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KINGS: Insurrection

April 6, 2009 by  

I know that I said from the beginning that I loved KINGS and was very angry when it got low ratings. “Insurrection” was an excellent indication as to why, so I’m kind of expecting that when the ratings come out tomorrow and they’re horribly low that I will throw things. Preferably things that break, to give my anger more effect.

The main plot of this week’s episode centered largely on an ‘insurrection’ by the people whose land is being given to Gath in exchange for peace. But as I’ve mentioned before, the main plot takes a back seat to the character interactions that take place in connection to the big issue. We get to see Jack try a bold move to get his father’s attention, David fight with his conscious about the King’s decision, Princess Puppy be petulant as per usual, and Silas be generally awesome. But before I get into that, can I ask just how large Gilboa is? It seems like everything is within 20 minute driving distance, be it Port Prosperity or the random river he goes fly fishing in. It’s very “24”-like in that respect sometimes.

Want to know the most surprising part of the episode? That Silas was awesome! No, I kid; we expect that. I was actually surprised that I liked David’s arc this week. The writers went and did exactly what I hoped, and gave him a moral dilemma that he came down on the wrong side of. I felt sure he was going to go to Port Prosperity and do what HE wanted rather than what the King wanted. But he didn’t, which I think was good as his recent streak of increasingly outlandish insubordination I was sure would end with him pistol-whipping someone. Maybe just because I enjoy a good pistol-whipping. It was interesting to see him struggle within himself about whether it was more right to follow his King or to help his family, and it was more interesting that he chose the King at the possible loss of his brother. I’m curious to see how far he’ll follow Silas.

And speaking of Silas, how cool was his manipulation? I really believed that he had been broken when he walked away from Serenity, or worse that he had grown so arrogant as to think his rule was assured. Silly me, clearly. KINGS Lesson 1: Never underestimate King Silas. First I thought it was cool that he marshalled his whole army to save his daughter, but then when he reveals that he knew what was going on all along and it was just a ploy to bring out his enemies I realized just how cool he really is. All I do is gush about his performance every week, so I’ll just end with restating that even a bad episode is made watchable because of him.

By the way, how cool was Thomasina? She is so in charge of everything. Did you see her facial expression when the Queen suggested the King go to the countryside? Her impassioned speech to the King by the river was moving, as well. She has so much faith in her King that to see her question that faith is truly something. I also enjoyed the Queen this episode, as you see her whole role is to support the King, and she understands that. Clearly she does know about his mistress (does she know about his illegitimate son?), and she understands that the King must do whatever he can to rule best, even if that means stepping out on her. I enjoy watching these two women on screen because they have this quiet power. They are beautiful and composed on the inside, while on the inside they are always one step ahead.

Which, sadly, cannot be said for Princess Puppy. How petulant does she really have to be? I can understand Jack going against his father, since his father is not exactly accepting of certain things, but the Princess just comes off as wanting attention in a very holier-than-thou way. Her secret service detail won’t stop her from walking into what will clearly become a hostage situation? Really? I don’t care WHO he answers to, that was horribly self-centered of her, which annoyed me.

I enjoyed watching the Brother-in-law’s attempts to start a coup. He’s trying to move all of his pieces into place, and its interesting to watch Jack play his part. Am I the only one that doesn’t remember the scene in the car with Jack and his uncle? The fact that it was the general that tipped off Brother-in-law will doubtlessly prove to be interesting, and I can’t wait for the scene when Silas is like “Did you think I didn’t know? Silly man.” Always remember Lesson 1. I don’t think Jack really wants to overthrow his father, he just wants to get some power or recognition. Silas giving him a position on the council should help him to settle his daddy issues a little bit. I can’t decide where the Reverend Samuels will fall in the scheme of things, but I think its clear he does not like the Brother-in-law much (how obvious is it I don’t know the Brother-in-law’s name; is it Peter?). I also loved Leslie Bibb’s new character, who I will call Boots for the time being for no other reason than she wore her expensive boots into the river. I think she is more than a pretty face with money, and I’m intrigued to see how long it takes for her to start causing trouble. And one minor quibble I just realized while rewatching the episode: Why is the one palace guard overweight? You are part of the Royal Guard, go to the gym. How many overweight secret servicemen do you see? I realize he’s there for comedic relief, so maybe I should let it go.

Overall a fantastic episode. I hope that with the ABC and Fox shows being repeats and CBS hosting the Country Music Awards that more people tuned in this week. Since it was such a great episode, maybe some of them will stick around. Or hows about we move the show to a better night like, say, Mondays in place of Heroes? Or really any time slot that’s not going to get wiped out by Jay Leno’s “primetime talk show”? *shudder*

So what did you think of this week’s ep? Where do you think the coup storyline will go? Are you excited for Macaulay Culkin to show up? Do you have any ideas on how to save this show? Leave a comment and let us know!

Mattie B lives near Washington, DC. He wishes he lived on a creek when he was growing up so his best friend could row to his house.


6 Responses to “KINGS: Insurrection”

  1. SB on April 6th, 2009 3:02 pm

    I watched this with some friends last night who hadn’t seen it, and then I realized how truly complex it is. I mean, we’re only four episodes in (right?) and it is just LAYERED. Which, of course, is why I like it, but I can see where it might be hard for people to jump into, which is scary for the future of the show.

  2. Mattie B on April 6th, 2009 3:04 pm

    3.6 million viewers. And this just happens to be the year the Country Music Awards increased its viewers by like 79%. Oi vey.

  3. SB on April 6th, 2009 3:20 pm

    It’s funny because as a Supernatural viewer, 3.6 million means you’re doing awesome. 🙂 Probably not so for NBC, eh?

  4. Mattie B on April 6th, 2009 3:50 pm

    Not on NBC for a show that’s as expensive as this one. Especially when NBC is cutting costs left, right and center, and will need to free up 5 primetime spots a week for Jay Leno’s stupid and ridiculous prime-time talk show.

  5. Steph H on April 6th, 2009 11:31 pm

    That sucks greatly, i just watched my first yesterday- and now i am very hooked. I will be pissed if this goes off the air- signed a 24 year old in that great holy grail demo

  6. Wallace on April 10th, 2009 3:39 am

    You folks have talked too much about this, and now I have sank into the muck of this show, even having missed the first episode….It would have replaced the hole left in me by the upcoming demise of Pushing Daises, but that is apparently not to be….I will end up watching the rest of this series, and hold on to Friday Night Lights as proof that all is not completely lost with innovative television, just really close to it….