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CASTLE: Home Is Where the Heart Stops

April 21, 2009 by  

Disclaimer: I apologize if you wanted to read about last night’s murder; while it is a significant part of the show, “Castle” would be nothing without its quirky character dynamics. A discussion of this follows.

After watching the first seven episodes of “Castle,” I’ve come to realize – as many of you have – that the show is not about the weekly murder mysteries. Though the show is sold as a crime procedural a la the “CSIs” and “Law & Orders,” the one thing the show cannot live without is the different dynamics and relationships Castle plays during various points in his personal, public and professional lives. Tonight’s episode was another glimpse into Castle’s non-work environment and like any freshman series, was one of the best so far in depicting the growth of Castle and Beckett’s relationship. Earlier in the season when Stana Katic’s Beckett was still not on par with Nathan Fillion’s portrayal of Castle, I offered some concern over Katic’s abilities to go toe-to-toe with Fillion. Six weeks later, I must admit – Katic has steadily improved after each episode. She infuses a strong-willed, unfazed attitude into the character that has given viewers an opportunity to see multiple sides of what could have easily been the archetypal headstrong female detective on another throwaway crime show.

At various points in the episode while the duo worked to solve the obligatory murder case, the dynamic between Castle and Beckett retained its employee-employee relationship yet forwarded ten steps each time the two socialized. There was a moment when Beckett and Castle went shooting. Appropriately Beckett wore fire engine red (was this a subtle way of incorporating the femme fatale?) as she showed off her toughness, shooting the target right in the center of the head. Castle, pretending to be unable to shoot a gun if his life depended on it, aimed at the target’s crotch, commenting boyishly that that would hurt. (Oh yes, Castle, it most definitely would.) Of course, Castle is a man of mystery – as I have learned from watching past episodes. After allowing Beckett to wallow in her glory for being the best shooter in the room, Castle quickly put her back in her place, shooting the target right in the chest.

This also brought me to another dilemma about the “will they-won’t they” love story. Beckett and Castle’s relationship (or lack thereof) relies on both of their professional careers. Like “Bones” with Booth and Brennan, it would most likely be the end of the series should the two characters enter into a romantic storyline. Would this be beneficial to a show like “Castle”? Are there any situations where this could possibly work out? Those were only some of the questions I asked myself, especially after Castle’s diva mother Martha probed the two like they were going to their first high school dance together, and again when one of the guests at the black-tie charity event Castle persuaded Beckett to attend with him made the inaccurate assumption that they were romantically involved.

Because “Castle” is rooted in crime and the way Beckett and Castle interact with each other (in addition to Castle’s interactions with his highly entertaining mother and adorable daughter), at this point in its journey it would play off as a detriment to the strides the show has made since it first premiered in early March. And while the argument could be made that a Beckett-Castle pairing would never cease to be boring, the ramifications of a possible romance will affect numerous aspects of both their psyches.

Instead of me doling out my thoughts on the episode, I want to hear from you the viewers, on what you thought of the seven episodes that have aired so far with the last two set to air in the next two weeks. What are your predictions for the season finale? Do you think a romance may be in store for Beckett and Castle, or do you think a twist of some sort is more realistic? What were some of your favorite Castle-isms from past episodes? Do you think we will fully understand who Castle is – aside from the charm, wit and subtle narcissism? What do you want to see happen in the last two episodes of the season? Do you think “Castle” will return for a second run (I believe it is likely)?

Share your thoughts and I will join in the discussion!

Philiana Ng is a senior majoring in communication and music industry at the University of Southern California. She currently interns at Reveille, LLC in Universal City. In addition to “Castle,” she also covers “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for GMMR.


7 Responses to “CASTLE: Home Is Where the Heart Stops”

  1. Shannon on April 21st, 2009 3:36 pm

    I’m absolutely loving this show!!! I have all my fingers crossed that it will come back for a second season.

    (Though I’m very biased – I’d watch anything with Nathan Fillion. Hemroids commercial, cheezy after-school-special, you name it.)

    I really enjoy the dynamic between Castle and Beckett, and I agree that the actress has really grown into the role so that she can keep up with Fillion. I do hope that they don’t go the romantic route, as I enjoy their frenemy banter.

    I find all the characters (cop side-kicks, family, suspects, etc.) funny, interesting and believable. Yay for this show!!!

  2. Kimber on April 21st, 2009 3:42 pm

    I agree with you 100%! While I have been interested in the “murder of the week”, I really find myself looking forward to, and loving every moment of Castle’s home-life. I adore Alexis, and Martha, and just the whole warm-fuzzy feeling I get when watching them all interact. Last night was no different … I totally desired a dad like Castle, watching him fence with Alexis. How amazing is he?!?

    As for the will they/won’t they between Castle and Beckett … right now I’m enjoying the side glances, Castle’s sly comments, and the overall chemistry. I used to be a hardcore Bones fan, but when the Booth/Brennan thing got overly “pushy” (just my opinion), I backed off a bit. Yes, Castle and Beckett have chemistry, and sure they’d be adorable together, but … not yet, not now, and maybe not ever. I like the bickering and the glances.

    I find myself really looking forward to each new episode, so the thought that there are only two new ones left leaves me kind of sad. Any idea if there will be more this season? Or is it one of the downfalls of a mid-season show? Any idea when we’ll hear if it’s gotten a second season pick up?

  3. angiep213 on April 21st, 2009 5:24 pm

    I’m with you there. 🙂

    Really hoping this is a show that works out for Nathan Fillion, Lord knows the man deserves it. I think it’s far too early in the show to have a Castle/Beckett hookup, but being honest there are not too many shows where the male/female lead characters don’t end up falling for each other. Whether or not they act on that, or HOW that react to those feelings is, to me, what sets good shows apart from shows that fumble the ball in that area.

    Bones for instance, while we are always reminded that those feelings are there, it’s not the ONLY story that’s every told. Instead fleshing out the backgrounds of all the characters (childhood traumas, past relationships, etc. The same as they’re doing with Castle and Beckett) I think there’s a good balance between the emotional reaction the viewers want and the realistic reaction that’s right for the characters. If Castle can find a way to skillfully toe that line without going too far in either direction, it’ll be work.

    Castleisms: “By hand? That’s like life before TiVo” (going through the files) What did we ever do before tivo and computers? There’s better ones I’m sure but that’s the first that pops to mind, if only because Nathan Fillion did an interview saying he has two tivos and he’s obessed. Thought it was cute 🙂

  4. Patty on April 21st, 2009 6:29 pm

    Only two more epiosdes? I might cry!

    I am really enjoying this show (much more than “My Own Worst Enemy) and hope they get a pickup. I love the witty banter. This show just gets better with each new episode.

  5. Philiana Ng on April 21st, 2009 7:37 pm

    It seems that all of you like the current state of the Beckett-Castle relationship and have made some fantastic points. I, like all of you, get worried when romance trumps character development and story, and while there are certainly shows out there that can ride that line well (i.e. “The Office” to a certain extent), oftentimes romance either negates everything the show was working towards or did it extremely well (and still felt authentic). I do agree that if there ever was a Beckett-Castle hook-up that it’d have to be done gradually and carefully; as some of you brought up, the problem “Bones” faces is that it went overboard with the romantic tension between Booth and Brennan to the point where it is ridiculous (but to be the devil’s advocate, it also suits the tone of the show).

    And as for the rest of the season, if I remember correctly ABC originally ordered 13 episodes (or something to that effect) for “Castle” as a midseason replacement, but decreased the order to 9 which is why there are only two more episodes left to air. I actually think it works to the benefit of the show; if you follow weekly ratings as I do (because I have no life and am a nerd), the numbers have remained steady since week one with some drop-off here and there (to be expected). And since “Castle” is a midseason replacement, there will be no more episodes after the ninth one until the second season (which I am 70% sure will go through, if based on ratings and the creative story alone).

    As for when we’ll hear if it gets picked up, if ABC is confident in the show (as I’ve heard through several reports that they like the narrative that “Castle” tells each week) and wants it primed for a fall 2009 run, then I’m sure we will hear in the coming weeks whether it is back or not. Also, remember that the Upfronts are just around the corner .. so keep that in mind!

  6. Agent 86 on April 22nd, 2009 7:53 am

    This is a pretty good show, I agree. It is interesting on several levels. The ‘crime of the week’ owes something to many of the great mystery writers as so far they have been loosely based on some famous tales; The passport in the purse crime is highly reminiscent of A.C. Doyle’s “The Six Napoleons,” etc. If you’re going to steal, steal (or loosely base) on the best.

    I’m glad to see Fillon getting another crack at a series. That “Drive” show was horrible, But “Firefly” was one of the best, most creative shows ever on tv. Glad to see Adam Baldwin getting good notices on “CHUCK” too. I’m actually a ‘Chuckie’ that tuned in to “Castle” due to the “Firefly” connection. I’ll enjoy the last two eps and hope for a renewal. It seems to be my life these days.

    Save CHUCK!

  7. Patty on April 22nd, 2009 12:55 pm

    Raise your hand if you have no life and are a nerd!

    It’s a bigger club than you think, Philiana!