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PRIVILEGED: All About Confessions

February 4, 2009 by  

Someone must have dumped a boatload of truth serum in the Palm Beach water supply, because truth and confessions were flying around town like it was going out of style. Things were sort of divided between the older crowd and the younger, so I’m going to split up the recap that way too. First I have to ask – when do Megan and the girls even work together anymore?? We haven’t really seen it at all lately (and yes, I noticed that Rose mentioned she read Backlash because Megan made her, but c’mon – Megan’s not getting paid to recommend books on occasion). Also, this will be the review that really pisses off Will fans, so be warned.

Last night was very sad for us Charlie fans – especially considering he finally grew a pair and told Megan how he really felt, stood up to Will and managed to be as charming as ever throughout. For now, Privileged is a Charlie-free zone as he is moving across the country to study marine biology at UCSD. I loved the joke that Megan couldn’t figure out the time zone thing and thought he’d be watching all of their favourite shows three hours ahead of her – pretty cute. We’ll get further into this in a bit…for now, onto the show:


Well, Lilly was back at the hair salon with her “so bad it could be porn” acting. It hit me while watching this scene that this character could be so much better if say, Busy Phillips was playing her. Now there’s an actress who can do comedy very well and is woefully underused. Wouldn’t that have been a hoot? Anyway, I digress. Charlie convinces Lilly to take on a leadership role with watching out for her and Megan’s dad, which she appears to be doing. Good – now maybe Megan can get back to focusing on her job and her own life and the Smith family can sort of fade away. That also sums up Lilly’s contribution to the episode, so we can now forget about her until next week.

I thought it was completely believable and reasonable that Megan would be so upset to learn that Charlie is moving across the country. They are best friends, and it’s a huge adjustment to go from seeing each other all the time to hardly at all. Will is pretty great about things at first and encourages Megan to spend some time with Charlie before he leaves…I guess he wasn’t counting on the fact that they’d get drunk on the beach and Charlie would confess his love to her. When they talked again the next day, Megan was happy to sweep it under the rug, but Charlie hung tight and told her how deep his feelings for her have been all along. I have to say, watching Charlie lay it all on the line only to have Megan tell him she doesn’t feel the same…Charlie’s face was heartbreaking. Despite the fact that Megan told him she didn’t return his feelings, Will got super pissed when he heard what happened – Dude, let it go. You won and he’s moving 3,000 miles away – crisis averted.

Not one to let things go, Will couldn’t help but be a bit of a d-bag at the going away party Mandy planned for Charlie. Anyone notice that Mandy was back to being all cool/casual/la di da again this week, after her recent raging jealousy over Megan? It was a little strange that she walked into the kitchen where Megan and Charlie were obviously having a moment and she was completely oblivious. Oh well, I’m sure Mandy’s time on the show expires when Charlie’s does, so we probably won’t be seeing her anytime soon.

Everything came to a head at the party when Will couldn’t resist taunting Charlie after beating him at beer pong (incidentally, I have never played this game and am kind of fascinated!) causing Charlie to take a swing. After a few punches were thrown things got heated between Megan and Will, due to his excessive d-baggery. Megan wanted to wait to make sure Charlie was all right after the fight and say goodbye, and Will decided the appropriate reaction would be to stomp his feet and cry. After he had his tantrum and left, Megan and Charlie had a talk that left me with tears in my eyes – especially when he promised her they’d see each other again. Oh Charlie, why oh why do you have to go? I may have grown to grudgingly accept Will as Megan’s boyfriend, but I still think it should have been Charlie. I like Will fine when he’s in a decent mood, but when he’s not he quickly becomes smarmy and douchey. Hey CW: if Privileged gets renewed for a second season, you best be hauling Michael Cassidy back to set pronto!


Sage and Rose both have confessions of their own to make to their boyfriends: Sage, that she’s the big “V”, and Rose, that she isn’t. Sage is worried that Luis will find her inexperience annoying or strange, and Rose is worried that Zach will be intimidated when he finds out she’s already done the deed twice (but with the same guy). The girls promise each other that they’ll confess to their guys, which they promptly do, causing very surprising reactions.

Luis is also a virgin it turns out, because he’s Catholic and Catholics don’t have sex before marriage (tell that to 92% of my old Catholic high school). He tells her that he goes to church every Saturday night and Sunday morning (that does seem pretty excessive for a young guy, but hey, I don’t want to get judgey). Sage has the same reaction though and tells Rose that she’s dating a religious zealot – lol!! That was pretty freaking funny. As much as I disliked Sage when the show first started, I love her now – she gets the best lines week after week. Luis convinces her to go to church with him to see what it’s like, and she’s hesitant to do so because it reminds her of her parent’s funeral. She eventually gives in and ends up going back on her own – to the confessional, where she drops a huge bomb on the priest and tells him that she, at 6 years old, was responsible for her parent’s deaths. Really interested to see how she arrived at that conclusion, since presuming she doesn’t have three 6’s branded on the back of her neck, it seems rather unlikely that this is actually true.

Rose also talks with Zach (how funny when he thought she was going to bring up, again, her desire for him to wax his eyebrows??) and confesses her short and (not so) sordid sexual past. Zach is nonchalant when he hears the news and Rose doesn’t understand why. It turns out that Zach had a girlfriend named Polly (Who he met as space camp! Adorable!) for two years and for the last 10 months of their relationship they were doing the deed. Rose’s reaction – it was a little insulting, no? I thought it was all going to turn into a fight about the fact that Rose assumed Zach couldn’t get any before her, but he took it on the chin and things were fine. Until Rose decided to stalk Polly via Facebook and then follow her to a tapas bar to see her in person. Again, this did not cause strife between the lovebirds – Rose decided Polly was lovely and Zach didn’t seem to mind that his girlfriend was acting a tad psychotic. She was about to head to his place to watch Battlestar Galactica when all hell broke loose. The stalking, it turns out, was all a writers’ ruse to get Rose alone so that Myles’ daughter could track her down and tell her that Myles was the girls true grandfather. Remember Myles? Laurel’s old flame that got her preggo while she was married? When last we saw Rose she was perched on a sofa waiting for Laurel to return from her latest trip, presumably prepping for a huge confrontation.

What is going to happen next week?? Will Rose tell Sage about Myles? What will happen when she talks to Laurel? Why does Sage think she killed her parents?? What’s in store for Megan and Will? Come back next week when hopefully all of these questions will be answered. In the meantime, the comments section awaits your reactions/thoughts/theories!!

Nicole is a lawyer with an unhealthy t.v. obsession and many t.v. boyfriends. If she had a locker at her office it would be covered in photos of Zachary Levi, Jensen Ackles, Lee Pace and John Krasinski. She lives near Toronto and is spending the winter cursing that fact while trying to convince her friends to do a group move to a warmer climate. So far it’s not working.


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  1. Becky on February 9th, 2009 10:33 am

    Thanks for the recap. i didn’t get caught up with this episode til this weekend, but I really enjoyed it. I can’t handle all of these confessions. if that happened to me I would literally (hopefully) be sucked into the floor. Charlie and Megan broke my heart. And you’re right, I almost cried at their little talk at the end. And when she told him that he was the most important person in her life. Well, obviously they are meant to be together, she jsut hasn’t worked it out yet. I agree about Will being a douche, but most guys I know would still be pissed even if they had won. They would act like assholes because this other guy had dared to take what was theirs. Nature of the beast, I think. And ps by the way I know it wasn’t the same but lilly kissed him a few episodes ago and they used to date and ewww so that’s all.