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BONES: The Science in the Physicist

April 10, 2009 by  

Thank you, Milton. Thank you, Jennifer! If I spoke Latin, I’d say this episode was magnificus. I laughed a lot, like season one and season two laughs (ie: Zack: Sometime, when you’re not busy, I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about sexual positions? Booth: If you even try, I will take out my gun and shoot you between the eyes.)

And was that body, if you can even call it that, THE most disgusting one EVER? GAH!


A premiere physicist’s body is found in garbage bags, and turns out to have been frozen, exploded and also the victim of extreme cancer. An interesting case, and this time I actually felt like the killer was a realistic choice, but I wasn’t sure who it was until the end. Good motives, excellent cast of suspects, all in all a good case. But that body…ugh. The Booth and Brennan stuck in the radiation chamber was awkward, did anyone else think so? But I’m not a complainer. I think what I liked best about this episode was the parallelism between the ‘more than one kind of family’ in the Jeffersonian vs. the cold, and yes, creepy tone of the other science center.


  • Mr. Vincent Nigel Murray: Squintern of the week, #1 in my heart. If he’s not hired on full time as a cast member, I will hire him to hang out with me. MNM was extra Vino-delectable tonight. But my approval means nothing. The person who really MUST approve is….
  • Hodgins: Hahaha! The turkey was funny (all I needed was for Booth to be there… “What’s with the turkey, turkeys?”). Experiments = love, and science for the love of discovery is one of the facets of this show I adore. Speaking of Hodgins and adoring…

  • Angela: How sweet was she to run to warn Hodgins? I also liked how she admitted to her dad (the righteous Billy F. Gibbons) that yes, Hodgins could have stopped the breakup, but so could she have. One of these episodes, she will actually do art AND have a heart to heart with someone. It could happen. Speaking of parents…
  • Cam: Is she one? One of the things about the show that makes me CRAZY is the way they drop plot lines. Where is Michelle? But I did like Cam’s ‘mother hen’ approach to MNM and Hodgins. “You know you’re grounded, right?” was a classic line. Speaking of classic lines, guess who was shocked when the visually impaired scientist hit on Brennan…
  • Sweets: One question. Is Sweets getting paid by the FBI for this stuff? So he doesn’t really see patients any longer? I’m confused. Not that I mind his current role that much, just…wondering. Thoughts from you?


Oh my dears, Brennan is in love with Booth. She will never admit that, I do not believe. I don’t think she will ever classify her emotions as ‘in love’, but, (channeling my inner Angela) “I’m sorry, sweetie…it’s time to catch up to your own reality”. She wants him, for sure, and she didn’t even tell him she could take care of herself when he pressed her up against the wall after the blast. But really, her last look at him at the end, when she was trying to explain to him that she appreciated his level of IQ? Our girl is improving on the social skills! But is Booth noticing? I think he does on some level, but might not quite be in a spot to believe that she is making improvements with HIM. Interesting that Brennan was rejected from the fellowship. That worked out well for Booth, though. I liked his apology to her about calling her creepy. I also liked when he told Brennan she was the only smart person he really liked. That was in public, too, not in private at the diner. And speaking of the diner…are Booth and Brennan ever going to be there together again?!? I like the bar, but come on…the DINER! A breakfast?

Can’t wait for next week, when we have not one, but TWO new BONES episodes! Oh, and I almost forgot. If you haven’t heard, old BONES guest star alumni Eddie McClintock (Sully) will be starring in a new SCIFI show this summer. Does that sound like something you’ll be interested in? Check it out.


4 Responses to “BONES: The Science in the Physicist”

  1. Mary on April 11th, 2009 4:18 pm

    Love love love this episode!

    After two episodes of nearly no B&B, we get a loooot of it in this one. Awwww. “What I said… is true… and yet it really sounded wrong.” Nice delivery, Emily. And the way she held his jaw was so cute! More tender than Killer in the Concrete with the tooth or the back fixing in Perfect Pieces/Pear. And the eyesex in the end was great. We haven’t had such high quality eyesex in a while.

    Hodgins is doing weird-experiments-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-the-case again. Ah, all the memories.
    And Billy Gibbons is such a cool dad. Too bad Sweets has given up on Angie.

    And we get two eps next week! *jumps around*

  2. bubblewrap on April 11th, 2009 7:43 pm

    I really enjoyed this weeks episode (so much so that I’ve watched it twice!) And I’m so excited that we get 2 episodes next week! The promos for both look really good.

    And as a side note- I’ve been very interested in watching Warehouse 13 this summer ever since I saw the promo during the BSG finale. It looks like it will be good

  3. Ashley on April 11th, 2009 10:31 pm

    I completely agree with you on this episode! Definitely one of my faves… definitely of this season. The B&B goodness in this one was just classic, and so sweetly delivered by both of them. I will never tire of watching Booth protect Brennan from anything and everything he possibly can. I’m glad that she’s starting to appreciate it more than she used to. More than that, though, I loved the glimpses into Brennan’s feelings in this one. She wasn’t afraid to show how deeply she cares about him, even in front of others… wow! Such a HUGE step for her!

  4. Patty on April 12th, 2009 12:54 am

    I really enjoyed this episode. Although the part in the chamber pod thing was weird with them screaming in girly voices. B&B do seem to be getting closer and I loved that Booth said Brennan had creepy moments. She does but he likes her anyway.

    I have a feeling we are heading 100 miles an hour into some great shoes!