the writing of the show that the integration of Eli into key moments of the housewives’ lives felt organic. Eli, of course, has never before been seen on the show but the actor did a great job of making his presence believable.

Sorry this review is so long but this episode was very impressive. I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. Tell me what you think below.

— posted by Tricia

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7 Responses to “Desperate Housewives: The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened”

  1. Lisa (aka lmr) on January 19th, 2009 7:31 am

    Tricia, I couldn’t wait to read a review on this one to see if anyone felt as I did. I thought it was the best episode ever so we totally agree. And wow, fast writing on your part. Not only was Eli organic, Bridges played him masterfully. I have a very fabulous handyman and they do see us at our worst sometimes and they can be the connective tissue that keeps us going. And having a good handyman is A must for every single woman. I went through a lot of kleenex on this one! A pitch perfect 100th episode.

  2. Ana Maria on January 19th, 2009 7:50 am

    …As I was watching I realized that I care about what happens to these characters; it was a great episode; great acting by all of them; I did miss Orson and Katherine though but I know they weren’t around at the time…my favorite line was when Gaby brings the ladies muffins to apologize and then Bree tells her “Now that’s how you make an entrance”…

  3. Topher on January 19th, 2009 11:43 am

    There was heated debate on our sofa last night. I LOVED this episode, and my husband just wanted to get back to the good stuff we left off from last week. He was antsy to see the storylines continue. “Lost” did a similar concept a few seasons back with inserting two new actors into the pre-existing story in an episode about a jewel heist that we will hate and be confused by forever. While I didn’t gain any particular new insight or big surprises with the Wisteria wives through this episode, it just plain worked because I care about their histories. The stories served to reinforce who these women are, and how far they’ve come in the last 100 episodes.
    And even my sullen hubby conceded the Mary Alice story (MARTHA HUBERT LIVES!) was extraordinary.
    Couple of nit-picky things, just for fun:
    *The scene where Carl’s left Susan: Wasn’t that set in her rebuilt house, and not her original pre-fire house? I’d have to check back to pictures from Season One. Surely they wouldn’t miss such a big detail, so I could be wrong.
    *Bree and Gabby were so transformed by the flashback makeovers, I think it’s the first time I’ve really noticed how much those characters’ looks have changed.
    *Susan’s time travel was less successful for me. Her face is quite different from how it looked when the series began. She’s lost weight and her features don’t have the same softness.
    *How the hell did they make Carlos buff and trim again? His scenes looked like they were shot five years ago. We all know Longoria’s been wearing padding this season, has he been as well?
    *Did we know about that husband of Edie’s, or was this his first mention?
    *I don’t remember Rex being that much of a jerk. Is it just me, or did his character feel different than when he was on the show?
    *Bree’s wine glass in post-death scene- Nice detail.
    *Sweet lord, Mary Alice is a tall woman.
    *Catherine just plain got shafted in this episode. Not even one line?

  4. Eric on January 19th, 2009 12:57 pm

    While I don’t know if it was the best Desperate Housewives episode of all time, it has to be in the running. I congratulate the Desperate Housewives team on a great 100th episode since I don’t think the episode could have been much better.

  5. Jamer aka Jamie on January 19th, 2009 1:14 pm

    I loved it!! Eva was incredible, actually all the women were! The show has totally sucked me back in after giving up at the end of season 2!!

    Good writing!

  6. Maggie on January 19th, 2009 4:17 pm

    I loved it! I was crying at the end, and my husband came home at that moment and was like “what is going on???”

    I also think Katherine got the shaft a little… but she’s been getting it all season. Her best stuff last year was when she was hiding things and being calculating. They don’t know what to do with her this season.

  7. Jeremiah on January 25th, 2009 11:18 pm

    I loved this episode!