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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: Someone to Watch Over Me

February 28, 2009 by  

I’m sorry. What?! I just finished watching BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and in theory I’m now supposed to share my thoughts on the episode with all of you in the hopes of spurring a thought provoking discussion. Problem is, I’m not sure what I just watched. I’m certainly left with more questions than answers. Given there’s less than a handful of episodes left it’s a little frustrating, but I’m sure in the end it will be all worth it. Let’s hope so.

Here’s my take on just what went down. I’ll leave it to you to point out the shortcomings of my view on the episode. Deal?

The Cylon biological material being infused into the core structure of the ship continues to serve as a metaphor or rather representation of the integration of the Clyon race aboard Galactica. While the benefits of such an integration is helpful right now, it won’t be enough to save them in the end. The Chief informs Bill, Laura, Lee and Sonja Six that Galactica has only a limited number of jumps left in her until a major catastrophe. The ship is showing signs on instability already with power outages and other electrical failures on a daily basis. Galactica is dying. But the Old Man isn’t ready to give up on the Old Girl just yet.

As for Sonja Six’s presence, well it seems that she has just been elected to the Quorum. Am I the only one that finds it odd that the Cylons are so integrated and accepted that they now are being elected to the Quorum? I understand the acceptance of Tyrol, Tigh, Anders and Tori – these were Cylons people on board Galactica had known for years. But Sonya Six in the Quorum? It struck me as odd. Did she get elected based on a regular election or was there a seat open exclusively for a Cylon representative and that’s how she was elected? (Sometimes I feel so dumb watching this show. Ha!)

The newly elected Sonja states that during the next Quorum meeting, she will be requesting that Boomer is handed over to Cylon custody as they want to try her for treason. If found guilty they plan on executing her, and with no resurrection ship, that would be the end of Boomer. Galen is shocked and devastated. And as we learn through the course of the episode, “shocked” and “devastated” were only two of the many emotions that led Galen Tyrol down a path of destruction. A path that will certainly have effects on the ultimate fate of Galactica.

Frakking Boomer. Tonight we learned that her role in helping Ellen Tigh escape to Galactica was all just a ruse to get on board the ship and kidnap Hera. She prayed on Galen’s vulnerabilities and heart to help aid her in her endeavors. Using Cylon projection Boomer brought Galen into her imagined world where the two of them were living the idyllic life complete with a gorgeous home and a young daughter. She convinced him that this could be their future. So when Roslin refused the pleas of The Chief and signed the papers releasing Boomer to the Cylons, Galen’s emotions took over. He took advantage of a power outage to knock out another 8 model and place her in Boomer’s cell. Taking full advantage of her new found freedom, Boomer attacked Sharon Athena and later made love to Helo who was convinced that this 8 model was indeed his wife. And then in her most egregious act, Boomer kidnapped Hera from day care, put her into a crate and with help of Galen loaded the crate on to the Raptor.

News of Boomer’s escape and Hera’s kidnapping quickly made the rounds. Adama tried to stop Boomer from escaping and at one point ordered her to be shot down if necessary. But all bets were off when she informed Adama that she had Hera aboard. Despite the protests, Boomer narrowly escaped Galactica before jumping. But as she jumped she crashed into the already battered ship causing major damage.

Betcha you didn’t see this coming, did you Chief? Nope. This is what happens when you let your emotions lead you. Way to screw it up. The only thing standing between Brother Cavil’s evil Cylons and Galactica was Hera. Now she’s gone. Galactica is in for a world of hurt.

We’ve always known that Hera is special. We know her blood helped treat Roslin’s cancer. Until now Hera has flown under the radar a bit. She’s been well protected by Helo and Athena. But tonight what was thought to be a sweet moment between Starbuck and Hera turned out to be a major milestone in helping Starbuck find out who she really is. Maybe. I guess we’re not completely sure of anything that has to do with who Kara Thrace really is. But come one, didn’t you just know that Hera’s drawing of the stars held a deeper meaning? Especially since kept drawing it over and over again.

We’ll get back to Hera’s drawing in a minute. Let’s talk about Starbuck. First off, I know this isn’t news, but damn that girl can drink. For me it would be two or three shots until I was under the table, but not Starbuck, she was drinking like a pro. While at the bar she encounters a piano player composing a new song. We never learned the name of the piano player so let’s just call him Daniel. What? What’s wrong with that name?

After a contemptuous first encounter, Starbuck and the piano player start talking. Starbuck, not one to let her guard down, confides in this stranger telling him her deepest feelings. Much like the piano player, Dreilide Thrace was also a struggling musician who abandoned his family. As the conversation continued the parallels between this stranger and Starbuck’s father only deepened. Starbuck spoke of how she would sit on the bench with her father as they would play together, the smell of tobacco on his breath. And scenes later that memory plays itself out as Starbuck joins the stranger on the piano bench as he lights up a cigarette. Similar type of connections were made throughout their encounter letting us know that this man was indeed the manifestation of Kara’s father.

Kara spoke of this one song that she loved to play. It made her both happy and sad. With the encouragement of the piano player she begins to play the song again. She struggles not only to remember the notes, but also with the emotions of playing again. As she plays, he writes down the notes. When Kara sees the music she is reminded of the seemingly innocent picture Hera gave to her earlier in the day. She lines up the drawing of the stars against the musical staff and discovers the stars represents the notes to the song she struggled with. As they begin to play Tigh and Tori are startled by the familiar music. Starbuck’s lost song is “All Along the Watchtower”. HOLY FRAK!!!

Does this mean Starbuck is a Cylon? How did she know about that song? I’m convinced that the piano player was indeed Dreilide Thrace (of course he was, I’m not claiming to be a genius for guessing that one). But I am wondering if the man was also Daniel – the 7th Cylon. We know he was a good man and an artist. Could Daniel be Stabuck’s father? Could Starbuck be either the first Cylon hybrid or a full on Cylon herself? Ron Moore had said in the past that Starbuck wasn’t the 5th Cylon but I don’t recall him ever denying she wasn’t a Cylon at all, right?

Tigh’s confrontation of Starbuck is the last we see of her tonight. Frak! So frustrating! I want to know more and I want to know it now! I’m very impatient.

We’ve only got three episodes (four hours) left and while I would never dare to question the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA writers, I have to wonder how the hell they are going to tie up all these loose ends. I guess we’re in for a helluva ride over the next few weeks.

And with that, I turn it over to YOU!


5 Responses to “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: Someone to Watch Over Me”

  1. Martha on February 28th, 2009 11:27 am

    I thought this was an awesome episode. I was on the edge of my seat and its the first one in awhile that’s left me DYING to know what happens next.

  2. bubblewrap on February 28th, 2009 2:11 pm

    I enjoyed the episode (the second half was more exciting than the first to me) I was a little disappointed though because I thought we’d be getting more answers instead of more questions. And yes- yet again this week I’m wondering how they are going to tie all of this up with just 3 episodes left.

  3. Inter Alia on February 28th, 2009 3:38 pm

    Regarding your question about Sonya and the Quorum, it’s been reconstituted as a Quorum of Ship Captains and she represents the baseship.

    I’m still not buying any of the Daniel survival theories, much less the idea that he’s Kara’s father. It’s understandable that John Cavil would murder the Final Five and, once they’re resurrected, place them in the Colonies with wiped memories as a complicated revenge act. But it’s hard to grasp his thinking if he were to have done the same for a No. 7 model after 1) destroying all the spare bodies, and 2) killing the original.

    Besides, conjecture along these lines is based only on these two facts: the statement that Daniel was an artist and the knowledge that Dreilide Thrace was a piano player. Plus, of course, the anticipation of a plot twist. In my opinion, that’s pretty thin stuff.

  4. James Jacob on March 1st, 2009 2:39 pm

    Really interesting and detailed review – seriously impressive. Can’t believe there are only a couple left to go!

  5. Steffers_eh on March 3rd, 2009 1:28 pm

    Inter Alia, I think you can find more reasons to think Daniel is Kara’s father. For one there’s the fact that something is seriously messed up with Kara, finding herself dead and all. Since it doesn’t look like she’s a cylon, being a cylon child might explain it. Like how Hera’s got some crazy stuff going on. And then there’s the song…I’d say there are plenty of reasons to think this is Daniel! Besides, he wasnt’ actually there. So Kara was projecting him – – a cylon thing again. He wasn’t actually there so he’s still good and dead.