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The final five Cylons were reunited last night as Ellen returned to Galactica.  She and Tigh wasted no time in getting reacquainted in the most intimate of ways.  Glad to know there wasn’t any lingering resentment…you know, since Tigh killed Ellen and all.  But when Ellen learned of her husband’s affair with Caprica, the most dangerous of all human emotions – jealousy – reared its ugly head and contributed, in part, to the death of a new generation of Cylons.

Who knew a cranky old man with one eye could be such a stud?

Last week Ellen spoke of wisdom and enlightenment and the virtue of the human emotions that she instilled within the Cylons she created. This week she was led by those emotions and used them to manipulate situations to her advantage. The question of whether or not the final five should abandon the fleet is dividing the Cylons. Since Cylons invented majority rule (seriously, are they just going to claim everything?), a vote was taken and they decided to leave.  Tigh wasn’t having it and refused to leave Galactica.  Ellen accused him of loving Bill Adama more than he ever loved her…or Caprica.  She antagonized Caprica and diminished Tigh’s love for her until Caprica collapsed. If the first Cylon child was conceived from true love than it was inevitable that the baby could not live if that love was diminished in any way. The minute Ellen returned that love was tested. And despite Ellen’s backtracking and pleading that Tigh really did love Caprica and that the humans and Cylons should remain together it was too late.  The damage was done. Little baby Liam was gone and with it a new kind of Cylon life.

With the final five divided on whether or not to return to the base ship, I think it’s going to be the awakening of Anders that will determine their fate.  Anders has said that he wants to remain with the fleet, but will that change if and when he makes it out of surgery? No matter what the outcome, I still think that it will inevitably come down to a face off between Ellen and Tigh, once again forcing the man to decide whether or not to kill his wife…again. (And if that happens, may I just say “called it”).

Much like Ellen, Gaius Baltar is also emotionally manipulating the ones around him to get what he wants – power.  After cowardly running away during the uprising, Gaius returned to his flock only to find out Paula had stepped up and had been taking care of his people.  Not wanting to be just another one among many, Gaius – led by Six – appealed to the guilt of the flock in order to win back power;  But when his good deeds were overthrown, Gaius finally realized what he needed to remain in power – guns. After appealing to Adama on behalf of the people, Gaius got the guns he needed and shared them with his cult.  Anyone else think was a big mistake? The subtle way in which Paula lowered the gun was all the foreshadowing I need.  Uh oh Gaius.

Bill Adama spent another episode drinking himself silly.  The inevitable co-existence of Humans and Cylons has him worrying about the fate of the human race.  That’s a lot to take on – I’d probably thrown down a few gin and tonics too. The Cylon material used to fix Galactica, growing and living in the core of the ship was a nice metaphor for the integration of the Cylons into every part of the human life. The Cylon integration is moving too fast and it’s not something Bill can control.  And if Gaius is right, and the humans can’t live with the Cylons/Centurions, what’s that going to mean for the people of Galactica?  They are desperate and scared as it is.  If Bill lost control to Gaeta, does he even stand a chance if their is a human revolt against the Cylons?

As Bill and Laura walk past the Cylon Memorial Wall, they realized that the blending of the races has already begun.  But wait? I am a little confused.  How many Cylons are currently on board Galactica?  Enough that they would have started their own Memorial Wall?  Seems a bit strange, no?

This week was another just okay episode for me.  I’m trying to work through my issues with Ellen but I just can’t seem to get on board with her as a character.  I’m just not a fan and it’s clouding my enjoyment for the show.  With all due respect to the actress and to the writers, Ellen Tigh is not who I want to be using up valuable screen time in these final episodes.  It’s frustrating. I know it’s all necessary to the end story they are creating, but these two episodes seem like a let down after the first three powerful episodes of the season.

Next week it looks like we are going to be learning just what the frak has been going on with Starbuck.  As was first revealed in “Razor”, Starbuck is going to play an important part in the fate of the people in these final episodes.  Move onver Ellen Tigh, next week Starbuck takes the stage. Thank the Gods.

Thoughts on “Deadlock”? Am I the only one that is over Ellen Tigh? What will become of the final five now that they are divided? Will Bill’s pill popping and drinking become more of a problem?  Will we see Lee Adama shirtless before the end of the series? (Hey how did that question get in there?)


6 Responses to “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: Deadlock”

  1. Emily on February 21st, 2009 4:07 pm

    I totally agree about Ellen, I was over her when she was poisoned. Last night was definitely my least favorite episode of this season. I’m still so confused about how Ellen fits in that I’m not sure why I’m supposed to care about her. Maybe not revealing her until so close the end wasn’t such a good idea?

    I’m starting feel a little panicked that spending so much attention on Ellen this late in the game was a waste of one our precious last episodes. I just have no idea how they’re going to wrap everything up in four episodes. Trust, I guess. Thank God next week’s focus is on Starbuck, someone I do care about.

  2. bubblewrap on February 21st, 2009 6:12 pm

    Yeah last night’s episode not really a favorite of mine. It kind of felt like nothing happened….. (ok so a few things happened) I too am curious as to how they are going to wrap things up in just 4 episodes- there’s so much that hasn’t been explained at this point. I’m thinking next weeks episode is going to be a lot like last weeks- where we learn a lot of things all at once.

  3. Jake on February 21st, 2009 8:20 pm

    For starters, I disagree with your “prediction” regarding the denouement between Ellen and Tigh. For one, it’s already been done, which would make a replay both redundant and cliche. Two, it’s wrong conceptually, as it would do nothing to advance the story or the evolution of the characters – both staples of Galactica. Three, it would contradict the Hybrid’s prophecy articulated in Razor, which spoke of a new “beginning” for the Twelve Humanoid Cylon models, having been riven by enmity and civil war. Fourth, RDM has already stated that he wanted Ellen and Tigh to share (or rather, be) something “deeper,” which was why after identifying Saul as one of the FF RDM immediately knew Ellen would be the fifth. It’d be difficult to reconcile RDM’s statements with Saul killing Ellen – his soulmate – again.

    However, since predictions on Galactica are fun (and since you opened the door), I have several of my own:

    Kara was the “herald of the apocalypse” on Earth, meaning the Hybrid’s prophecy is backwards oriented and not forwards. The “end” spoken of by the Hybrid (and this has already been mentioned on several Galactica sites and blogs) refers to the “end” of both Humans and Cylons as a matter of “racial” purity. Ellen alluded to the Hera “blending” phenomenon, of which the Galactica ship is also a symbol.

    Wildest prediction: Kara may be “Daniel” – the corrupted Model #7 alluded to in No Exit – reborn as a woman. It’s obvious Cavil hated Daniel (evidently Ellen’s favorite child), and since we’ve already seen his propensity to punish his “parents” by rebirthing them as humans within the Colonies, robbing them of their memories, and even programming them with overt frailties (e.g., Saul’s alcoholism and Ellen’s promiscuity), is it really that hard to fathom him punishing his hated half-brother by frakking with his memories and bringing him back as a woman?

  4. Emily on February 21st, 2009 8:44 pm

    Jake, your “wildest prediction” is something I’ve thought since we first heard about Daniel. I really don’t think it’s that wild…

  5. Jake on February 22nd, 2009 3:13 pm

    Some bloggers and fans had predicted that Daniel was really Danielle – not sure why since both Anders and Ellen enunciated it “Daniel” – and that Danielle referred to Kara. I’ve yet to read that Kara is “Daniel,” or that Cavil corrupted not only the amniotic fluid/DNA of the #7 but also the gender of the model. It’s the latter part that’s “wild” in my opinion – that Kara’s really a guy.

  6. Brandon on February 24th, 2009 2:20 pm

    I have to admit that I have been disappointed with a few of the plot choices. Wrapping up all the loose ends that have been created over the last four years must be difficult. But Ellen Tigh as the last Cylon? Bit of a let down, in my opinion. Also, to call the plot ‘complicated’ is an understatement.

    I also have a real problem with the Admiral giving guns to Baltar, who is probably the most untrustworthy human in the fleet.

    Quick question – At the beginning of the show it notes that the Cylons ‘have a plan’. Can somebody help me out on what that plan might be?