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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Talk about an over bloated night of TV.  Seriously, a little out of control. There’s 2 hours of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, 2 hours of EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION, 3 hours of SURVIVOR, 2 hours of an SNL special.  Geez! Thankfully I’ll only be watching SNL so I’ve got a little time to play DVR catch up tonight.

There’s certainly a lot to choose from. What will YOU be watching?

Survivor: Tocantins | 8pm on CBS | Season Finale
“I Trust You but I Trust Me More”
; “Tocantins Reunion”
8-10pm: A carefully constructed lie plants a seed of doubt that leaves the final two castaways turning on each other in the tribal council. 10-11pm: The castaways reunite to talk about their experiences.

Desperate Housewives | 9pm on ABC | Season Finale
Everybody Says Don’t; If It’s Only in Your Head
Gaby meets up with an old acquaintance who has lost everything; Lynette is upset about Tom’s latest bright idea; Orson threatens to blackmail Bree; Gaby’s niece moves to Wisteria Lane; Susan and M.J. are in grave danger.

Saturday Night Live Just Shorts | 9pm on NBC
An SNL Special
Host Andy Samberg serves up a pool of short films, faux commercials, animated pieces and digital shorts from the archives of “Saturday Night Live.”

The Tudors | 9pm on Showtime
he King’s oppressive measures against the Catholic Church stir grumblings of war with France and Spain; Cromwell prepares arrangements for Henry’s fourth marriage, this time to Anne of Cleves (Joss Stone), and Brandon heads to Calais to meet her, only to find that she is plain and unworldly.

In Plain Sight | 10pm on USA
Aguna Matatala
An Orthodox Jewish witness is followed by a mysterious man (Richard Schiff) who answers to a higher authority.

Also playing…

  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition| 8pm on ABC | Season Finale: In Part 1 of the two-part sixth-season finale, a single father of three who started a community reading program in Indianapolis has his crumbling, unsafe home rebuilt by Ty and his team. In the conclusion of the sixth-season finale, the Indiana Pacers stop by with a donation for the family, and the rebuilt home is revealed for the single dad and his three boys.
  • Breaking Bad | 10pm on AMC: Saul proposes a new business partner; Skyler makes a shocking discovery at work; Jesse tells Jane what he does.

What Sunday shows are YOU going to be watching?

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