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BROTHERS & SISTERS’s Overhyped Death

March 2, 2009 by  

Last night’s episode of BROTHERS & SISTERS was an amazing display of acting talent.  Everyone brought their A game, especially Rob Lowe, Calista Flockhart and the always spot on Sally Field.  It was a stellar episode.  But was it worthy of the hype surrounding the “2-hour movie event”?  I’m not sure.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  An equal “Bravo” and “Shame on You” to the ABC promo department.  On one hand they did their job extremely well.  Many TV fans were a buzz wondering just who was going to die on this week’s episode. Every promo led with the promise of death.  I thought perhaps Kitty & Robert’s birth mother wouldn’t make it, or someone somewhat innocuous like Saul’s new boyfriend or maybe even Rebecca’s father David.  But this is where the “Shame on You” comes into play.  No one died.  Well not really.  Robert, who suffered a heart attack did flat line.  The characters made sure to let us know over and over again that he flatlined.  So yes, technically, maybe he did die.  But come on.  I hope it was worth it ABC promo people, because you pretty much blew your load with that promo  Way back in first grade I read the tale of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.  It’s going to be a long time before I fall for your false hype again.

As for the latest Walker drama – Trish went into labor early and things progressed quickly.  Robert prioritized his Gubernatorial announcement ahead of being at the hospital in time to see his baby being born.  On his way to the hospital, Robert suffered a massive heart attack which led to him having open heart surgery.  In the good news pile, Evan Walker McCallister was welcomed into the world by his new, crazy, borderline alcoholic family.

Sarah’s suspicions about Tommy’s business dealings were warranted. Left alone in Tommy’s house to watch Elizabeth, Holly discovered the incriminating evidence she needed to have Tommy arrested for embezzlement and fraud.  A panicked Tommy tried to tell Holly he was never going to go through with it, but it was too late.  When we last saw Tommy he was sitting, head in hands, at his dining room table as the police confiscated his paperwork.  Uh oh Tommy. That’s what you get for cheating on your wife with Sienna Miller trying to take on Holly.

Rebecca returned from L.A. with David.  Seems like David and Holly might take another pass at being together.  Here’s to hoping he sticks around this time.  I know that they are married in real life, but Ken Olin and Patrica Wettig have amazing on-screen chemistry.  I don’t hate Holly.  I think she’s gotten a raw deal for years now and I’d like to see her have a shot at real happiness. I’m not counting on it though.

Despite being originally down on the idea of Ryan Lafferty, I’m now officially excited to see his integration into the Walker Family.  I was actually giddy during the scene where he met Justin and Rebecca.  I’ve got some inside scoop on what’s in store of Ryan and the Walker’s and let’s just say that things aren’t going to go 100% smoothly with baby brother.

I’m a little angry with the BROTHERS & SISTERS writing team though. Robert McCallister was one of my favorite characters.  I liked how he saw through he craziness of the Walkers and was able to speak his mind.  But last night’s episode pretty much ruined Robert for me.  I could almost, almost, forgive him for trying to get his speech over and done with before the leak was exploited by the press.  But I think he could have taken other steps to handle the story.  Perhaps a press release and then an announcement from the hospital?  It certainly would have flair.  But I can get over that.  The real problem I had was that Robert was solely focused on the election when he should have been thinking about his family. Talking about a lack of priorities.  When the Doctor informed Robert he had to have open heart surgery, Robert at first refused citing (a) the PR implications of such a health issue and (b) the impact on the race if he were in rehab for a few months.  It didn’t seem to matter to him at all that without the surgery he could die.  Maybe if he were hesitant to enter the rehab program because he felt he needed to be home helping Kitty with Evan.  But no.  He was selfish.  He never wanted this baby.  His career is always going to come first.  And those holding out hope for Kitty & Robert finding the right path…I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Look for Evan to be stuck in a tug of war between the Senator and his wife.

BROTHERS & SISTERS is not the same show it was the first season.  It’s an enjoyable acting piece for Sunday night television but it’s lost the specialness it once had.  I think all these characters could do for a little alone time.  Give the family drama a rest and find your own life.  Although I suppose the show would be called “Brother & the Sisters We Never Really See”.  I never said all my ideas were good.

Thoughts on last night’s show?  Did you feel duped by the lack of a sustaining death?  What’s your take on Tommy, Robert, Kitty, Ryan and the rest of the crazy crew?  Sharing is caring!


8 Responses to “BROTHERS & SISTERS’s Overhyped Death”

  1. Jen (HIMYM) on March 2nd, 2009 11:58 am

    Yes, I felt slighted and mad. I mean, first I was sort of happy because I love Rob Lowe and I loved what Robert was in the Walker family. But I do not like the direction they have taken with Robert. He was the easy one to figure out who would be put into danger. Lowe was doing a lot of press and he had more scenes than he normally does in a standard B&S episode. It is also sort of a cliche on TV nowadays to have a birth followed by a death in the same episode.

    I don’t think it was necessary to have it 2hrs. They could have done a cliffhanger version.

    I will say that I loved Kevin’s realization that Robert and he were friends and that he truly cared about his well-being. But I could care less about Tommy and what trouble he is getting into. Is it because of Getty’s extra-curricular activities? Sure, but I also didn’t like his character much in the beginning.

  2. Audrey on March 2nd, 2009 3:47 pm

    Loved your reference to “Tommy” cheating with Siena Miller. Bravo! 😉

  3. Leigh on March 2nd, 2009 3:53 pm

    The best part to me was the interaction between Scotty and Kevin. There’s the relationship all the siblings should aspire to.

  4. deb on March 2nd, 2009 5:10 pm

    Surprise, surprise…..a promo that is over-hyped!
    Look the show needs some new direction….is everyone really going to be happy watching the Walker’s sit around in their mother’s house drinking up a storm yelling at each other…….well, maybe that is fun. Love Scotty & Kevin —awesome characters. Sally, well awesome as always, she is just the best no matter what she does. But the show needed a shot in the arm….all the stories lines where coming to an end… we’ll see. As far as Tommy’s character….it always seems like they are forcing his storylines. I especially loved it after Holly called Tommy on everything he was doing and after she left you see him in his office through the panes of glass (it looks like he is already in jail from the way they shot it through the window–nice little touch Mr. Director.) As for new Ryan—let’s see if we can get past the bruised pretty boy thing. Over-hyped but at least Rob Lowe is still alive on it—I’ve been watching him forever, it’s nice to see him doing so well on TV…’s making TV good viewing these days especially with a cast like this…great acting. I’ll keep watching for sure—I just won’t watch the promos.

  5. Billiam on March 2nd, 2009 7:01 pm

    I don’t watch the show, but enjoyed your chastising of the ABC promo department. I could write a page of all the ways that Lost promos either spoiled things or just plain lied.

  6. Jamer aka Jamie on March 2nd, 2009 7:20 pm

    over hyped promo or not those 2hours were the best of Calista Flockhart!!!!

  7. ColoradoKila on March 3rd, 2009 8:01 pm

    This seemed very much the begin of the end of Robert to me.
    Are they planning to write him off the show eventually, because I could see it coming to that sometime next season at the rate they are going.
    That just makes me sad, he balanced this show, and without him, the only balance would be Scotty.

    Oy. So frustrating.

  8. Nicole on March 4th, 2009 10:32 am

    I just got around to watching this last night, and it was a solid two hours. I echo all of your kudos in the acting department – this episode better find it’s way to Emmy voters. I agree that they over-hyped the death, but at the same time I’m glad Robert’s not dead. (Although he was sort of dead to me the second he said he wasn’t changing his plans after the surgery – boo Robert…

    Is it wrong that every time I saw Tommy looking panicked or nauseous I said out loud “Suck it Tommy!”? I have never really liked or seen a purpose for the Tommy character (other than keeping Ojai Foods alive and kicking I suppose) and yeah, I’ll admit my opinion was coloured even more by BG’s actions in real life. Mostly I’ve found it really, really awkward watching scenes with BG and other cast members, particularly Matthew Rhys (Kevin) knowing the major bad blood between them now. I’ll be glad when that’s over.

    Ryan Lafferty – I’m also excited to see where it goes, but every time I see him all I think is “Twilight”! He looks so much like the guy from that movie. Maybe once his character starts developing more and if they CUT HIS HAIR, I’ll get past that, lol.

    Scotty and Kevin are my absolute favourite characters and I hope that they start focusing on them more – all of Kevin’s storylines this year have been about work and we’ve hardly seen Scotty. I miss them!!

    (BTW…totally agree about Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig – love them together on screen!!)