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I feel like I owe you all an apology.  We are now a handful of episodes into this season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and we haven’t talked about it much here on GMMR.  See I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the entire season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and as a result it’s sometimes difficult for me to talk about the show and not be influenced by future events.  I avoid talking about it because I’m afraid I’m going give something away and spoil you all.  But I’ll try to do better by you starting this week, deal?

Last night’s episode was one of my favorite of the entire season.  Every episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is special in its own way, but “Hello Goodbye” was particularly emotional as we said farewell to Brian “Smash” Williams.  But it wasn’t just Smash’s goodbye that pulled at the heartstrings.  True emotion resonated in every scene of last night’s episode, and in the end I was left a wasted version of myself.  Yes, the show is that good.

(Watch the full episode of “Hello Goodbye”)

There is no way I could do any justice by recapping the intensity of the entire ep, so I thought maybe I could just share a few of my very favorite scenes with you.

If you are reading this post and you’ve never seen FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, I beg you to watch a few of these clips or the whole episode (posted above) and see what you have been missing.  I understand that everyone has different tastes and not everyone enjoys the same shows that I do, but I have yet to find one single person who has given FNL a fair try that does not see what a special program it is.

With that…a few of my favorite moments from “Hello Goodbye”

“You’re a molder of men”
Tami and Eric demonstrate why they are the best twosome on television today in a scene that on the surface is about football, but really is more about Eric’s passion for his players to succeed in life.  Tami and Eric Taylor serve as the foundation for Dillon, and as this scene demonstrates, there really is no couple better suited for the job.

“Yes, I’m choosing him!”
In this beautifully acted scene, Landry confronts Tyra for once again choosing another man over him.  Until this point, Landry wasn’t ready to accept that his relationship with Tyra was over.  My heart broke for Landry because he loves Tyra so very much.  Jesse Plemmons and Adrienne Palicki didn’t hold anything back in their performance.

“You’re right, they’re wrong”
Faced with the realization that she is going to lost the Jumbotron battle, Tami confides in Eric that she feels like a failure.  What amazes me about this scene, and the show in general, is how EMMY voters don’t see what I see. How Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler have not been properly recognized for the honesty they bring to these characters is truly beyond me.

And this brings us to the final set of scenes, all leading up to the farewell of Smash Williams.  The first time I saw this episode I was a wreck for the entire next day.  This time around I was prepared…and I’m still emotionally devastated.  This my friends is how you properly honor a character that is moving on from the show.  So beautiful.

“Go all the way”
Smash finally gets his walk on role and Coach Taylor explains that this is his moment to shine.

“I’m just playin”
Smash received the most important call of his life.  And Mama Smash exudes with joy. (We love you Mama Smash)

“Where you at?”
If you weren’t a blubbering mess of a fool when you were watching the final scenes with Coach and Smash then you might not have a heart.  And to have Smash’s last scenes be with the guys on the football field…just perfection. We will miss you, Brian.

So those were my favorite moments of this special episode.  There were so many to choose from. There’s not a single scene wasted.  Do you have any thoughts to share about last night’s ep?

Update: Gaius Charles (Smash) blogged about last night’s episode and what FNL has meant to him over at EW. It’s a beautiful piece and it really comes through what this show means to all those involved. Read it here.


9 Responses to “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Hello Goodbye”

  1. Alison on February 7th, 2009 12:56 pm

    I just watched last night’s episode and read Gaius Charles’s blog on EW and I just can not hold back the tears. Smash has always been one of my favorite characters, and while I am very sad to seem him go, there wouldn’t have been any better way to send him off.

  2. Emily on February 7th, 2009 6:14 pm

    I really loved this episode and cried like a baby when Smash told his mom he was going to college. I hope we will get to see more of him and especially his mother in the future.

    I just wanted to add that in past seasons I haven’t been a huge fan of Julie, but I’m loving what the show is doing with Julie and Matt right now. Especially with what Matt has going on with his mother, it seems like Julie has stepped back into his life at the right time. So I guess for that reason I’m a little nervous about the direction she’s going in based on the preview for next week. Didn’t we do angsty/rebellious Julie last year?

  3. Ryan on February 7th, 2009 8:50 pm

    I do think you tend to overrate this show a bit gmmr (season 2 was a total mess and some of the plots/story lines can be pretty silly), but last night’s episode was certainly in the conversation of the best FNL episode of all time. It was the perfect send off for Smash.

    I’l admit to getting a little misty during Smash’s heartfelt (and extremely well acted) thank you / goodbye to Coach Taylor.

  4. Rachael on February 8th, 2009 1:29 am

    I just finished last night’s episode, and loved it. The cast and the writers do such a tremendous job with portraying such real and genuine characters. I adore each and every character on this show, and am completely entranced in their relationships each episode. Does it get any better than Tami and Eric?! Love them, and completely agree that there should be more recognition for both of them; I love watching them together.

    This episode was a perfect tribute to Smash’s character. The ending scene with the guys on the field couldn’t have been better, and definitely brought tears to my eyes! I’ll miss Smash and the rest of the family.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve actually cared about characters on a tv show (which is an odd feeling to have!…) but with the excellent writing and acting, it’s hard not to!!!

    Thanks again GMMR for getting me hooked on this show! I owe my new obsession to you, and am just sorry it took me so long to give the show a try!

  5. Lisa (aka lmr) on February 8th, 2009 9:59 am

    My thanks as well for getting me to give this show a shot. I love these characters and am invested in them all. Tears of sadness for Landry and tears of joy for Smash.

  6. Frankie on February 8th, 2009 2:07 pm

    GMMR – I don’t think you over-rate the show AT ALL – it’s one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen on television, EVER. It may even top My So-Called Life as being my fav show of all time. Thanks for posting this – I cried all over again. It’s a very happy-sad kind of feeling, though. I was so happy for Smash after seeing this episode that I had to run around the block a few times (literally) to burn off some jubilant energy.

  7. Joan on February 8th, 2009 8:26 pm

    It is with trepidation that I tell you that FNL is also one of my favorite shows ever on TV. Seems when I get into a show on a major network, it is the kiss of death for the series. I loved Joan of Arcadia, got into The Black Donnellys, Jericho, etc…

    When the “Will-they-won’t-they pull the plug on FNL” saga started last year, I grudgingly started to divorce myself from caring about the characters. Sensing this is the final season (why else wouldn’t ANY of these actors get nominated for an Emmy?! WTF?!) I watch with a (to quote Gaius Charles) “This is the last time I’m gonna use my locker” feel to each episode. And I wonder where these incredible actors will turn up next. I can tell you that unless they star on a cable station (TNT, AMC) series, I’ll do them a favor and not get attached.

  8. laurie on February 9th, 2009 3:08 am

    As an Aggie I was in 7th heaven when Smash had his try out on Kyle Field! I was in tears at the end of the episode. I hope Mama Smash doesn’t disappear from the show.

    I too thought we already went through the Julie rebellion. Is she a senior this year?

  9. Tim Washer on March 21st, 2009 11:36 am

    “Go all the way” is one of the best scenes ever. I”m bummed that Hulu removed the episode. I blogged about it as well.