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SUPERNATURAL Season Finale: Lucifer Rising

May 15, 2009 by  

A standing O to Nicole for sharing with us her thoughts on SUPERNATURAL every week.  I know it’s a special show to so many people and I’m personally excited to (finally) get caught up this summer.  Thank you to Nicole and to all you SPN fans for such great conversations this season.  I can’t until next year so I can jump in on the discussions!

Wow you guys. Just….wow. When I heard the opening notes of “Carry on My Wayward Son” (aka the Supernatural Theme) by Kansas, I had chills. You know how fans of SPN are always saying “In Kripke We Trust”? Well, there is a reason for that my friends. He was at the helm of this episode from its inception in the writing room to the direction and he did a hell of a job. I was shocked, I laughed, I welled up, I was angry, I was heartbroken, I was elated, and I was left perched right on the very edge of my seat. Not bad for an hour of television. I am constantly amazed at the ways that Kripke & Co. can weave threads of the story together in ways that I never imagined would work, but they do and it’s always so satisfying. This is not to say that I was left without questions, because I do have some. I will get to those in a bit and I’m really hoping that my fellow SPN peeps can help me out with some answers!

First off, I officially apologize for any even slightly encouraging things I said about Ruby in last week’s review. I believe it was something along the lines of “she’s helped them out a LOT”, or something to that effect. Well, well, well, how the tables have turned since last week. Little Miss Ruby was not only NOT helping them, she was working with Big Daddy himself to lead Sam and Dean down the path that would let him out of his cage by breaking the final seal. I’m not going to lie…I thought that maybe Ruby would have ulterior motives and I’d end up eating my words about her, but I had no idea how much I would hate her by the end of season four. Let us count the ways in which Ruby displayed her wicked, wicked ways last night, shall we?

  • When she and Sam had the demon baby-stealer tied up and Sam had tortured her into sharing where Lillith was, Ruby wanted to keep her around on their road trip to the convent so Sam could feed off of her blood. The demon arranged for the innocent woman still trapped in the body to “take over” to make the feeding much more difficult for Sam to do. Ruby still insisted they throw her in the trunk, screaming and pleading, and taking her with them. Yes, Sam agreed, but at least he was displaying some serious reservations and objections to the whole deal
  • Ruby could see that the voicemail he had from Dean was weighing on Sam’s mind and she kept encouraging him to check it already. When he finally did, the message was nothing like the one that Dean had actually left. In fact, Dean called Sam a monster again, and insinuated that he would kill him if he had to. As the pain registered on Sam’s face, the camera cut to Ruby, smirking because she knew that Sam was now going to go along with her plan. When I realized that she had changed the message, I hated her instantly and felt sick to my stomach.

  • When Sam and Ruby located Lillith, dressed in white like a good little sacrificial lamb, Sam was all hopped up on demon blood and rearing to go. Dean located them in the convent and before he could get Sam’s attention, Ruby smirked once more and shut the door in Dean’s face. I’m telling you, I wanted to jump through the TV and smack the smug look off of her face at that point.
  • When Sam was struggling with killing Lillith and suddenly heard Dean shouting from outside, he paused. Ruby screamed for him to keep going and he did, finally ending Lillith’s life. When the deed was done, Ruby confessed to him that he had broken the final seal, and that she had been working for it all along. I wanted to kill her myself. I was in complete shock at how long she had been working to bring this about.

The penultimate scene where Ruby finally gets hers courtesy of both Dean and Sam TOGETHER, was fabulous and the only way to send her character on her merry way. We may not have gotten a long drawn out apology-and-hug sequence between the brothers, but this scene said all of that with very few words. The way the brothers looked at each other, Sam’s broken “I’m sorry” and the way they swung into action to kill the bitch together let us viewers know that we no longer have to fear for the brotherly love. It is there and it will be there when they return next season. Finally. However, things are not going to be easy-peasy when autumn rolls around. First, we have the obvious problem of LUCIFER ROAMING THE EARTH. Second, Sam and Dean are going to be dealing with some serious guilt. They each had an equal hand in setting Lucifer free, although neither of them knew at the time the significance of their actions. One good thing about that is that it puts the brothers on equal footing – they both contributed to this outcome, and now they both must work together to prepare Dean for his ultimate destiny of destroying Lucifer (pressure much?).

So we’ve talked demons, now let’s talk angels (I feel like Dan Brown). Dean had time for a powerful and awesome talking-to from Bobby before spending a good portion of the episode in what appeared to be the Palace of Versailles, but magical because this one came with hamburgers, beer and even Ginger and Mary-Ann if one was so inclined, which Dean wasn’t. Dean takes a moment to call Sam and leave him a voicemail that had me choking up (unfortunately it’s not the one Sam heard…see whore pit viper Ruby, above [props to Melissa Rivers for that awesome insult – a little over the top for Celebrity Whatever, but perfect for Ruby]). Zachariah tells Dean that he’s being kept safe to ensure that he’ll be able to help with stopping the apocalypse, but he later finds out that he is being held prisoner to prevent him from stopping Sam from killing Lillith, as she will break the final seal. Turns out, the angels have been lying this whole time and are actually trying to bring about the Big A because they’re convinced they’ll win and have peace on earth (with the small side effect of the potential destruction of the human race). Unfortunately for Dean, he swore his devotion to their cause and Zachariah expects absolute obedience.

Luckily for us, Cas has apparently started to show a bit of a human side again, and decides to come clean with the actual plan to Dean. When the older brother learns that Sam is instrumental in breaking the final seal, he insists that they go to try and stop him. Cas agrees and openly defies Zachariah (angels produce a LOT of blood, huh?) in order to take Dean to Prophet Chuck(!) and find out where Sam is. The Prophet is busy ordering 20 hookers for his last night on earth when the two show up, freaking him out because this twist is not in the story. He tells them that Sam and Ruby are at the convent; Cas sends Dean there and stays with Chuck to hold off the archangel that’s headed their way.

Now, since I’ve already gone over Ruby’s evildoing at the convent, we know how it all turned out. Lillith is dead at the hands of Sam, Ruby is dead at the hands of the bothers TOGETHER, Lucifer is here (just about), Cas is an angel in serious trouble who MUST be on the run now (although, since it all worked out according the angel’s plans, maybe they’ll forget his betrayal…yeah right), Chuck is in the middle of it all and Bobby is still alive and well. And of course, the bothers are functioning as a unit again, which is something we fans have been patiently waiting for all season.

I know I’ve kind of left out a whole sub-story, where we find out that Azazel was set on his path to collect children after a particularly horrific slaughter at the convent in 1972, but there was so much else to talk about I thought it best, although this was just one way that Kripke amazed me by tying everything together so well. Please fee free to talk about it in the comments – I can’t wait to join you guys to discuss!

Where do we go from here SPNers? I think we know what the season five finale is going to focus on, but how will we get from here to there? Who will be along for the ride next year? I am super psyched about the dream team we currently have assembled: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas and Chuck (presuming the archangel doesn’t get them) – could it BE any better? I think not.

As I mentioned above, I have questions, which I am now going to pose to you, in the hopes that some or all have answers that I missed somehow. Help me out guys:

1. When Zachariah said to Dean that “God has left the building”, what did he mean by that? My mind was running wild with evil angels overthrowing god and taking control, but that can’t be right…how did you guys interpret that?
2. When Sam was killing Lillith, his eyes went black. Does that mean he has made a transformation of some sort now? Is he forever changed? Was it just the high levels of demon blood coursing through his veins? I’d love to hear your (hopefully reassuring) thoughts on this.
3. The Dumbo speech that Ruby gave Dean (also known as the Wizard of Oz speech) – did he really have the power in him the whole time? He didn’t actually need the blood/feather/ruby slippers?? Do we believe her??

Well guys, it’s been a crazy ride and the best year ever to cover this show for GMMR (thanks Kath!). I’m sad to see it end, but here’s to obsessing over the summer, re-watching the first three seasons (now that we know their true destinies, it’s kind of like watching the early stuff for the first time, from a new perspective), and waiting, waiting, waiting for Season Five. I think I may even make a soundtrack for myself to listen to all summer, and you know it will have “COMWS” as the first song, and definitely “Wanted Dead or Alive”. I hope I’ll see you guys all back next year and thanks for all of your comments and participation in the discussions we’ve had so far – it’s been a blast!

Nicole is neither a Sam girl nor a Dean girl, because taking sides isn’t fair. But if she had to pick, cool cars and music will always win her favour.


20 Responses to “SUPERNATURAL Season Finale: Lucifer Rising”

  1. Patty on May 15th, 2009 5:52 pm

    This was such a great ending to a great season!

    I am so glad that we have the boys together at the end and I have no idea where it will go in S5. Kripke is a master and I will let him do his thing. I learned to trust him a long time ago!

    As foryour questions:
    1) I think the “god has left the building” is all about free will. Angel/demon/human whatever. Isn’t it all abtou free will and ahving to deal with what happens after that? At least I hope that’s it.

    2) & 3) I hope the black eyes were just Sam all hopped up on demon blood. We saw hints of what he might be able to do back in S2 and then nothing really ever came of it. But what if he is special like Jimmy and his daughter are special? He has the ability to kill (or whatever) demons in him, he just needs to harness it and he wouldn’t let himself believe he could do it without Ruby filling his head with the whole drink my blood it will make you stronger thing. She knew how to manipulate him. She tried one way in S3 but it didn’t work so she changed her plan in S4. I am crossing my fingers.

    That’s my rambling. Wayward Son always gets me misty when they play on the Show. It fits so fraking well!

    Thanks for all the great recaps Nicole! Hope we see you back next season!

  2. J.R. on May 16th, 2009 1:08 am

    I was shocked to see The Road So Far and the Wayward Son playing. I had forgotten how much I loved seeing that.

    “God has left the building” feels like the Angels are making decisions on their own because no one’s hearing from God. But that can’t be right because they wouldn’t set something like this go this far if He wasn’t on their side.

    I’m freaking out over the whole Ruby working with Azazel and Lillith. How much work went into this is mind boggling. “I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal!” I’m freaking out.

    Her dumbo comment is disturbing. Does this mean Sam can do those things on his own and it was just a placebo effect? My mind is shot. I have no idea what is going to happen next season.

    Awesome recaps Nicole!

  3. Nayant on May 16th, 2009 10:24 am

    Thank you NICOLE!

    Carry on my Wayward son was a smart choice for 2 reasons. It made me all kinds a nostalgic, I have been following this show for a long time and I feel as if I’ve watched (and someone personally invested in) the brothers growing up and get to this point. Also because the song invokes such strong emotions, I think it reeled in people not as emotionally connected.

    Just one thought about the Sam Dean relationship. I don’t think it’s all blown over yet between them. There’s too much water under the bridge but, they are both strong men, dedicated to getting the job done, so they’ll suck it up and man up. So in the end when Sam finally realized Ruby needed to get killed – which Dean’s known that for a while- they just get down to business and do what’s necessary. The ‘I’m sorry’ was sweet and to me just indicated, ‘let’s work together right now’. It all boiled down to: Let’s air the laundry later, Lucifer’s coming NOW.
    *HEHE I would love it, if uncle Bobby plays mediator in counseling session. He was all kinds of awesome this ep!*

    To your questions:

    I was personally floored at the ‘God has left the Building Comment’. It made me think that the Angel faction Uriel had worked for had seized control. And I’m completely in a dither (partly psyched, partly nervous…) thinking that an all out Angel war is going to play a big part next season. I would imagine that guerrilla Angel warfare will be the only recourse for Angels like Cas (he better survive!) and Anna.

    To the black eyed Sammy- I was surprised, I thought for sure if his eyes took on any hue, they would be Yellow. I’m thinking the black eyes are a side affect from glutting himself with black eyed demon blood (Ruby’s and the Chef’s). I would imagine he got super juiced up to face Lilith.

    To the Dumbo speech– that was old Ruby snark for sure. Yes I think Sam did have the power inside all along w/o the demon blood. Think back to Ava and Jake in Season 2. Both demonstrated control and power, thanks to the demon blood. Sam never invested using his powers and he’s always thought of himself as weak compared to Dean and his Dad. Therefore I think drinking the blood was definitely a Crutch. Ruby, whore pit viper that she was, was also astute enough to know this about Sam, so she played him like a fiddle.

    Well now I’m just gonna go into withdrawal until Sept. 🙁

  4. Nicole on May 16th, 2009 3:01 pm

    Thanks you guys for the great comments and thoughts on the episode and my questions! I love how into the show SPN fans are; don’t you find yourself carrying the show with you more than most others that you watch? I love when a series gets under my skin like that.

    I’m feeling better about the black eyes on Sammy, so thank you all. As for the “God has left the building” comment, I’m still nervous about that one. And Nayant, I LOVE your idea for Bobby acting as mediator next season for the boys. You know would sprinkle a few “idjits” into his speeches. I’ve been thinking too, that I really hope Chuck becomes more of a fixture next year – I’m really loving his character and he could prove very helpful to Sam and Dean on their journey to whatever Kripke has in store. Would you guys be into increased Chuck-ification next year? I think his humour is a nice balance to Cas’ intensity and I think they’d be great scene partners.

    I have every intention of continuing to cover the show through season 5 (if Kath will have me of course!), and I’m so glad we’ve got a great little group of fans to chat with each week. Maybe next season we can even do a live chat or two if people would be into that (and Kath could join because she’s going to get caught up on the show this summer!). I’m also hoping to do a couple of pieces over the summer, so we can keep the obsession going during the long long break.

  5. Vlad on May 17th, 2009 8:58 am

    I think that the “God has left the building” can be interpreted in 2 ways in my honest opinion:
    He either left because the plan was in motion and He had to go there to take part in the battle against lucifer. or like the others said, He had to run because these angels took over Heaven

  6. chel on May 17th, 2009 9:51 am

    i really liked ruby, she bought the fun and excitement to the show. we needed to see a different side to sam and deans relationship. surely she didnt need to turn out to be evil

  7. Nayant on May 22nd, 2009 12:55 am

    TY Nicole! 🙂 I would be down for live chat during airings. Also looking forward to your summer pieces to tide me over the long wait to find out WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

  8. Alan on May 27th, 2009 9:07 pm

    well dean in season 3 was tryin to break that deal so he wont go to hell well remember back in Season 1 or 2 where dean made a deal for this one guy…They screwed up there but realy Carry on my wayword son is a good song especialy on All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 realy fits 😀 i always thougt when dean said that sam would be as much as like there dad unlike dean but dean dressed like him he acted like him listend to the same music and what not but dean said that sam would always be as close to him than dean is…Castiell is a cool angel like the one episode were there was Angel on Angel violence one of the greatest episodes 😀

  9. sara on May 28th, 2009 6:58 pm

    don’take it off last year we got the end of the story but now what am i going to do my little girl is lock ing herself in her room and will only come out to eat she has a bath room next to her room so she only has to come out for food and she comes out in tears she wants to know what hapens next

  10. sara on May 28th, 2009 7:38 pm

    over i want to know what i am going to do about my kids plus they will not get the full story till this fall i beter find cheap coffins for sale or just shoe boxs because my kids are going to be choping heads off there dolls and locking them selfs in there rooms but it is beter than them takeing a gun and shoting the pigs and the hens like they did last year it will be real bad this year because they don’t get the full story.

  11. nelly on May 28th, 2009 7:52 pm

    i would not mind if it were true what my friends were saying they thought dean is a demon in deans form after all why would dean lock sam up in bobbys panic room is he stupid demons can go for ages in heat and they don’t drink water that will kill him and his blood not the demon blood and why would bobby go through with it ether i am smarter than both of them or they are not bobby and dean they are a little bit dean and bobby most demon dumb or sam is not like his family just plain don’t care so think about that for the next season peaple

  12. josh on May 28th, 2009 7:59 pm

    good say nelly

  13. josh on May 28th, 2009 10:24 pm

    i agree with nelly plus sam was really stund he didn’t even run when dean said to and any way they might be a little bit only demon nelly other wise bobby would have shot sam but other than that i agree with you totaly

  14. josh on May 28th, 2009 10:26 pm

    thank you josh any way do you live next door i am the brown house with green trim and sara is the one next door

  15. nelly on May 28th, 2009 10:27 pm

    hey how did you know i was going to pumart ass

  16. nelly on May 28th, 2009 10:28 pm

    pumart oh i get it derj

  17. Adam Jeffryes on September 9th, 2009 9:54 am

    “God has left the building” = God has fallen?
    I think we all know ultimatley Dean and Sam are going to have to fight this out.
    Lucifer takes on Sam and manifests himself as his form, Have you ever wondered why the angels have to take orders from Dean? hmmm, is God really walking the earth? Cas has found things out about God and has realized who he is, hence only four angels have seen his face. ” and I certainly don’t take orders from you” was his line in the penultimate episode as his doubts seriously manifest. Doe’s Cas know more about Dean than anyone. It is after all God who defeats Lucifer and casts him back to hell, it is after all in the words of Zach whos fortells of Deans battle with lucifer.
    They protect him, they serve him.
    I think I can see where this is going, Dean is not only a warrior of the lord he is the grand daddy of em all!

    I hope so anyway, it would be interesting.

    (Respect to all the fans)

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