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24: Day 7 | 4:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

February 17, 2009 by  


  • Jack and Renee call paramedics for Henry Taylor. In searching the killed gunmen they find an address that Dubaku has called multiple times. When they arrive, they find out it’s Marika and Rose’s apartment.
  • Marika is set to meet with Dubaku and leave the country. After finding out who he really is, she agrees to lead Jack and Renee to Dubaku.
  • President Taylor arrives at the hospital where the doctors say Henry, who is entering surgery, doesn’t have much of a chance at full recovery. Taylor asks Bill to contact her daughter, whom she is not on speaking terms with, and get her to the hospital. Bill calls former Secret Service Agent and eternal BADASS Aaron Pierce.
  • Bill sends Chloe to the FBI to help Jack and Renee from there. Janis believes that Chloe has been sent in to replace her and becomes paranoid.
  • While tracking Dubaku, Jack and Renee get ambushed by police. A warrant had been issued to DC-Metro Police by Sean, who appears to be the mole in the FBI.

Agent Philboy’s Assessment

This episode felt like a good ol’ family reunion! Morris O’ Brien returns with a child who is apparently a sixth grader. And, then, the surprise of the night…Aaron Pierce, the man who has been on the show nearly since the beginning (or was it the beginning) returns to help out the good guys once again. I was so excited by this that I started screaming expletives at my TV and writing them in my notes.

It’s things like this that make “24” such a unique show. A character like Aaron would, on most other shows, just be forgotten about. But, the character is great and the actor is awesome so, the writers find BELIEVABLE ways for him to return. I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t question the fact that Aaron would be available to work with Bill, Tony and Jack.

It was really an episode of surprises. Morris coming back. Aaron coming back to rock my face off with another season. And, Jack and Renee ambushing Marika and Rosa’s apartment. I didn’t see it coming that the location on the phone would be their place. It really changed the entire game in the search for Dubaku and makes perfect sense, since the search was going nowhere quickly.

On a Whedonesque note, did anyone else notice that the businessman Olivia Taylor was talking to was the News Reporter from “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog?” Or was it just my obsessive mind?

Overall, this was a great episode…in it’s second half. It really did an awesome job setting up the next series of events, with Olivia Taylor heading to the hospital, Aaron in the fold, Jack and Renee arrested, Sean exposed as the mole, Janis looking over her shoulder and Marika on her way to Dubaku.

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Jack Bauer (and Others)…

  • If you don’t want information disseminated, yell it really loudly in an unsecure location.
  • If you want a girl to leave and run away with you, all you have to do is ambush her at work.
  • When you get in a shootout, you can just leave any dead bodies wherever the end up. It’s fine.
  • If you know someone who won’t believe things about their significant other, have a photo slideshow on your phone ready to go as evidence.
  • If you want to keep something secret and not let anyone know you have it, make sure it glows.

Weekly Kill Count = 0 Total Kill Count = 304+

What do you guys think of Sean being the mole? Is he the last mole we’ll see at the FBI, or does it go deeper than him?

Philboy is GMMR’s resident Dexter and 24 analyst. He spends his days studying Communications at Purdue University and his nights failing at keeping up with all of the TV shows he loves. His can’t miss shows are “24”, “Chuck”, and “Life on Mars”. The thought running through his head for this week is, “Anyone know where I can get a job?”


4 Responses to “24: Day 7 | 4:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.”

  1. Alex on February 17th, 2009 11:12 am

    Phil –
    NOT your obsessive mind, but another little twist actually.. That was one of the anchors from act 3 of dr horrible, but its actually David Fury, friend of Joss, ex-producer of Buffy and current exec on 24 doing the cameo.

    and yep, Pierce has been around since the very beginning, and is now the only character besides Jack to be in all 7 seasons… now i wonder if martha (and by default Charles!!!) are coming back too??

  2. Kat on February 17th, 2009 5:38 pm

    Wow – good catch with David Fury! I was more annoyed with First Daughter to pay attention to who she was talking with.

    Anyone else amazed by the glow-in-the-dark whiteness of Bill’s hair?

  3. Alex on February 18th, 2009 10:34 am

    haha i find bill’s hair glow quite comforting now.. like a night light.

  4. Philboy on February 20th, 2009 12:31 am

    Bill’s hair is almost as luminescent as Sean and Janis’ covert device.