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Who Went Home on BIG BROTHER?

July 24, 2009 by  

Find out which houseguest was evicted tonight on BIG BROTHER. Click here: Who Went Home on BIG BROTHER?



Whatevs. The CBS version of BIG BROTHER really blows. You are missing out on so much by not watching the live feeds or BIG BROTHER After Dark.

Let’s cut to the chase.  By now you probably know that Laura was evicted last night and Jordan was saved.  Did you care? Me neither.  There was no way Jordan or Laura had a shot at winning.  The pros of evicting Laura? She was a smarter and more strategic player than Jordan. She could win competitions. With her boobs out of the house, the houseguests all have a little more living space.  The cons? Jeff is going to stand by his woman for as long as he can. He’s smart enough not to let her take him down, but he’s a nice guy and he won’t screw her over if he can avoid it.  Jeff and Jordan are a strong pair and last night could have been an opportunity to break them up.

What you didn’t see…

What’s up with CBS not showing what was really going on with Jessie/Ronnie/Russell.  Did you all know that soon after the whole Ronnie-gate scandal went down that Jessie went up to the HOH room to tell Ronnie they were still working together?  Did you know that Russell also snuck up to the HOH and told Ronnie they were on the same side?  Russell went as far as telling Ronnie that he was going to keep tormenting him publicly so just no one would know what was up! I don’t know about you, but to me that’s much more interesting than some of the nonsense we saw last night.

The HOH Competition…

Last night’s battle for HOH involved a skeeball type game.  It was more a game of chance and less of ability.  But the houseguests did have some time to practice with the contraption during the week so maybe that played a role in who won.  And who did win? Jessie.  Seriously, do any of the other HG’s stand a chance against The Athletes?  Jeff, my favorite HG, better thank his lucky stars that he’s in that group.  If not, I think he might be a huge target for Jessalie (my new name for Jessie & Natalie – since they are essentially the same in this house).

BIG BROTHER After Dark on-screen recaps keep saying that Jessie won his second HOH competition. Let’s remember that his first week of HOH was handed to him. He didn’t win anything. I don’t hate Jessie. In every way he’s one of the strongest players in the game.  But I can’t stand Natalie or Lydia and they both think he’s a God (each in their own way) and in turn it’s affecting my view of Jessie.

Anyway, the Athletes are in power which means that Nat, Russell and Jeff are safe this week – both from eviction and from being a Have Not.

Big Brother Musings…(minor spoilers)

Casey needs to shut his trap.  All the guys does is talk, talk, talk.  And he says the same thing over and over again. He keeps saying that he doesn’t want to come off at the Captain of the house, but all he does is tell everyone what they should do.  And he doesn’t let up.  But at the same time, he’s telling Jordan and Jeff how they should play the game.  Telling them to lay low and keep quiet…just like he is doing.  What?!  I think he has a huge target on his back.  Well deserved.

Jeff is convinced that Jessie will keep the plan to oust Ronnie this week. He doesn’t think that Jessie would keep him around and risk the rest of the house hating on him when they all agreed Ronnie would go.  But what Jeff doesn’t know is that Jessie is already getting the votes he needs to keep Ronnie in.  He’s got Natalie, he’s got Russell (as far as I can tell – Russ said he was keeping Ronnie but I don’t trust him at all), I think with a few flirty smiles Jessie could easily get Lydia’s vote.  With those votes in his pocket and The Athlete’s domination in the game, I think Kevin, Chima and Michelle could be convinced to keep Ronnie around (especially Chima and Michelle who benefit the most from Ronnie staying in the house).

Not that I need another reason to love Jeff, but with regards to Ronnie, he wants to be careful and not torment him too much.  He still wants to treat Ronnie like a human being, so he thinks it’s better that they just not speak at all.  Jeff’s maturity is going to bite him in the ass.

Thoughts about last night’s eviction?  Who should Jessie put up on the block? Did you all know about the quiet conversations happening with Russ, Jessie and Ronnie?


2 Responses to “Who Went Home on BIG BROTHER?”

  1. Who Went Home on BIG BROTHER? | Joe Hosting on July 24th, 2009 1:48 pm

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  2. strunkette on July 24th, 2009 2:51 pm

    See, Kath, this is why we need you! I had no idea.

    It makes me sad to think they’ll keep him around. It always seems to happen that way. They keep the idiots for numbers and it ends up biting them in the ass in the end (though I’m not complaining about that.) Are they still going to put him on the block at least? If this house ends up being all Jock Squad I’m not going to watch…and that’s saying a lot. I watched the “Friends” til the bitter end…then again Janie was in the house…ugh!

    In my perfect world Jessie would put up Ronnie and Natalie, but that can’t/won’t ever happen. He should put up Ronnie and Chima but he won’t. The Athlete’s would be smart to take all the other alliances down and not get rid of Jordan. She no longer has a team. By reducing the numbers in each clique less people would be safe when/if the athletes lose HOH. The House was stupid to not get rid of an athlete when they had a chance. 4 is a huge number to be safe when they are in power.

    My guess is he’ll put up Ronnie and Jordan or Casey. With Ronnie being a pawn.