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2009 Emmy Award Nominations

July 16, 2009 by  

At 8:35am this morning, Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) will take the stage to announce this year’s Emmy Award nominees in some of the top categories.

The Emmys have a way of honoring the old school shows with big ratings and completely ignoring quality programming which might have a harder time attracting viewers. I’m not expecting nominations for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS or BATTLESTAR GALACTICA in any of the main categories, but wouldn’t it be just fantastic?

The only nomination I’m particularly concerned with this year is Lead Actor in a Comedy. If Jim Parson’s name is not read I will be truly upset. I’d like to see THE BIG BANG THEORY nominated as Best Comedy too. Would it stand a chance next to 30 ROCK? I don’t know, but I hope so.

Here’s to hoping Jeremy Piven’s sushi swilling ways will keep him from taking home the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, an honor that should rightfully be going to this year’s Emmy host, Neil Patrick Harris.

I will be live blogging to nominations as they are announced. The announcement will also be shown on www.Emmys.com. Not all the categories are announced during the live broadcast, so keep checking back to see who of your favorites are nominated in the supporting acting categories.

And here they are…


  • Big Love
  • Breaking Bad
  • Damages
  • House
  • Lost
  • Mad Men


  • Entourage
  • Family Guy
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Office
  • 30 Rock
  • Weeds


  • Julia Louise Dreyfuss (The New Adventures of Old Christine)
  • Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?)
  • Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Show)
  • Tina Fey (30 Rock)
  • Toni Collette (The United States of Tara)
  • Mary Louise Parker (Weeds)


  • Jermain Clement (Flight of the Conchords)
  • Tony Shaloub (Monk)
  • Steve Carell (The Office)
  • Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)
  • Charlie Sheen (Two & a Half Men)
  • Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) – YES!!


  • Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters)
  • Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)
  • Glenn Close (Damages)
  • Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU)
  • Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men)
  • Holly Hunter (Saving Grace)


  • Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
  • Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
  • Hugh Laurie (House)
  • Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment)
  • Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
  • Simon Baker (The Mentalist)

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Tracey Morgan (30 Rock)
  • Jack McBrayer (30 Rock)
  • Kevin Dillon (Entourage)
  • Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
  • Rainn Wilson (The Office)
  • Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men)

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Jane Krakowski (30 Rock)
  • Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) YES!
  • Amy Poehler (SNL)
  • Kristin Wiig (SNL)
  • Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty)
  • Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds)

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

  • William Shatner (Boston Legal)
  • Christian Clemenson (Boston Legal)
  • Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
  • William Hurt (Damages)
  • Michael Emerson (Lost)
  • John Slattery (Mad Men)

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

  • Cherry Jones (24)
  • Rose Byrne (Damages)
  • Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Dianne Weist (In Treatment)
  • Hope Davis (In Treatment)

Outstanding Reality Competition

  • The Amazing Race
  • American Idol
  • Project Runway
  • Top Chef

Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy

  • The Colbert Report
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • The Late Show with David Letterman
  • Real Time with Bill Maher
  • Saturday Night Live

(Full list coming soon)

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17 Responses to “2009 Emmy Award Nominations”

  1. 2009 Emmy Award Nominations | Joe Hosting on July 16th, 2009 9:00 am

    […] the whole story on Give Me My Remote Leave a comment Related Posts and VideosChandra Wilson, Jim Parsons to […]

  2. Alyssa on July 16th, 2009 9:07 am

    Piven wasn’t nominated! It’s the year of NPH!!!

  3. c on July 16th, 2009 9:10 am

    This probably wouldn’t be the year for it, but it makes me sad that JKras has never been nominated. He has so many amazing moments that would have been perfect for a submission reel.

  4. Give Me My Remote on July 16th, 2009 9:16 am

    NPH for the win!!

    And as much as I would LOVE to see Steve Carell win, I think it’s awesome having Jim Parsons nominated.

    And how about Cheno for PUSHING DAISIES!

  5. Adele on July 16th, 2009 9:37 am

    Where is John Freaking Noble? Seriously?

  6. Alyson on July 16th, 2009 9:42 am

    Super excited that no Jeremy Piven nomination means we could see NPH take the award!

    SOOO excited for Jim Parsons….it would make my night if he won!

    Bummer…still no BSG or FNL love for the acting categories.

  7. Caitlin on July 16th, 2009 9:52 am

    No True Blood?! (Or rather, very little True Blood.)

    And WTF to both William Hurt and Rose Byrne getting nominations but no Tate Donovan? Hurt was absolutely awful, and Byrne well… she at least tries.

  8. Jen on July 16th, 2009 9:55 am

    I’m starting my NPH chant now.

    I’m bummed about the lack of Chuck and BSG love. Also, really wish that Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell got some recognition for their excellent work this year on Lost.

  9. Kimber on July 16th, 2009 10:19 am

    YAY CHENO!! Let’s hope she snags the award this year, as she definitely deserves it! And perhaps it will make ABC realize the huge mistake they made in canceling the best show on television!

  10. mg714 on July 16th, 2009 11:29 am

    So, so happy for NPH – hope he takes it this year! I’m happy Lost got nominated but other than Michael Emerson, no other acting nods? I agree Elizabeth Mitchell totally deserved a nomination! I’m always glad that The Office gets nominated and I’d love for Steve to finally get the award, though I don’t know if it will ever happen if it hasn’t already.

    I’m glad to see lots of new nominees, but why do Two and a Half Men and Boston Legal keep getting nominated? Anyway, it should be a great show with NPH hosting!

  11. mg714 on July 16th, 2009 11:35 am

    Sorry for the second post – just had to add that I also am sad that FNL gets no love from the Emmys and that Amy Ryan was not nominated for Guest Actress! But I also I’m so excited that HIMYM was finally nominated this year – it was really a good season overall, I thought.

  12. c on July 16th, 2009 11:35 am

    I bet NPH will take it! I think his hosting gigs have kinda cleared the way by giving him enough media exposure to be at the forefront of people’s minds. And he deserves it…you could watch HIMYM on mute and still feel the full range of Barney’s emotions.

    I understand FNL is ignored by Emmy voters but it does kinda make me sick to think about how Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton’s work is never recognized! Sigh…

  13. LLink on July 16th, 2009 1:04 pm

    Same nominations year to year, some nice surprises like Jim Parsons. Where are the FNL nominations? Best drama and acting for Kyle and Connie!? Well at least NPH has a shot with Piven out.

  14. Nicole on July 16th, 2009 1:24 pm

    Yay NPH, Jim Parsons, Flight of the Conchords (and Jemaine Clement!), Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Cheno and no Piv!!!

    Boo to no FNL!! This is getting almost comical. So are the ever present noms for Two and a Half Men. Seriously – I feel like I’m missing the punchline of a joke or something.

  15. jeltie on July 16th, 2009 6:15 pm

    All I have to say is a big WTF to these people who apparently managed to COMPLETELY OVERLOOK Jenna Fischer this year. Really? She is an outstanding lead actress/supporting female actress every episode. This was her best year yet as Pam, she did OUTSTANDING! Episode after Episode, especially the last 1/2 of the season.

    Such crap! What do you think about this?????? I was so disappointed to see she was robbed. I think she truly earned it and is a very under appreciated and very talented actress.

  16. Lizzydee on July 16th, 2009 6:55 pm

    First thing that came to my mind was WTF no Jenna???? She was so good this year. I feel really bad for her… and another WTF for the acting on LOST. really? REALLY? everyone was SO good episode after episode all season long, Its really a shame that Josh didn’t get some love. I feel like he really stepped up his game this past season. But maybe they are going to do the whole “we will award everyone next year for the last season” so Im feeling next year will be the LOST love party.

  17. Jen (HIMYM) on July 17th, 2009 6:13 pm

    My highlights:

    How I Met Your Mother
    YAY!! Finally!

    Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) – YES!!
    YAY!! Soooo deserves this nomination!

    Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
    Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
    Sweet mother of The Barnacle!! It truly is the year of NPH. He’s hosting AND winning this year, dammit!
    No PIVEN!!!

    Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
    Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) YES!
    Awww, deserving.

    My lowlights:

    Over FNL, BSG…???

    Really, while I haven’t seen this season, I haven’t heard anything good. And Kevin Connolly seemed a little smug about it on one of the morning programs. I totally wanted Ausiello to say something backhanded at him.

    Julia Louise Dreyfuss (The New Adventures of Old Christine)
    I don’t watch this show and don’t wish to. I hope for Christina, Tina or Mary Louisa Parker to win.

    Tony Shaloub (Monk)
    Ugh, seriously, again? And I’m sure he’ll be voted in again because this upcoming season is the finale season.

    Hugh Laurie (House)
    Over Kyle Chandler? Seriously??

    No Connie Britton?

    Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
    William Shatner (Boston Legal)
    Christian Clemenson (Boston Legal)
    Sick of Boston Legal winning awards.