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24: Day 7 | 2:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m.

February 3, 2009 by  

This felt, to me, like an old school episode of “24.” There were multiple people working on a major crisis and the secondary storylines got moved along perfectly. Plus, there were a couple moments at the end of the episode that launched us into part two of the season.


  • Dubaku began to attack the Boyd Chemical Plant in Kitron, Ohio by emitting methylisocyanate into the air. Janis figured out that Kitron was the target and warned the plant’s foreman, who sacrificed his own life to buy everyone more time. Upon learning that Jack and the crew had infiltrated his location, Dubaku disengaged the CIP device and decided to relocate and regroup. Jack and crew rescued Matobo and his wife. Latham, the scientist Tony kidnapped at the very beginning of the series was forced to blow himself up, destroying the CIP device, as well as the plot device for the first quarter of the show.
  • Matobo contacted President Taylor. Matobo, Jack and Bill are on their way to The White House to covertly (as possible) meet with Taylor. Tony is staying behind to avoid prosecution for his previous crimes. Jack made Tony promise that, after all is said and done, he would surrender and deal with his punishment.
  • Henry Taylor woke up after taking out his corrupt Secret Service detail. He didn’t get out in time, though, to avoid Brian’s partner, another Secret Service agent (whose name is escaping me right now, sadly) who is taking Henry to Dubaku’s new location.
  • Dubaku arrived at his apartment and was greeted by a waitress named Marika, who appears to be his “girlfriend.”

Agent Philboy’s Assessment

I thought this episode was great. The FBI side of things took center stage for a while, as Janis took the role I thought she would, saving the little hamlet of Kitron, Ohio from losing half of their population. Sean seems fixated on Moss’ relationship with Renee for some reason and keeps bringing it up in awkward, inopportune ways. I’m starting to think that Chloe was copied and then split in two for the new FBI team. Janis got the badass computer technician stuff and Sean got the whiny, socially awkward stuff. Together, you might as well call them O’Brian and marry them off to someone named Morris.

I like that they didn’t overdo Janis’ distress to being on the phone with the foreman as he died. It’s completely realistic that she would be roughed up by it, but then, after some tactful words from Sean, get back to the task at hand. Janeane Garofalo is really playing Janis well and I hope that the character keeps getting to do awesome things this season.

It certainly didn’t take Renee long to trust fully in people she had just met a mere hour ago, did it? This is probably for the best, since a bunch of whining from her would get old really quickly. It just amused me that she was almost dead a couple of hours ago and now is crawling around ventilation ducts with the guy who almost killed her (albeit unintentionally). Such is “24”.

So, the CIP device is no more. It was the McGuffin that got us to this point, but it only could go so far. We are now dealing with the First Gentleman, Henry Taylor, who will be Dubaku’s new bargaining chip. I, more than anything, am looking forward to Jack having the ear of another President and being, as we saw in the trailer for next week, “the only person she can trust.”

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Jack Bauer (and Others)…

  • * It is totally OK to push your co-workers.
  • If you need it to be completely quiet, and say so, be prepared for someone to yell in your ear.
  • The more syllables something has, the more deadly it is.
  • Saying, “Copy that!” is so much more badass than saying, “OK.”

Weekly Kill Count = 12 Total Kill Count = 297+

Who is the mole inside the President’s “Inner Circle”? Is it someone we know or someone we haven’t seen yet?

Philboy is GMMR’s resident Dexter and 24 analyst. He spends his days studying Communications at Purdue University and his nights failing at keeping up with all of the TV shows he loves. His can’t miss shows are “24”, “Chuck”, and “Life on Mars”. The thoughts running through his head for this week are, “Becky Buckwild is finally back on TV!” and “Is Life on Mars going to get back to what happened in November?”


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  1. Becky Buckwild on February 3rd, 2009 2:02 pm

    Yes I am back and Buckwilder than ever boyeee!!!

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