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BONES Live Chat Tonight!!

May 7, 2009 by  

Are you a fan of BONES? Then watch tonight’s episode along with other BONES fans in the first ever BONES Live Chat! Our resident BONES expert, Seeleybaby, will be on hand to host the discussion. It’s a special episode. It’s not every week that Stewie Griffin makes an appearance, right?

Here’s to hoping you BONES fans have a blast tonight!

Spread the Word…
Let other BONES fans know we’re chatting tonight. Make it a party!

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Use the box below to set up a reminder for yourself. Enter your email address and you’ll be pinged when the chat begins.

Chat Away…
Come back to this post tonight at 8pm to chat away. Actually for those of you who want to get acquainted with one another, the chat will start a little bit before 8pm.

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Will YOU be joining us?

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