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One of the best things about Desperate Housewives is that it’s able to seamlessly balance ordinary, everyday stories with melodramatic, over-the- top ones. Tonight, Gabby was trying to show Juanita that beauty is on the inside, not the out, while, at the same time, Susan is dangerously close to being ensnared by Dave.

After being bullied by some girls at school Juanita decided to wear makeup to school. One little problem with this; she’s only six. What follows is the classic confrontation between mothers and daughters over how old is old enough to wear makeup. Gabby, of course, says that Juanita is too young and, after some pressure from Carlos, agrees to go makeup less to a big dinner. It’s then that she realizes how hard it is to have enough confidence to go out without makeup. She’s finally able to reach out to Juanita. I thought the acting and writing for this plotline was great. For something so ordinary and almost cliché, Desperate Housewives really stepped up its game and made it compelling.

Tom and Lynette have decided to try to have sex everyday for 30 days. At first, it’s working great until work starts to catch up with Lynette and she’s falls asleep during sex. Tom freaks out, of course, and confides to Lynette that the only reason he wants to do this is because the only thing he has in his life that he’s passionate about is Lynette. I was annoyed with Tom until he made this confession. I can see how staying at home while your spouse works insane hours would wear someone down. Add that to the fact that he just had to give up his dream when he sold the pizzeria. Tom and Lynette need to work this out before Tom acts out and does something that he’ll regret.

Karl was back tonight as Bree’s new divorce attorney. Bree’s worried about her business and needs a lawyer as shady as Karl to help hide her assets. I’ve been hearing rumors that Bree will share a kiss with someone from the past before the end of the season and I’m curious as to whether or not that certain someone is Karl.

Jackson was also back tonight with a surprising proposal for Susan. It turns out he’s about to be deported back to Canada and needs to get married ASAP. Susan, of course, manages to humiliate herself by confessing that she’s still in love with him before he makes it clear that this is just business. I think Susan is just going to end up getting hurt by this. There’s nothing in it for her but heartbreak. And to top it off, Dave is trying to lure her and MJ away from Fairport so he can get revenge either by hurting her, MJ, or both of them.

Mike and Katherine are at a point in their relationship where it would be logical for them to take the next step. Katherine gets MJ to bring up marriage, which leads to Mike’s declaration that he doesn’t intend to marry again. Katherine is hurt, of course, and where they’re going from here up in the air.

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One Response to “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Bargaining”

  1. strunkette on May 4th, 2009 12:21 pm

    I’m beginning to think instead of going after MJ, Dave will go after Jackson. This whole marriage thing is going to look legit to the outside world and I’m sure they’ll be laying it on thick for the immigration officials. Dave will see that and think the loss of the love or her life will be bad enough. That or he will try to get both of them but end up only killing Jackson. I just think Jackson is not long for the show…..