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CHUCK vs. The Beefcake

March 3, 2009 by  

Oh, you guys … Chuck totally brought it for me this week. I haven’t laughed that hard at an episode in a really long time, and it’s so funny because Sarah and Chuck were all breaking up and she was getting hit on by a smooth operating James Bond, and it should’ve been totally angsty, but instead it was hysterical. Loves it!

Casey was amazingly funny in this ep, and I like his little snarky interjections, like Chuck and Sarah breaking up and Casey commenting that the most annoying relationship of his life was finally over. And I know he was giving Chuck a hard time about Cole (the James Bond Lite), but I kept getting the feeling that it was in that older brother, get-your-butt-in-gear way, where he wanted Chuck to step it up and fight for his woman.

Later, when the Fulcrum lady who said that everyone talks killed herself immediately after Casey repeated the sentiment, I was like … dude, they were perfect for each other! So I got an extra big laugh when Jeff later said that everyone talks. And I suppose that it was an interesting tie-in that Sarah said the same thing at the end, proving yet again that she’s more like Casey (and, frighteningly, Jeff) than she is like our optimistic Chuck.

Jeff and Lester were a disgustingly pervy riot through this episode, right down to Jeff flashing his naughty bits on the casting couch. And Lester is so gross. I love them both. And I love how neither of them is afraid of telling Casey, “Nice suit, are you going to a funeral?” and they just seem to take it in stride when he smashes their faces into the cage. I swear to you, I love every single thing that happens in that cage, and I am okay with whatever that says about me. And when one of them (I think Lester) commented that they would not want to share a cell with Casey, I totally cracked up because the amount of times that prison comes up on this show, mostly with Jeff and Lester, is a source of endless amusement for me.

And by the way, Casey in a suit? AND GLASSES? Hot DAMN. And also, he must be the best bartender in the WORLD at this point.

But yes, I have noticed that the name of the show is Chuck and not Casey (although trust me, I would watch that show), and I thought that our boy ZL had some incredible physical comedy this week. It started for me with him trying to break down the door with his shoulder and bouncing off with a hurt arm, because that’s how I always imagine it will go. And when he busted in to save Sarah and she was in her stilettos and undies with Cole on the ground and a gun to his head, and Chuck said she might want to put a dress on because “brrrrrrr! It’s cold!”, it was just too cute, was it not?

The Morgan-Ellie-Awesome story was a little blah for me. I liked when he made them martinis and a roast and was an unexpectedly good houseguest, and you knew it would go downhill. I don’t even mind the sleeping naked on the couch part being where it went downhill, but all I’m saying is that once you start recycling jokes from Austin Powers, you should maybe take a good long look at yourself. I mean, I kind of know what they were getting at—the Morgan speech about Sarah and Chuck, and the Chuck and Morgan moving in together, which was a little piece of glorious (and oh so HoYay!), but that probably could’ve been done without Morgan having a banana wiener.

WHICH reminds me … this episode was all about the banana wiener, right? Sarah chopping up the banana in the beginning was CLEARLY a metaphor, and I’m thinking that next week we might get a “Is that a banana in your pocket?” joke. Banana hammock? Any other banana wiener jokes that anyone can think of?


I was REALLY down with the addition of Cole, and I was hoping they’d keep him longer than one episode, and it looks like I’ll get that wish. First of all, he’s totally bad ass. Hello! The firing of the two guns at once and exploding a gas tank into a helicopter? Incredible. Secondly, accent. And thirdly, and most importantly, I think a dynamic shake-up is a good thing every now and then, and this most certainly counts. It’s cool to have someone else for them to interact with, and to give Sarah some sexual tension with. I really like bitchy sexual tension. Is that weird? And I like the roles it puts Casey and Chuck into, even with each other.

And you know who else I thought was pretty awesome this time? The general! It was so surprising because she’s usually such a throwaway character, just kind of there for exposition, but when Sarah and Cole and Chuck were caught and being tortured (or pre-tortured, as it were), and Chuck was crying like a girl and then we cut to Casey telling the general that the intersect was captured, her delivery of, “he’ll never last” was so funny and deadpan. Yay for the general!

So tell me what you guys thought! What do you think about the Sarah and Chuck break-up, and then fake reunion and how they’ll be moving in together? Are you feeling the Morgan love triangle with Big Mike and his mom? (Seriously, dude, you know it’s getting oedipal if he’s still living there at almost 30.) Do YOU want more Cole? Just sit right down on the casting couch and tell me all about it.


12 Responses to “CHUCK vs. The Beefcake”

  1. Kerry on March 3rd, 2009 6:23 pm

    The sound was completely off on this episode for me — the music was overly load and there was a strange echoed/muffled effect on the dialogue. Anyone else?

    I’ll have to rewatch online.

  2. Lisa (aka lmr) on March 3rd, 2009 6:23 pm

    Oh SB, I laughed as much at your recap as I did the show and I always need an interpreter for the shout outs as I just go and get so immersed they whiz past me. But I did like the ep but perhaps not as much as I loved last week. I do not think Cole is that sexy, I guess I pine over the more nerdy boy next door type aka Chuck B. or Jim Halpert 🙂

  3. P D Yerf on March 3rd, 2009 6:35 pm

    LOVE the casey/chuck bromance. Made me so happy.
    Personally I found the Lester/Jeff part of the show the weak point. I thought it was funny and perfectly in character, but even with the police thing it just didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the episode, not like Jeffster did last week.
    And I think the Sarah/Cole relationship makes perfect sense. Of COURSE Sarah wants someone who can take care of her rather than vice versa. As much as she loves Chuck you know that some of that love is slightly maternal, and to have someone she can just be herself with has got to be amazingly seductive. Plus, he’s really really hot.
    I wish it was Friday already!!!!

  4. Laila on March 3rd, 2009 8:33 pm

    I’m totally on the Cole/Sarah ship. Too bad that’s never happening, what with Chuck and Sarah being The Couple and all. Too bad. Sarah/Chuck feels played-out and repetitive at this point, although I have hopes that the whole moving-in thing will shake it up.

  5. Kimber on March 3rd, 2009 10:47 pm

    Another stand out episode, and stand out recap! You pretty much summed up all of my thoughts, SB. Great episode, great Casey (I would totally watch a show titled “Casey” too!), and loved the bromancey bits. I’m personally seeing a triangle between Sarah/Chuck/Morgan, but I think that’s obvious! I’d hate to be there when Chuck breaks it to Morgan that they aren’t moving in together anymore, and I almost hated Sarah a tiny bit when she forced that upon Chuck (under orders, of course).

    Lester and Jeff started off a wee bit too pervy for me, but eventually I grew to love it. I think Lester is incredibly beautiful, be it with the eyes or the hair, in some sort of a girly way, so I could seriously stare at him all night. And Jeff seems to be getting more outlandish with every episode. The casting couch? Seriously awesome.

    Lastly – Cole. He is kind of James-Bondy, and very cute, so I wouldn’t mind him sticking around. As much as I am a Chuck/Sarah shipper at heart, I’m getting a bit tired of the run-around that we’re getting with them as a fake/not fake couple, so I think I would be okay with a shake up of some sort. I adored Lou when she appeared last season, and I figured I’d hate the idea of either Chuck or Sarah being romantically involved with anyone else, so … bring Cole on!

  6. OldDarth on March 4th, 2009 11:44 am

    A retread of ideas from the Bryce episodes but I am hoping there will payoff in the next episode. Zac continues to shine. Loved the Chuck/Morgan moments from the BuyMore – felt like they were back in Season 1.

    The Jeff/Lester stuff was a waste of time.

  7. Forts on March 4th, 2009 5:02 pm

    I love watching Morgan squirm. XD It’s so cute.

    What I didn’t need was Morgan’s thighs. Yikes.

    Ellie and Awesome… I just want Ellie to be pregnant. Seriously. They’re boring me. thy need to either have a one week breakup or a pregnancy. I’d settle for a scare. Either way… seriously.

    Morgan needs a girlfriend… someone other than Anna I think. I love Anna&Morgan but the on/off thing is boring. Bleh.

    Chuck is LOVE
    Casey is LOVE
    Sarah is MAKE UP YOUR MIND
    Cole is… RAWR. XD

    Gotta love Chuck.

  8. Give Me My Remote on March 4th, 2009 5:19 pm

    I honestly wish there was something I could do to help people discover CHUCK. It’s one of the brightest spots in my TV week and I really want more people watching. What to do…what to do?

    Any suggestions?

  9. Sheffia on March 4th, 2009 5:33 pm

    I wish more people would watch too! Every time I hear the music in the opening sequence, I get excited! I’m really in love with anything Josh Schwartz is involved with–The OC and Gossip Girl all the way! He’s promoting some new online series on right now called Rockville, CA, which looks pretty cool. There always seems to be a geeky cute guy with quick wit in all his projects–I wonder if that’s on purpose, haha. I think Josh is answering fan questions right now on message board–maybe he has plans to expand the amazingness of Chuck to a broader audience…

  10. Toast with JAM on March 4th, 2009 11:59 pm

    Really, you hit the nail on the head with your review. I rolled my eyes at the naked Morgan part. It would have been more believable if he had worn a skimpy g-string than just going naked.

    Yes, they should have Cole around more often and maybe a recurring character just to keep Chuck on his toes.

    I was going to make a bunch of Casey comments, but you covered him!

    I was going to comment about Chuck busting down the door….covered!

    Very good episode!

    My main concerns about this series is that Chuck is not evolving (psychologically) as quickly as most people would after being in life or death situations. He can’t play naiive forever. He also should be taking some kind of jujitsu training or something since he’s always in peril.

    Also, Ellie. No sister is THAT consumed with their brother’s love life. She needs a personality or something to do that has to do with HER. In each episode she could be attacking a different part of the wedding planning. One week it’s the cake and she could have all the samples around the house and Morgan offering to make the cake and tie it into a Fulcrum poisoning story. Or picking out a videographer and they accidently hire a Fulcrum agent to video the wedding. If they aren’t going to do something with Ellie, just kill her off. I’m so annoyed that the only lines that girl has to say are “grow up Chuck” or “How are things moving with Sarah? Is it serious?”

  11. Nicole on March 5th, 2009 1:37 pm

    I loved the episode as well – Casey was all kinds of awesome. Love the addition of Cole too – oh la!

    I don’t understand how Chuck isn’t getting better ratings – it’s so great; like a full spy movie every week, with humour! Humour that is actually funny! And hot boys and girls so everybody’s happy. What’s not to love?

    I personally love Ellie and Awesome, but do agree that they need more to do than ponder Chuck’s life. Toast, I agree with you. I have a brother two years younger than me and would never spend the amount of time Ellie does thinking about his love life (kind of creepy, no?). If they could just find more for them to do (maybe set the B story at the hospital some time instead of the Buy More?), I’d be a very happy camper. Plus, there has to come a time when Awesome has a hand in the spy plot right? Even unknowingly? We have to see his mad skillz in action some time!

  12. mass on March 7th, 2009 2:16 am

    Didn’t anyone else think Casey was more than just a bit gay in this ep?
    What is going on THERE?
    He’s the only reason I still watch this show and the writers are gonna make him gay?
    Oh well I think they moved House to Monday