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Slammer Time for PRISON BREAK Tonight

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Another day. Another finale. But this time around we are saying goodbye to PRISON BREAK…for good. I was a PRISON BREAK fan from the beginning. Never missed an episode. But all that changed when the networks decided to put a myriad of great shows up against each other on Monday night. PRISON BREAK was my sacrifice. It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done. I had grand visions of keeping up with the show online, but it never happened. But I haven’t given up complete hope yet. I’ve managed to avoid spoilers completely as I have every intention on finishing the series this summer. I’ve had tonight’s season finale in hand but I didn’t dare watch it. I selfishly didn’t want to ruin it for myself.

But tonight Fox officially says goodbye to Michael and his band of Merry Men. It has waned over the years but thinking back, the first season of PRISON BREAK was as engaging and exciting as TV gets. Who could forget that moment when Michael Scofield lifted up his shirt to reveal the blueprints of the jail finely embedded in every tattoo? And all those times he was on the verge of being caught with only seconds to spare? So exhilarating. The cliffhanger style of each episode left me always wanting more.

The shows producers never intended for the series to go as long as it has, and creatively they backed themselves into one two many corners. But by the time that happened they already had their core audience hooked.

It’s with much regret that I can’t watch the PRISON BREAK finale tonight. Yes, I might have had to give up on the show but I still consider myself a fan.

(Someone quick put Wentworth Miller on another show. That face should not be wasted)

Tonight on Prison Break…
In the series finale, old friends (Amaury Nolasco, Rockmond Dunbar) turn up as Michael makes one last effort to rescue Linc and Sara, get Scylla into responsible hands and take down the Company—all while on the lam.

Get ready for tonight’s 2-hour series finale with a few spoiler clips from the episode.

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