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Jon & Kate…Done & Done

June 22, 2009 by  

And that was that.  After ten years of marriage, Jon and Kate Gosselin have opted for a divorce.  And staying true to the famewhores that they both are, they waited until the afternoon of their big show to actually file the papers. Classy.

If you were one of the millions who watched tonight, then you probably felt at least a little sad.  Not necessarily for Jon or Kate, but for their 8 kids who have to see this play out in such a way.  Maybe the little ones can be spared for some time, but for the twins – Cara and Mady – there’s no escaping this.  All I could think about was how these two little girls had to go to school tomorrow knowing that their friends had most likely watched tonight’s episode.  How tragic.  Here’s to hoping that in addition to ponying up the money for the crooked houses TLC also ponied up for some therapy for these children.

Kate claimed that the show didn’t cause the divorce.  She thinks that they would have ended up here regardless.  That’s probably true, but they’ll never know.

The season four finale ended just as the tabloid nonsense was heating up.  Jon was clearly over the show.  He wanted it to end.  Kate did not.  He hated the attention.  She loved it.  It was right there and then you knew they were never going to last.  There was no discussion.  There was no compromise.  The same as the pattern we’ve seen since the sextuplets were babies.

The good news is that despite their parents separation, the kids won’t be shuffled around between their homes.  They will remain in the house and stay with whatever parent has them for that period of time. Well until at least Kate gets remarried, which you know is right around the corner. Ha!

As for Jon and Kate, they will try to remain civil for the sake of the children.  I don’t doubt for one minute that either of them love the kids. But the kids are already being used as pawns. Listen closely, neither Jon nor Kate ever say “our” kids.  It’s always “my” kids.  “I just want the best for my kids.” “In my life, my kids always come first.”  Using the kids to get sympathy from the viewers…come on. It’s turned into a battle of who loves the kids more. But don’t think the kids are the only pawns here.  Nope, both Jon and Kate are using the TLC cameras as a way to win over the audience.  And for better or worse, one of the two is working a little harder than the other.  Not that I’ll say who…

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again.  If these parents cared so much for their kids, wouldn’t they just end the show right here and right now? While all this turmoil is going on, wouldn’t it be best for the parents to just keep these kids out of the spotlight as much as possible? Take away the show and with it go the paparazzi and all the outside craziness. And don’t talk to me about TLC contracts. I refuse to believe that there isn’t a lawyer out there that could represent the kids interest and get them off the show.

At the end of the day, I’m over both of these fools.

From broken homes to crooked houses..

On a much lighter note, tonight TLC bought the kids these adorable crooked houses.  Well, I’m sure TLC didn’t pay for them as much as “promotional consideration” did – but it’s all the same.  Talk about a fun new toy.  In total, the Gosselin’s got four new crooked houses.  One for each of the twins, and then one for the little girls and one for the little boys.  Each one was customized and decorated to the kids liking.  Despite being a bit blah inside, they were just adorable.  Of course like anything else with kids, I’m sure the excitement wore off after about two days.  So let’s hope TLC paid and the money didn’t come from their college funds because those crooked houses go for a couple of grand a piece. (For that much money they could have done a little something with the insides of the houses, no?)

But the kids really seemed to like them.  And a good thing, because as James Poniewozik tweeted, the kids became ‘walking billboards” for the company – they were put in t-shirts bearing the company’s logo. (Excuse me while I shake my head in disgust at Jon, Kate and TLC). With all that gratuitous promotion, you would have at least thought that the company making the houses would have done all that they could to make sure their site didn’t crash during the show.  Which it did.  Talk about a major fail.  (And if you are looking for the company, use this new site called Google.  I was planning on showing the link until the tees went on the kids.)

Whether you can’t get enough of this family or can’t get over them fast enough, most of us are intrigued.  We are nosy, voyeuristic people by nature.  We live in a reality show culture, and while you may choose to not watch the Gosselin’s, most likely you are finding some kind of enjoyment from peeking behind the curtain into someone’s life. Maybe you’re not caught up with the doings of Jon and Kate, but somewhere, whether it be on TV or in real life, someone’s drama is a strange source of your entertainment.  So don’t be so quick to throw those stones.

I don’t know if I’ll be writing about Jon and Kate Plus 8 anymore.  I know I was never compelled to before the soon to be ex-Mr. & Mrs. Gosselin became tabloid fodder.  But it’s out there.  People are talking about. So I’m just jumping in with my two cents.

If I had my way, the Gosselin’s would fade away into oblivion, never to be heard from until something positive and worthwhile happens in the lives of these 8 kids.  (Ok, that’s not totally true…I would miss my little Aaden too much. He’s just too cute for words).


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  2. Carolyn G on June 22nd, 2009 11:28 pm

    Yep & Yep, I totally agree. Well written

  3. PamelaJaye on June 23rd, 2009 12:20 am

    actually I think Jon said OUR kids a lot. I think Kate said it once.

    when are they next rerunning that Hawaii episode? What a crock.

    If it were up to me I wouldn’t let those kids near Kate. She reminds me of my father. Always yelling at someone.

    But at least the kids get to stay in their house. And I too, hope TLC pays for the therapy.
    In the meantime, I hope they stick together and support each other. It’s just sad that they have to.

  4. lauren85 on June 23rd, 2009 1:03 am

    these people disgust me – there can be as many kooky reality shows about adults messing up their lives as you want, but those children are being taken advantage of by their parents and someone should put an end to it. just wrong.

  5. MB on June 23rd, 2009 8:54 am

    The only way that they will fade into oblivion is if we stop watching their show. The higher the ratings, the longer this nonsense will be on the air and the longer those poor children will be subjected to the spotlight.

  6. Lisa (aka lmr) on June 23rd, 2009 9:01 am

    In what way is this show any different than what happened to the famous Dionne quintuplets (oh yeah, more people gawk at the J&K kids):

    “Approximately 6,000 people per day visited the observation gallery that surrounded an outdoor playground to view the Dionne sisters. Ample parking was provided and close to three million people walked through the gallery between 1936 and 1943. Oliva Dionne ran a souvenir shop and a concession store opposite the nursery and the area acquired the moniker of “Quintland”. The souvenirs invariably pictured the five sisters. There were spoons, cups, plates, plaques, candy bars, books, postcards, dolls, and much more at this shop. Oliva Dionne also sold stones from the Dionne farm for $0.50 that were supposed to have some magical power of fertility. They sold autographs and framed photographs. Midwives, Madam LeGros and Madame LeBelle opened up their own souvenir and dining stand”

  7. BIG MAC on June 23rd, 2009 9:36 am

    jon and kate are totally delusional if they think this is going to work with she gets the house this week and he gets the house the next week. its crazy! Jon does not realize how much he just gave up by getting this divorce.those two are very foolish!!!

  8. Emily on June 23rd, 2009 9:59 am

    Well written! I too hope that they just turn the cameras off and fade into post reality tv oblivion. Those poor kids!

  9. cam3150 on June 23rd, 2009 11:09 am

    I agree, they really should take a break from the show and maybe try to work on the situation.

    I can speak with a little more knowledge than some because I’ve watched this show from the very first 1 hour special. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode. While both Jon and Kate have changed, with Kate the changes are more in the physical sense. She is much more attractive now, obviously much more concerned with her appearance. And yes, it’s clear she enjoys the “fame” aspect of her life. But her attitude has generally remained the same. She has always b!tched at Jon, from the very first episode. She’s always been that way and I’m sure he knew that going in. Has it gotten worse with the stress of having 8 kids? I’m sure it has. Does he deserve most of the crap she gives him? Absolutely not. But that attitude seems to be part of her makeup. It doesn’t make it right, but she hasn’t changed in that regard much at all. They mentioned the pumpkin patch episode last night as one of the first that ever aired. That episode was one of Kate’s worst as far as how much she screamed at Jon and berated him for not doing things her way. So, she’s always been that way and Jon can’t be too surprised by it.

    With Jon, the changes are much more internal. He really is a completely different person than he was when the show first started. Even during most of last season, it was obvious that he had mentally checked out. Even when he’s around the kids, he’s just not “there” like he use to be. He really used to be easy going and full of life. Lately he’s just seemed resigned and nearly depressed. He’s been going through the motions, even with the kids. He’s even expressed a desire to just get away from his life.

    We may never know if he cheated on her but it is not okay for a married man (not to mention one with 8 kids) to be anywhere alone with another woman, especially at a bar at 2am. It’s not okay for a married man to be coming out of another woman’s house at 7 in the morning. It’s not okay for a married man to have a woman sunbathing in his yard while his wife is away. Whatever happened, Jon has made some very poor choices.

    Are they both to blame? Sure. I have no doubt that Kate wore Jon down with her attitude, an attitude that she has admitted was wrong. But I have no respect for Jon any more. He has 8 children and yet he’s willing to walk away for the sake of finding himself or whatever. Any marriage is work. You don’t just throw in the towel because things get difficult. At least from the way it appears, he is the one doing the leaving. Kate mentioned that he wouldn’t even talk to her about their issues. Granted, he probably feels like he couldn’t get a word in but he came across as totally unwilling to try. Could be a poor edit, but that’s how it comes across.

    I have a feeling one day, probably not too far away, he will regret all of this. He will realize what he’s losing, what he’s willingly giving up, and he’ll wish he’d done things differently.

    Kate has her faults but most of the child rearing will now be her responsibility. I can’t imagine having to all of that alone (well, I’m sure she has help). But Jon, especially if the rumors are true and he’s moving to Manhattan, will not be around as much as he says he will. He comes across as a selfish guy who is more concerned with is own welfare than anyone else’s. In a few years, once all this has died down and the show is no longer on the air and they’ve gotten into a routine, he’ll find more and more reasons for why he can’t visit like he’s supposed to. I wish Kate all the best. No matter what you think of her, she didn’t deserve this.

  10. Mere on June 23rd, 2009 1:44 pm

    I agree 100% with cam3150. And my two cents about John mentally checking out is that he feels worthless to the family. Just the transition of having a 9 to 5 job, to then working at home, to not even being employed is huge. It is obvious that John did not want another season, he said so, but the show brings in the money for the family. Maybe his ego is bruised since his kids are providing money for the family instead of it being John’s job to be the bread maker.

  11. JennyL on June 23rd, 2009 3:14 pm

    I disagree. I feel very badly for the kids…AND Kate and Jon. I think a lot of people are being too hard on them…I thought last night was very heartfelt – both of them showed emotion, but constraint. People think Kate is cold, but I felt for her last night, not DBJon. I agree she’s bossy and bitchy, but I’m sure she’s always been that way, he married her and fell in love with her…you can’t blame her if he changed and didn’t want to put up with it anymore. I think he’s being a douchebag!

    I cringed when he said he is excited for the next chapter. Very sad. But honestly, what’s the stat, 50% of marriages end in divorce? Why does everyone think it will be so much harder on these kids…b/c there are 8 of them?! They’re lucky – they get to see footage of them having fun with their parents when they were in love. Sad all around, but not just for the kids.

  12. beverly on June 23rd, 2009 5:32 pm

    yes i do think kate was controling but i don’t think that gave jon the right to go out with other women and if they were just friends then why did he have to meat them in bars and others places at 2 am he should have been at home with his wife and 8 kidss at that time and he should have never had another woman in the house expect for maybe a family member while kate was not there that is just plan disrescept and i had also seen some eposiods where jon was nasyt to her as well

  13. Toast with JAM on June 23rd, 2009 6:19 pm

    It seems to me that Jon said “It’s me or the show” and Kate picked the show.

    At least school is out so the world can adjust before the kids have to go back and face that situation.

  14. Toast with JAM on June 23rd, 2009 6:45 pm

    They were separated at the time, so Jon has no need to explain himself being with anybody. He was being forced by Kate to pretend that they were still together when that photo surfaced. Before that photograph, the entire season of J&K+8 had already been filmed (with NO mention of marital problems).

    I’d be willing to bet that if Jon is moving to NY it is for an employment opportunity. He’s probably being offered work left and right.

    I can totally understand that Jon is excited for the next chapter of his life because he can finally be himself and spend time with his kids on his own terms (not some over the top production set up by TLC).

    I haven’t watched, but I can’t avoid the headlines—they’re everywhere! I’m sure they will die down now that they are divorcing. It’s like America wanted them to stop filming and work on their marriage. So, they instead decide to divorce and, after a brief period off, I’m sure TLC will come back bigger and “better” than ever with a “new” show Minus Jon (maybe put some “kid-friendly” twist on it to seem like an all new program that’s not psychologically damaging to the little sweeties). Because, as she said it herself, “I WILL not stop.”. Kate says keep them cameras rollin’, so on they will roll. Unless the RATINGS are so bad that TLC has to drop the show. Sigh. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Too bad they didn’t take a lesson from the McCoy’s and just show the world a photo every year of how they’ve grown.

  15. JoAnn Lawson on June 25th, 2009 3:42 pm

    sheesh what next?!?! THOSE POOR KIDS!!!!!

    What the hell is wrong with people these days?? Why go to the expense and trouble of a marriage when you don’t mean a word you say in your vows??Just shack up and be done with it. Then when one walks out say la vie. But dont’ bring children into the world when all you want to do is play house!! Family life is not a game and you have now caused heartache and grief to all those kids who did nothing!!!
    What happened for better or worse?? Were your vows just a joke too you??

    I really think people think marriage is a game that they can opt out anytime they feel like not playing anymore. Once you have kids involved it’s not about you anymore!! Get over yourselves Jon & Kate!! Maybe if you thought about your kids for once in your life, things would of turned out differently!!

    I hope you both have miserable lives from here on in and hope and pray that God protects those poor innocent souls and the sooner they grow up and can get away from you two selfish self absorbed adults(and I use that lightly in your case) the better off they will be!!
    This just makes me want to hug my kids more and be thankful that I was lucky to find a man that took the vows and meant what he said.
    We lost a child and have been through more than you have and we are still together after 27 years. I guess it just proves it was a game to you both!!!