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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, July 27, 2009

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It’s a Monday. All together now, “Ugh!”. At least we’ve got a lethera of TV to look forward to tonight.

Let’s get to it.

You definitely have plenty to choose from. What does YOUR TV lineup look like tonight? Let me know by leaving a comment below or sent me a tweet at

The Secret Life of the American Teenager | 8pm on ABC Family
“The Summer of our Discontent”
Amy is jealous when she realizes Ben is going on a summer trip, while she has to continue working and going to school.

Make it or Break It | 9pm on ABC Family
“Between a Rock and a Hard Place”
Sasha readies his girls for Nationals by planning an invitational with the Denver team; Carter reconsiders his relationship with Kaylie.

The Closer | 9pm on TNT
“Elysian Fields”
The squad investigates the murder of a man who was the lead suspect in the murder of two girls; the lead detective for the old case comes out of retirement to help the squad.

Raising the Bar | 10pm on TNT
“Trust Me”
Bobbi advocates for a confidential informant who fears his powerful codefendant could have him killed. Jerry tries to assist Bobbi in the case, but his meddling backfires. Elsewhere, Richard tries to help a client by using his own family name as leverage in negotiations.

My Life on the D List | 10pm on Bravo
“Norma Gay”
Kathy attends a protest in Sacramento, Calif., and canvasses Los Angeles neighborhoods to drum up support for gay rights; singer Melissa Etheridge gives Kathy a new nickname.

Weeds | 10pm on Showtime
“A Distinctive Horn”
The appearance of the other woman (Kate del Castillo) complicates the relationship between Esteban and Nancy. Nancy seeks Andy’s help, but he is distracted by his new romance with Dr. Kitson. Meanwhile, Dean steps in to help Doug and Silas get the dispensary back up and running, but Celia has other plans.

Nurse Jackie | 10:30pm on Showtime
Jackie discovers a new temp nurse is abusing drugs; Mrs. Akalitus continues to care for the foundling; Coop tells Eddie that Jackie has a child.

Also playing…

  • The Bachelorette | 8pm on ABC: Jillian invites the final two bachelors to meet her family in Hawaii; an unexpected confession changes everything; Jillian makes her final decision.
  • Great American Road Trip | 8pm on NBC: The five remaining families participate in a pie-eating contest; the families go on a hot-air balloon ride in Albuquerque, N.M.
  • The Wanted | 9pm on NBC: The hunt for Mamoun Darkazanli, known as Osama bin Laden’s financier, leads counterterrorism experts to Germany.
  • Dating in the Dark | 10pm on ABC:Participants are given the opportunity to go through the luggage of the opposite sex and spend time one-on-on in the darkroom.

On the late night couch…
Most of the late night shows are on vacation this week, but here’s the lineup in case you missed some of these guests.

  • The Late Show with David Letterman: Eric Bana, Dave Matthews Band, a Top Ten List presented by Chicago White Sox star Mark Buehrle
  • The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien: Meryl Streep, Judd Apatow, the Fray
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: Chelsea Handler, Richard Wolffe, Gavin DeGraw
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Holly Hunter, Mark Seliger, Spinal Tap
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live:  Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Sean Patrick McGraw (R 6/14/09)
  • Chelsea Lately: The Mighty Boosh, John Caparulo, Whitney Cummings, Billy Gardell
  • Last Call with Carson Daly: Cameron Richardson, Eric Price, Adele (R 4/14/09)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Bill Kristol
  • The Colbert Report:  Movits!

Talk to me people…what will YOU be watching tonight? For the latest TV from GMMR, follow me on Twitter.


5 Responses to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Monday, July 27, 2009”

  1. Patty on July 27th, 2009 10:49 am

    I did not get a chance to watch Nurse Jackei this weekend so it looks like a Showtime night for me. And I guess I will have to watch Dave just for a clip of the Time Traveller’s Wife.

  2. Kristen on July 27th, 2009 11:47 am

    Eric Bana is probably on promoting Funny People. But he is a definite must-watch guest for me :]

  3. Patty on July 27th, 2009 11:55 am

    I want to see Funny People too. I didnt’ realize he was in that too. Busy guy!

  4. Sara on July 27th, 2009 11:55 am

    “The Late Show with David Letterman: a Top Ten List presented by Chicago White Sox star Mark Buehrle”

    Heck yes! 18th man to pitch a perfect game. 🙂

  5. Nicole on July 27th, 2009 3:57 pm

    I’m watching Weeds, which I am enjoying immensely, however I will say that I want the Mexican mafia to just GO AWAY at this point. I want it to get back to the core, with Nancy, Silas, Shane, Doug, Andy, Celia, Dean and Isabelle. I know it’s hard to go back to that given where Nancy is now, but it’s Weeds! They always come up with a nice tidy way to get Nancy out of a jam. It may not be realistic, but at least it moves the story along. Oh, and any time they want to bring Heylia and Conrad back, I’m all for it!