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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, May 19, 2009

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We’ve got an interesting night ahead of us.  A mixture of the old and the new.  We say goodbye for the summer to some of our favorite shows like HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, GOSSIP GIRL, 24, ONE TREE HILL, and more. But we’ve also got the premiere of the new season of THE BACHELORETTE. I’m partial to the single lady looking for a man to put a ring on it, but I my days of The Bachelor/ette are behind me.  Are you all into it?

What show’s finale are you most looking forward to?

Greek | 8pm on ABC Family
“Divine Secrets of the ZBZ Sisterhood”
In an attempt to impress Cappie, Rusty tries to solve a mystery involving a secret society he stumbles across on campus. Meanwhile, some of Frannie’s defectors ask to return to the ZBZ house, and Rebecca seeks dating advice from Calvin as she prepares to go out with Robin. [GMMR: So, so glad tonight is NOT the GREEK season finale. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.  Watch GREEK people!!]

Gossip Girl | 8pm on The CW | Season Finale
The Goodbye to Gossip Girl”
Gossip Girl shakes things up by sending out a damaging e-mail blast during the commencement ceremony; Rufus and Lily try to repair their relationship.[GMMR: I just finished watching tonight’s season finale and it’s good.  Some surprises you might not see coming, but it’s also very touching.  Are our Upper Eastsiders actually growing up?  Perhaps…perhaps not.]

The Bachelorette | 9pm on ABC | Season Premiere
Jillian Harris, a 29-year-old restaurant interior designer from Vancouver, British Columbia, tries to find the love of her life after a narrow miss on “The Bachelor”; 10 of her 30 suitors are sent home.

How I Met Your Mother | 8:30pm on CBS | Season Finale
“The Leap”
Ted wonders if he should explore other career options; Marshall tries to lure Ted to the roof for a surprise birthday party. [GMMR:Excellent and “revealing” season finale.  You can’t miss this one.]

24 | 9pm on Fox | 2-hr Season Finale
6:00AM – 8:00AM”
As Season 7 comes to an end, Jack reaches an emotional breaking point. [GMMR: I can only imagine how happy Jack Bauer will be come 8:00am.  This man must need a nap.]

One Tree Hill | 9pm on The CW | Season Finale
“Remember Me as a Time of Day
Nathan must face Haley and Jamie after being released from the Chiefs; Peyton and Lucas receive an unexpected visit from Karen (Moira Kelly). [GMMR: Tonight marks the final episodes for Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton. The two won’t be returning to the show in the Fall.]

Also playing…

  • Dancing with the Stars 8pm on ABC: Celebrities compete with their professional dance partners.
  • Two and a Half Men | 9pm on CBS: When Charlie finds out that Mia is back in town, he begins to question his relationship with Chelsea; Judith is rushed to the hospital.
  • Rules of Engagement | 9:30pm on CBS: After Jennifer hosts a party, Jeff wonders if he and Audrey are lacking adventure in their personal life.
  • CSI: Miami | 10pm on CBS: Horatio tries to save Yelina; despite Calleigh’s protests, Delko gets involved with his dangerous father.

Share YOUR Monday night TV lineup in the comments below. What are you most excited to see tonight?


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  1. Nicole on May 18th, 2009 3:33 pm

    Hey there! I’m just chiming in to say that I watched my first episode of Greek (the pilot) on Friday and I’ve now seen the first eight episodes of season one. I’m LOVING it! It’s so fun and adorable and surprisingly risque for a show on ABC Family. I assumed it would be a very watered-down and sanitized version of college life but it’s pretty honest about drinking, drugs and sex which is refreshing. The actor who plays Evan reminds me a lot of Jason Dohring which is never a bad thing, Rusty is adorkable and Cappie is made of win. I watched due to your enthusiastic support Kath, so thanks!

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