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Name That Jaw Dropping LOST Moment

March 16, 2009 by  

LOST season finales are known to include at least one ‘holy shiz’ moment.  That one scene or event that has everyone chattering the next day (or if we are being honest, online just seconds after it happens).  And this year will be no exception. But this time around YOU might be able to be part of LOST history…kind of.

According to, in this week’s LOST podcast (which will be available on on Thursday), Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof will invite LOST viewers to submit suggestions for what to name the “big moment” – it’s the obscure name that the producers, writers, actors and press have traditionally used so as not to give away any spoilers.

Per “In seasons past, that head-scratcher has been dubbed “Bagel” (Walt is abducted by the Others!), “Challah” (Penny’s research team locates the island!), “The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox” (Jack is flashing forward!) and “Frozen Donkey Wheel” (which, quite literally, Ben rotated to move the island).”

What will it be this year? And will YOU be the one to name the moment and be part of LOST lore?

Leaver your suggestions here but also submit them officially The producers will announce the winner on the March 26th podcast.


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