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Tonight was the penultimate episode of Desperate Housewives fifth season. Usually most of a penultimate episode would be spent building up to the finale, but tonight felt like a regular episode. I’m not saying this is a bad thing; it’s just surprising.

Gabby was confronted with a former friend who is now homeless. It turns out the woman’s husband died, leaving her with nothing but debt from their extravagant lifestyle. Gabby is in disbelief that something like this could happen to someone like her; she honestly believes that after her struggle through Carlos’s blindness nothing bad can happen to them again. This felt like foreshadowing to me. I really hope nothing bad happens to Gabby and Carlos. They’ve already been through enough and they’re at their comedic best when they’re enjoying their extravagant lifestyle.

Lynette and Tom are both facing insecurity over their increasing ages. In a business dominated by youth they both stand out. Tom is so despaired that he even begins to consider plastic surgery. This in turn makes Lynette feel old and insecure. In the end though, they both realize that with age comes beauty. Tom and Lynette’s insecurity felt very real to me. I can imagine it’d be hard to try to break into a field where you don’t meet the standard.

Karl convinces Bree to stage a robbery of her house to hide some of her belongings as she prepares to leave Orson. This backfires when Orson receives a call from the personal storage service Bree rented to hide her stolen goods. I have a feeling that Orson is about to make it very hard for Bree to leave him. I’m also excited to see where the tension between Karl and Bree leads. Orson also had one of the funniest lines of the episode, when he turned to Bree after discovering that their house had been broken into, and said, “ I swear it wasn’t me.” How ironic is it that it was actually Bree who did the breaking and entering this time?

Susan is moving ahead with her plans to marry Jackson to keep him from being deported. The only problem with this is that she’ll lose her alimony from Mike if she remarries. After telling this to Katherine, Katherine sends her an e-mail saying that Mike will continue to pay her alimony. Mike, of course, knows nothing about this. Its all part of Katherine’s plan to get Mike to marry her. Honestly, it seems like Katherine just wants the security of marriage, not Mike. I highly doubt that they’ll actually go through with their plans to marry next week. I know Susan and Jackson won’t; Dave called Homeland Security on Jackson after overhearing his and Susan’s plans.

Make sure to watch next week’s two-hour finale. The Dave storyline is going to be resolved and from the looks of things it’s gong to be shocking. See you all back here next week!

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