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Hey GMMRers, please extend a warm welcome to the newest member of Team GMMR, my friend Amy. Amy will be giving us the scoop each week on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY. As you know, I haven’t really been watching THE REAL HOUSEWIVES sagas but I know many of you are. I’m going to try to watch this season, I promise.

Over to Amy…

Every season the housewives lives seem to become more intertwined. The more housewives that can fit into one scene, the greater the chances are for drama.

New Jersey takes it a little further. The cast is not just “friends,” three of them are related. Caroline and Dina are sisters and a third, Jacqueline, is their sister-in-law. If you’re still keeping up with that – the two blood sisters are married to brothers. And there are two or three different Christophers in the mix as well. The other two housewives Theresa and Danielle are acquaintances with Dina, Caroline and Jacqueline. It’s a small town and Dina admits in the first episode “there isn’t a town center.”

They all have the standard housewife requirements – big houses, nice cars, cute kids and most importantly, issues. Here’s what the first episode gave us:

  • Caroline & Dina: They are very tight knit they don’t appear to let anyone into their circle.
  • Theresa: She wants to get breast implants (or “bubbies” as they call them in Jersey) and shows signs of being an overbearing stage mom.
  • Danielle: She is finalizing a divorce and can’t get a settlement from her ex. She is also getting into the dating scene (she gets stood up in the first episode). Danielle and Dina have some beef and are clearly not friends.
  • Jacqueline: She is trying to get pregnant again. She is also working on remaining a neutral party to the tension between her family (Dina) and her friend (Danielle).

As Bravo says “Watch what happens!” Or course we will.

Did you watch the premiere episode? Will these Jersey girls be able to hold their own up again the housewives of New York, Atlanta and the O.C.?

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

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