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SMALLVILLE: Bulletproof (Yes, I Said Smallville)

January 26, 2009 by  

Did you know that Sarah’s favorite show is SMALLVILLE?  Well it is, and because of this we are happy to have her now covering SMALLVILLE for GMMR.  I know this isn’t a show we have talked much about around here because I wasn’t watching it.  But if you are a SMALLVILLE fan please stand up and be counted.  Leave a comment and let us know that you are watching!!


Hey GMMR! It’s Sarah and I’m back to recap the latest Smallville episode Bulletproof.

This week’s episode we saw Clark pose as an officer, alias Joe Foreman, in an effort to uncover who exactly on the inside at Metropolis’ 44th precinct shot Detective John Jones, aka Martian Man hunter. After giving up his own powers for Clark early on in the series John makes due with being a normal human and fighting crime the old fashion way.

The episode opens with Jones putting down a suspect wanted for 3 charges of attempted murder. After calling in back up to take the criminal away Jones looks like he might be calling it a night until he’s shot down by an unseen gunman. After hitting the ground we catch a glimpse of the gunman figure, of course not the face, and his Metropolis police badge. He doesn’t know it yet but it looks like Clark will be working double time between figuring out who shot Jones and tracking down the monster who took Chloe.

After talking with Lana, Clark discovers what happened to Jones when he gets to the hospital. Oliver shows up and reassures Clark that Jones will be fine now that theirs a superhuman on the hospitals payroll. Instead of working as a team the two superheroes decide to go their separate ways and work their own leads. Definitely a bad idea. It never sticks for long anyways; the two superheroes always end up saving each other in the end.

We also got to see Lana pay a visit to Tess; she manages to extract some serious files via WiFi while letting Tess know that she’s well aware of the Parnethesis project and her hunch that the big bad Lex Luther must still be alive. Tess of course denies that she has any knowledge of where Lex really is.

In the meantime Clark’s first stop on his investigation is to go right to his sidekick Chloe. The two discuss the Louis and Lana love triangle that Clark still seems to be confused about. More screen time with Lana and Louis within a 20 foot radius would have been interesting but it doesn’t happen in this episode. Chloe’s main concern is Clark being fair to Louis. Chloe hooks Clark up with a new identity as Joe Foreman, a transfer from Coast city.

Now on the inside Clark learns that the cops don’t exactly care for the capes running around. After saving Danny’s life Clark bonds with the crew and ends up stuck in the middle of a little police brutally. Danny’s partners suspected killer is back on the streets. Danny and the other uniforms feel it’s in their duty to teach this guy a lesson until the Green Arrow shows up to stop them. After an argument over how to get the job done, Clark and Oliver manage to get Danny back to the good side and take down the corrupt uniforms on the force that shot John Jones.

By the end of the episode Clark and Oliver are talking to John Jones, who is back to normal again. Lana and Clark get back to the ways things were, for a second at least. After sharing a kiss at the Talon, Clark says he can make her his first priority. Lana doesn’t except Clark’s plan and tells him he needs to keep the world safe. I’m definitely a Lana fan but I just can’t wait to see Clark and Louis together. I’m also psyched about the rumors that Clark will be experimenting with his appearance.

Overall this Smallville episode wasn’t my favorite but we did get to see Lana take down Tess street fighter style, and Lex all in one swoop. Now that Tess is through with Lex and wants to merge with Queen Industries things should be heating up for our favorite villain, possibly forcing him back into the light of day?

Don’t miss next week when Lana goes missing and we get the possible scoop on Lex’s situation.

Do we have any SMALLVILLE watchers out there?

Sarah is from Massachusetts and currently writes for several TV and music websites. She loves Smallville, Heroes, Everwood, and of course Californication.


4 Responses to “SMALLVILLE: Bulletproof (Yes, I Said Smallville)”

  1. The Other Whitney on January 26th, 2009 12:46 am

    I am indeed a Smallville fan. This was a great recap of the episode, and I am looking forward to hearding more of Sarah’s opinions of the characters, actors, and story lines in the future!

  2. Joe Mama on January 26th, 2009 4:37 pm

    I have loved smallville since the first episode, I never miss a thursday night of smallville/supernatural and im glad someone is finally covering it, if anyone is interested in smallville spoilers, is always updating.

  3. sarah on January 27th, 2009 11:41 pm

    I know Thursday nights are my favorite! I’m really into Supernatural this year too.

  4. Erin on January 28th, 2009 10:02 pm

    It’s spelled Lois, not Louis.