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GOSSIP GIRL is Back from Probation

March 31, 2009 by  

    Nice save, GOSSIP GIRL. Another episode like the ones of the past two weeks and you might have lost your coveted DVR slot. But you pulled through with a naughty and biting episode…even if you were sifting through your own laundry a bit. It seems a little early to be recycling the same storylines over and over again, don’t you think? I say do what you’ve go to to get you back in your comfort zone.  I can deal. I actually enjoyed tonight’s episode. Hell, you even made Dan Humphrey funny.  I didn’t know that was possible.

    There’s still a few kinks to be worked out, but we seem to be getting back on track.  I found it somewhat ironic that Serena was boo’hooing about the cyclical nature of her life. Break up with Dan, get back together with Dan, only to break up again.  Friends with Blair, mortal enemies and then…well you see where this is going.  But it’s Serena’s own flip flopping that’s driving me crazy.  Who is it going to be next week? Serena the Saint or Serena the Sinner? At least S and I are on the same page that some of this is starting to feel familiar.

    But Serena isn’t the only one having issues with those nasty old habits dying hard.  Jenny, Blair and Nate are also dipping their toes into past woes.

    Try as she may, Jenny Humphrey will never be Little J again. She may fool us all with talk of Operation, Yahtzee and Cranium (Sculptadores), but all she needs to do it dip into her Kaboodle, grab that eyeliner and she’s evil once again.  We saw hints of her former self when she texted her good friend GG. Evil Jenny will be back soon…I can feel it.

    Two others who haven’t seemed to learn from their past mistakes either are Nate and Blair. Haven’t we seen this one before too?  Nate and Chuck at odds with Blair right in the middle of it all?  Thought so. Try as you may Blair, you can’t turn Nate into Chuck. You may looking to indulge your sweet side Ms. Waldorf but we all know Chuck is the only piece of Bass you’ll ever really want.

    Vanessa continues to annoy me by existing.  Stay away from Chuck, please. You have a way of sucking the fun out of all the guys you’re with (and not in a good way). I must say, I’m still surprised that the writers haven’t yet had Vanessa and Dan finally give it the old college try. Maybe they’ve thought about it but didn’t dare risk any of the writing staff dying of boredom.

    As for the younger Mr. Humphrey, it seems his financial ad debacle sets up the young writer for staying in NYC rather than jetting off to Yale in the Fall.  No Yale for Dan.  No Yale for Blair. Wondering how they will keep Serena back from Brown.  Perhaps this nonsense with Poppy will result in a felony arrest forcing Serena to stay in the state.  What? Crazies things have happened.  Need I remind you of the ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ fiasco of the past few weeks?

    And just when you think Lily and Rufus had it up to their eyeballs with dysfunctional children BAM!, Scott – the child they thought dead- is alive, kicking and reaching out to his little (half) bro.

    Other observations…

    • Someone please stop telling Taylor Momsen to go easy on the bleach and the bangs.  Both looks are a tad bit overdone.  She used to be cute…now it’s borderline trashy.
    • On the hair front, BRAVO to Connor Paolo for finally cutting his hair.  It’s more true to character.  No self-respecting gay man would have kept Eric van der Woodsen’s hideous locks for that long.
    • As mentioned, Dan Humphrey actually had me laughing tonight with his impromptu serenade of ‘The Jeffersons’ theme song. I wonder if that wasn’t a bit of ad libbing in there.
    • The Humphrey’s live in a big loft, both kids go to the most elite private school in NYC and Rufus is surprised he can’t get financial aid? Really?
    • Poppy’s boyfriend reminded me so much of James Spader as Steff in ‘Pretty in Pink’. Anyone (of a certain age) with me on  this one?

    Thoughts on last night’s episode?  Did you see an improvement or is the show still on shaky ground with you?  Do we think Nate is a good thing for Blair right now?  What does that mean for Chuck and Blair? The doorman at the hotel has a thing for Dorota…will their flirtations be part of the Dorota webisodes?

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    One Response to “GOSSIP GIRL is Back from Probation”

    1. Tricia on March 31st, 2009 8:36 pm

      I totally agree with you on the Vanessa thing. I was just saying today how surprised I am that she hasn’t been written off the show yet. She just takes screen time away from Blair and Serena. And, let’s face it, Gossip Girl is really about those two.