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BONES Season Finale: The End of the Beginning

May 14, 2009 by  

I know you all have lots to discuss tonight, and I don’t want to hold you up, but please allow me to interrupt for just a minute to thank Seeleybaby for all hard work in bringing BONES to this year. She’s helped to create and cultivate such a wonderful community of BONES fans. So thanks to Seelebaby and thanks to all of you. Now over to our esteemed BONES authority and her take on tonight’s season finale.


SO many questions left unanswered! And since the finale episode (where I don’t think the word ‘Bones’ was mentioned even once) wasn’t quite like a normal one, it’s almost impossible for me to do a normal review. I am sure you all have MUCH to say, and I want to hear it! But my first question is this. Was it Booth’s dream? Was it Brennan’s story she was writing? And if so, then why is Hodgins narrating it?

The Case:

There was one, sort of, but instead, let’s discuss this ‘case’: Millions of loyal fans all over the world tune in to a beloved show hoping to see some genuine (read : not a cheat) “laws of physics breaking” between the two main characters, only to be taken on somewhat of a whirlwind tour of alternate reality ending in one of our heroes in an amnesic state while the other is stunned. Will these viewers come back for more, or will they take their love, loyalty or just plain indifference elsewhere? Suspects include the networks, the show’s writers and creators, and in this writer’s case, a slightly overdeveloped sense of entitled ‘ownership’. What say you?

The Squints, etc:

It seemed almost EVERYONE was back tonight, so I wanted to share a bit of love for each. In alphabetical order:

1. Angela: Cool dress. Angela and Jared? Hmmm…..
2. Arastoo Vasiri: VERY handsome. What’s the deal with the anti-Persia stuff, though?
3. Cam: I thought she was the most “in character”. Good stuff from her.
4. Caroline: The kids are “well represented”
5. Clark: WTF?
6. Daisy: Get. Her. AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!! (and away from Sweets, please, thanks.)
7. Fischer: He’s a man on the edge! The originator of the tower of wings!
8. Gormogon: I like the band better than the cannibalistic serial killer.
9. Gravedigger: Interesting from Booth’s viewpoint that Jared and Max are entangled with this G.
10. Grayson Barasa: Was he the brother who fought Booth?
11. Hodgins: I liked his narration and writer persona. Very cool.
12. Jared: Nice try on the gray suit, pal. Only one Booth can pull that off.
13. Max: Was he “Bren’s” father in this, or just Max? I kind of liked that he wasn’t a good guy.
14. Motley Crue: Pointless
15. Sully: In absentia (Haha, it IS Booth’s dream, after all!)
16. Sweets: Looked good behind the bar in that white shirt. Sounded good behind the keyboard, too. His “I’m a bartender….I’m practically a psychologist” was the line of the night.
17. Vincent Nigel Murray: He IS lovely!
18. Wendell: I want to love Wendell, but he just weirds me out! I don’t know why! I did like that he had Booth’s back this ep. That was nice.
19. Zack: Why was he in street clothes? I really thought it was going to be a Zack dream or story or something and that Brennan would find out that Zack was innocent (relatively). But how the heck does Nigel Murray know that? So does that mean BOOTH knows that? AH!

Temperance Brennan:

As far as HER character development goes, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea that season five could start out with her being forced to use all of the ‘heart’ skills Booth has taught her to help him. Oh, the amazingness! Will she close up and avoid him? Because even though it wasn’t really his doing, “Booth” as she knows him has “abandoned” her. Do you think she is pregnant? It was only four days, so not likely that she did the IVF, right? So that was probably just Booth’s dream for them? Tricky….very tricky….

On another totally random note, I liked that she was in the hospital with Booth, and that she was trying to write. We don’t see much of Brennan as author, and I like when we do.

Seeley Booth:

I don’t like math, but I do love him. And after watching the episode for a second time (which I highly recommend), this time from HIS point of view, the episode was much more satisfying. And for all the confusion he feels about his relationship with his brother, or Max, or the Gravedigger, there is no confusion when it comes to his relationship with Brennan. They are partners and married and in love and comfortable. The more I think about it, the more pleased I am with the beginning of the episode. Because I’d been starting to think that Booth was over Brennan (in ‘reality’), but this proves he’s not.

And the final moments in the hospital, we see that Brennan loves Booth. She is working that all out, working out what it means to love and be loved and be burdened and a burden.

So, come next fall, I’m all in. Are you?


29 Responses to “BONES Season Finale: The End of the Beginning”

  1. Christmas on May 14th, 2009 11:58 pm

    I still have no idea how you predicted that. My GOD.

    I’m not sure if the ep was Brennan’s writing or Booth dreaming. Motley Crue is TOTALLY Booth. But the end, with Brennan as the hero, that’s so Brennan. And I mean, she was writing the narrating, so it makes sense if she’s the one who came up with the story.

    *shrug* I’m glad you didn’t hate it. I still think it’s not nearly as bad as Pain in the Heart.

    And there IS potential in memory-loss.

  2. tessa on May 15th, 2009 1:08 am

    I appreciate the memory-loss cliffhanger. I am thinking of all of the interesting ways that it could play out (note to writers: no “Booth was just kidding around with Brennan” easy way out, please). However, as an episode, I didn’t really like this one. It would have made a better second-to-last episode. I like the characters on this show, and a season finale means not seeing them for a few months. Spending the entire show with bizarro versions of the characters didn’t appeal to me. I know that some of them kept some part of their personalities, but what was with Angela saying that she didn’t have a good visual sense? Was that just another lie to the police?

    I am going to re-watch on your advice. Maybe I will like it better on the second go-round.

    Oh, I will say, though, that my evolution on Sweets continues. Man, the things that a crisp white shirt does to me…

  3. bubblewrap on May 15th, 2009 1:39 am

    The first time I saw the episode I really disliked it. It felt weird with everyone being out of character. I watched it again though, and liked it better the second time around. Still not one of my favorites- but I liked it better. I really loved the last scene though with Brennan writing the story while being there with Booth. It’s a side of her we rarely get to see. The whole memory loss dynamic is going to be interesting for next season. I’m curious as to how Brennan will handle the situation.

    And thank you Seelebaby for writing reviews all season. I always enjoy reading them!

  4. G on May 15th, 2009 1:40 am

    I think this ep was both Booth’s dream AND Brennan’s story. I think the narration at the beginning clues us into the fact that this story is being written, and at the end we see her reading her words aloud as she types. So, this could be Booth putting a visual (based on his own emotions/memories) to the words he’s hearing as he’s in his coma. Don’t think Bones is pregnant, though – I just think that (along with the marriage) is Booth’s subconscious showing him what the viewers already know he wants.

    I think Hodgins narrates for two reasons – one, because he’s the “pulp crime novel writer” in the episode; and two, because TJ wasn’t given nearly enough to do otherwise.

    That said – I loved the episode – I think it helps to block the whole “Season Finale” phrase from the mind when viewing it, since that seems to carry with it a whole truckload of expectations and whatnot. I thought the dialogue was witty (thankfully, not in the “oh look Booth is a goofball” sort of way we’ve been treated to for the better part of the season), and I really appreciated how this story was, essentially, a recap of the first four seasons.

    The only thing I’m not looking forward to next season is more Jared, because I have this sinking feeling that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him – mostly because of the whole “You need to let us help you now” thing.

  5. Erin on May 15th, 2009 2:14 am

    I actually kind of LOVED this episode, except for that last line there. I thought all of the things they did with the characters were way interesting, and really brought out all of the main themes of the show thus far– how Brennan started doing what she does so as to prove that she’s not as cold as she seems, how Booth would kill to save Brennan, how the squints would do anything to protect Booth and Brennan… They’re a team, and Booth and Brennan are the center. I agree with G– it’s a miniature recap of the first four seasons, with a lot of heart in it.

    I’m going to have to watch this at least two more times– one thinking of it from Brennan’s perspective, as Brennan writing it, and one thinking of it as Booth’s dream. I do think that it could be both, or at least that it works as both. When it showed Brennan writing the voiceover at the end, I actally went, “YES!” She’s talking herself into loving Booth. She’s ready.

    Also, I totally love that, in whoever’s imagination that took place, Zack was still Brennan’s assistant.

    I only hope that they resolve the memory thing quickly next season. I want to see Brennan acting with her heart, of course, but the thought of them having to actually start all over makes me want to cry.

    And now I am totally crushing on John Francis Daley.

  6. Sarah on May 15th, 2009 2:40 am

    I think for me, the best part of the episode was the witty little one liners. A lot of people don’t agree with how this episode went down, but I don’t think any can dispute the subtle nods to reality and their perfect comic time.

    Sweets: “I mean, some people think I’m Gormagon”

    Vincent NM: “Probably wanted to give it to someone who wouldn’t go to prison for a crime the didn’t commit” (Or something to that effect)

    That being said, I physically screamed when Booth uttered those three little words (and not the good kind, either). My mother, bless her, hadn’t made the connection between this episode and the last and was quite shocked to see Booth in such a state. So I guess the episode served its purpose. It was entertaining, it was shocking, and it certainly made me want more. Bring on season 5, HH, we’re ready.

  7. Katherine on May 15th, 2009 4:37 am

    I think I’m in the minority here, since for the majority of the episode I absolutely hated it. I figured out midway through that it was probably Booth’s dream, though now in hindsight I can see how it’d be Brennen’s writing. And the whole time, I kept wondering, “what’s the point in this strange alternate universe?” For the last episode of the season… this was definitely strange. (Not to mention I haven’t seen all of the first 3 seasons. I’m halfway through watching S1 on DVD right now.) But now I’m looking forward to watching it again, knowing the things I know now.

    Also… my stupid DVR cut off the last 10 seconds! So I had to watch it on YouTube, but the title of the clip kind of gave it away…. I’m still stunned though. Season 5 can’t come soon enough!

  8. Bragidor on May 15th, 2009 5:00 am

    I really enjoyed the last episode, having all the ‘squinterns’ back was great. Made me remember zack, I miss him.
    I hope he comes back full time in season 5 or something 🙁

  9. Joanne on May 15th, 2009 9:16 am

    Although I did enjoy seeing Zack once again and all of his “replacements” in one show, I have to say that the whole episode was a disappointment. I have an aversion to stories where the characters are, well, out of character. I almost turned it off in the first 15 minutes, but figures I’d stick it out to see if it got any better.

    Sadly, it didn’t.

    I understand wanting to work a cliffhanger into the show, but they really could have gone about it another way.

    If the show is renewed, I’ll check it out again. I just hope that this episode doesn’t set the tone for next season; I don’t care for shows that turn into a soap opera.

  10. foggymoontour aka lifeofmytime on May 15th, 2009 9:30 am

    I’m torn on this one. I loved it as a stand alone episode, but Bizarro Bones for the season finale? Really?

    The biggest surprise of the ep for me was when we found out the narrative was Brennan’s. That alone made me want to watch the episode again to hear all that again from her perspective.

    I have to say… I found the amnesia ending very predictable. That’s not to say it wasn’t heartbreaking or that it won’t make for some great tv next season, but how often does a main character come out of something like brain surgery in a season finale and not have amnesia?

    I think the amnesia will make for an interesting dilemna for Brennan. Booth wants her to use his “stuff” if he doesn’t make it. He may be alive, but her Booth is gone (hopefully not for long, but she doesn’t know that). So should she follow his wishes and have his baby?

    I loved that all the squinterns were in this ep. My favorite line of the night was: “I’m not going to fare well in jail. I’m lovely.”

    And Sweets was delightful as ever in this episode. Loved his band!

    So even though I found the bizarro episode an odd choice for the finale, Brennan’s narrative helped to tie it in to what was actually going on in reality. And I can live with that.

  11. Patty on May 15th, 2009 11:47 am

    Oh so torn.

    Initially, I hated this episode. It felt weird and I really disliked it as a season finale.

    But thinking about it in the shower this morning, there are little bits and pieces that I liked and that gave insight to either Brennan or Booth. It doesn’t matter in the end who’s “dream” it was. From either side, there is love and friendship. I will have to watch it again.

    I am still in love with Sweets.

    Motley Crue was a waste of 5 minutes of show.

    Seeleybaby, thatnks so much for a wonderful season of recaps and I hope you come back next season!

  12. Becky on May 15th, 2009 1:02 pm

    I’m still not sure about this episode. I was blown away with the sex scene being at the very beginning. And then i was like what the hell is going on? Obviously I need to watch it multiple times (preferably at home next time instead of at work but I forgot to set my DVR so I had to watch it here), but anyway. I kind of agree that I wish the season finale hadn’t been bizarro world, but I enjoyed seeing Booth & Brennan together.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the recaps and insights this season. Awesome job.

  13. Janice on May 15th, 2009 2:41 pm

    what is the name tio that song and who sings it

  14. Bonnie on May 15th, 2009 8:08 pm

    I was totally disappointed because we were assured (or so I thought) that this was really Booth and Bones in bed. But this was bizarro Booth and Bones. And I think the memory loss cliffhanger is lazy writing.

    That being said…the episode had some good one liners and alternate universe eps are always good – but for a season finale? Very strange.

    I think G is right – it’s a mix of Bones’s fiction and Booth’s dream. They’re obviously both in love and are working through the impact of that and aren’t quite ready and that makes sense for the show to survive.

    I guess I’m just disappointed because they went the alternate reality route instead of dealing with their emotions head on. Oh well. I love the show and will be back in 3 months!

    Seeleybaby – thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the only blog I read about my favorite shows so I rely (possibly way too much!) on you each week!

  15. Doctor Mobius on May 16th, 2009 4:15 am

    I guess I’m in the minority. I knew it was a dream immediately, which actually was freeing and made the episode an absolute blast. I honestly think we were all supposed to guess it was a dream, because in knowing that through the whole thing, I got all the jokes they dropped concerning the characters. The “real” characters juxtaposed within their dream selves.

    It was a chance to cut loose and have fun for the writers, actors, set directors… for everyone really, including me.

    In a TV world where EVERY season ending MUST be over the top awesome, with huge twists, big suspense, and a giant payoff/cliffhanger at the end, it was refreshing as heck to see a show go… Aww frak it, let’s just throw a party for the last episode. I hear that guy in Motley Crue is a fan, I bet we could get them to play. I’m a little tired of each season ender trying to outdo itself with awesomeness.

    The only thing I was surprised with was the ending. I let my guard down, and was expecting something just as light and sweet as the episode. So for me this wasn’t BS like finding out the whole season was a dream and JR was never shot, because it was obvious, at least to me, from the beginning that this was a dream, most likely going on in Booth’s head in the hospital.

  16. holly on May 16th, 2009 10:46 am

    i totally agree with erin, if they have to start all over again, it might kill me!
    i mean the last four years will have been for nothing!!
    i just really hope they resolve that, maybe sweets can draw the memories out of booths subconsious.
    omg SWEETS gets hotter everyday
    i dont think brennan has realised she loves booth yet, she was absentmindedly writing to while away the time, but i think that somewhere in her head she’s realised it.
    or maybe thats just wishful thinking on my part because i dont want them to get together yet, as i think once they lose the tension, they’ll lose the viewers/

  17. holly on May 16th, 2009 10:47 am

    i totally agree with erin, if they have to start all over again, it might kill me!
    i mean the last four years will have been for nothing!!
    i just really hope they resolve that, maybe sweets can draw the memories out of booths subconsious.
    omg SWEETS gets hotter everyday
    i dont think brennan has realised she loves booth yet, she was absentmindedly writing to while away the time, but i think that somewhere in her head she’s realised it.
    or maybe thats just wishful thinking on my part because i dont want them to get together yet, as i think once they lose the tension, they’ll lose the viewers.

  18. Jenn on May 16th, 2009 9:59 pm

    Just wanted to say thanks for writing the reviews every week! I looked forward to reading them.

    As for this episode, liked it on the whole, I thought it was fun. I was disappointed that it was the finale, I agree with the person who said it would have been a better second to last ep. I would have rather seen the characters having to deal with Booth being in a coma. I guess I can only hope that they have more fallout in the first few eps of the new season.

    Also, I knew they’re not totally integral to the story, but Booth goes in for brain surgery and there’s no mention of Rebecca and Parker at all?!

  19. kenny jackson on May 17th, 2009 7:06 pm

    Arn’t you forgetting something? in the last few minutes of the episode, booth doesnt know who brennan is. it sounded like he had amnesia or something.

  20. Mandy on May 17th, 2009 10:09 pm

    I agree with Doctor Mobius. I accepted that the entire episode was going to be a dream from the beginning, kicked back, and let it slide. And I enjoyed it! I would even say it was one of my favorite episodes of season 4. Then again, I also enjoyed last season’s finale, so I must be messed up somewhere. I loved the one-liner references, Sweets’ band, all the interns and extra characters, the OOC of it all. Really refreshing. The one part I did not like? Motley Crue. Pointless, pointless, pointless.

    I think it must be Booth’s dream, with Brennan interjecting with her narration. Ever hear your alarm clock in your dream? Hodgins was most likely the narrator because he was the novelist in the dream and Booth’s subconscious rationalized the narration to be his. Something like that, I’m no dream expert.

    I’m also loving Wendell, Vincent, and Sweets more after this one. The others? Not so much.

  21. Jocelyn on May 17th, 2009 10:55 pm

    I’m with Dr Mobius and Mandy, it was clearly a dream or whatever, and pretty enjoyable at that. I’m not sure if it should have been the final episode, though, it left things on a weird note, and then a freaking depressing one after all that.

    My god, I enjoyed Sweets’ singing, though – that guy’s awesome! And love Vincent no matter what he’s doing. Do tou think we’ll be seeing more of Jared next season, since he was a pretty solid part of the final, and given Booth’s amnesia? Not sure if I’m looking forward to that plot-wise, though he is one pretty man, which is something ^_^

  22. Rilka on May 26th, 2009 8:45 pm

    I was very disappointed in the show. I, like others, figured out that it was a dream almost immediately. The only reason I kept watching was because I was hoping there would be something else pertaining to the real Bones that I actually enjoy watching.

    As to the end of the show, I am of the opinion that Booth is not actually suffering from amnesia but trying to separate reality from his dream. He was asking Brennan who she was, not in her identity, but in her relationship to him. Was she his beloved wife and the future mother of his child, or was she simply a partner that he shared a close relationship with? Was he a nightclub owner or an FBI agent?

  23. Gabby on June 3rd, 2009 12:16 pm

    I honestly think that Sully should come back. It’s bugging me to wonder how he will return, if he does. Will he come back asking for Brennan’s love back after she has fallen for Booth, or will piles of remains show up and they question if it’s Sully’s remains or not.

  24. NANNA on June 18th, 2009 10:58 am


  25. Kayla on August 19th, 2009 12:22 am

    i will literally cry if i found out they don’t.
    this one person made this video, about how bones is making a movie.
    and finds out that she is pregnant by sully.
    this is all wrong.
    i WANT booth and brennan together.
    and they’ll lose a llot of veiwers if it’s the oppisite.

  26. Kayla on August 19th, 2009 12:25 am


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