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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, April 9, 2009

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I triple dog dare you to say that there isn’t anything on TV tonight.  There will be no flipping through the stations trying to find something to watch, not with this lineup.  With two episodes of THE OFFICE, the premiere of PARKS AND RECREATION a new episode of 30 ROCK and the premiere of SOUTHLAND, my remote will be pointed to NBC all night.

Don’t forget to check out the premiere of CBS’s HARPER’S ISLAND tonight at 10pm. It’s a limited series (ending on July 2nd) which might be appealing to those who like only to commit to a series for a short run (much like the networks these days). I’ve seen the first episode and it’s campy fun but haunting enough that I was a little scared (although it doesn’t take much). A little more on HARPER’S ISLAND today.

Will you be going back and forth between the channels or staying with one network?  What will YOU be watching tonight?

The Office | 8:00pm on NBC
“The Dream Team
Jim faces off with Charles during a soccer game in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot; Michael finds himself afraid to face the workday. [GMMR: Uh oh. We know from “Basketball” that Mr. Halpert can’t get quite competitive.  Will he be able to hold back with the new boss?]

Here’s the cold open to “Dream Team”.

In the Motherhood | 8pm on ABC
Jane stands up to a bully at Annie’s school, but also adopts some tried-and-true tormentor’s tactics to get her way at work; Emily’s role as head mom at the preschool is challenged by a newcomer; Rosemary tries to reform the band she had in the 1980s.

Survivor: Tocantins | 8pm on CBS
“The Dragon Slayer”

Old alliances crumble as the newly merged tribe begins to scheme; an exiled pair makes a shocking discovery.

Bones| 8pm on Fox
“The Science in the Physicist”
Booth and Brennan investigate when pulverized human remains are found in a garbage bag; Angela’s father (Billy F. Gibbons) seeks revenge on Hodgins.

Samantha Who | 8:30pm on ABC
“The Amazing Racist”
A series of misunderstandings makes Samantha realize she needs to be a better friend to Frank; Andrea worries about losing her glamorous perks when her celebrity boyfriend is outed as gay.

Parks and Recreation | 8:30pm on NBC | Series Premiere
In the series pilot, mid-level bureaucrat Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) takes on what should be a fairly simple project: turn an abandoned construction site into a community park, but navigating the local government of Pawnee, Ind., proves to be quite the challenge. [GMMR: Check out my advance review of Parks and Recreation]

The Office | 9:00pm on NBC
“The Michael Scott Paper Company”
Dwight and Andy strike up an unlikely friendship and plan a hunting trip. Regional Supervisor Charles asks Jim for a “rundown,” and Jim spends his day trying to figure out what that is. Michael hosts a Paper & Pancakes luncheon. [GMMR: Two new OFFICE episode tonight.  Is it my birthday?]

30 Rock | 9:30pm on NBC
TGS employees worry about upcoming budget cuts; Tracy and Jenna think that Kenneth is hiding a dark secret.

Southland | 10pm on NBC | Series Premiere
In the opener of the police drama, rookie cop Ben Sherman (Benjamin McKenzie) has a tough first day with his seasoned partner, Det. John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz), who prepares him for the realities of working the streets of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, a young girl is swiped from her yard. [GMMR: Watch the series premiere of SOUTHLAND on GMMR via Hulu right now. Let us know what YOU think.]

Harper’s Island | 10pm on CBS | Series Premiere
Seven years after her mother and five others were murdered on Harper’s Island, Abby Mills returns for the wedding of her best friend, but a week of celebration turns to a fight for survival as people start dying.

Also playing…

  • CSI | 9:00pm on CBS: Catherine finds a connection between Nick’s case of a deceased skydiver and a mysterious double murder.
  • Hells Kitchen | 9:00pm on Fox: Each chef must use 14 ingredients to create a dish to impress chef Ramsay; one chef is sent to the medic.

What does YOUR TV lineup look like tonight?

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One Response to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, April 9, 2009”

  1. Nicole on April 9th, 2009 2:46 pm

    Uh-oh, I have too many things at 8pm – I’m not used to having to tune into NBC before 9! I’m really excited for Parks and Rec and somewhat curious about Harper’s Island (SPN’s Bobby and Chris Gorham are in it? I had no idea…). I’ll give it a shot for sure. Plus, I want to check out Southland….lots to watch today (good thing there’s no new SPN for me to review tonight, AND tomorrow’s a holiday so I can stay up late).

    Happy long weekend fellow Canadians! Good Friday indeed!