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BIG BROTHER Chaos…Let’s Discuss

August 19, 2009 by  

Let’s cut right to it.  This season’s BIG BROTHER has turned into an absolute shit show! Sorry about the lack of an earmuffs warning kids, but there’s just not a better way to describe it.

I haven’t watch every season of BIG BROTHER, but to me this seemed like one of the craziest episodes ever!

Saturday morning I posted all about Chima’s ousting, right after it happened. (Breaking: MAJOR BIG BROTHER Scandal from Inside the House) But tonight we got to see a little more as to how it played out.  A note to future BB houseguests, when Allison comes over the intercom, it ain’t a good thing.

Chima’s been claiming all week that it was her decision to leave.  From the editing tonight it certainly seemed like BIG BROTHER was the one with the foot up Chima’s ass, but since they control the editing how about we call it a draw.

I thought it was interesting to see the reaction of Chima’s “friends” post her departure.  Kevin was the most emotionally devastated.  Natalie started getting belligerent talking about wanting “vindiction” (really…vindiction?). And Lydia, of all people, was rational and level-headed about the whole thing. Clearly she had taken her meds that night.

But don’t get too excited, the sanity didn’t last for too long.

Fast forward to the HOH competition during which Lydia was taunting Jordan calling her a “ho”. Really? Lydia’s giving Jessie a firm handshake under the covers and she’s calling out poor Jordan? Hell, Jordan was devastated at the thought of her grandfather seeing her sleeping in the same bed with Jeff. Come on now.

Things went from bad to banoodles from there. Lydia got all kinds of slurry and freaked out on just about everyone in her path. Her biggest target was Michelle who actually stood there and smiled. It was kind of nice to see Michelle feel confident enough to just take it. She’s still a wild card and I’m not her biggest fan, but she’s been at times unnecessarily slaughtered in the house and it was nice to see her stand up for herself…or at least not stoop to Lydia’s behavior.

Like him or not, Jeff has been the rational voice in the house for some time now. What BIG BROTHER showed on the CBS show was just a glimpse of Jeff’s peace making efforts. Behind the scenes, he’s talked to Russell about keeping his behavior in-check. But he’s also had separate conversations with Kevin and Natalie about trying to keep radical outbursts to a minimum. The yelling that we heard from Jeff tonight was about as crazy as he’s been all season long. I can’t blame him. I’m surprised his tongue hasn’t fallen off for all he’s been biting it.

Chima’s departure meant a shortened HOH week for Michelle.  Jordan became the new HOH. And I’m sorry, but you don’t have a heart if you weren’t at least a little touched my Jordan’s letter.  It seems her family lost their house due to foreclosure and Jordan has been staying with various friends as she doesn’t have a home to call her own.  Really sad.  With that story, no one has a shot at the $500k if they are standing next to her in the finals.

As of tonight’s episode, Natalie and Lydia are on the block for eviction. Chima is hopefully getting some serious therapy. Jesse is in the jury house kissing his muscles. Ronnie is somewhere crying in his soup and harassing people online in an attempt to extend his 15 minutes. Braden is probably surfing. Casey is getting ready to share his unique take on the English language with the youth of America. Laura and her boobs are sitting at home and thanking the good Lord that she got evicted early!

So Chima is gone. Are you glad she’s no longer in the game or are you disappointed that she left the house? And what of her departure…did she leave as she claims or did BB boot her ass out? Chime in on the antics of any of the houseguests. There’s definitely a lot of topics to choose from.


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  1. BIG BROTHER Chaos…Let’s Discuss | Joe Hosting on August 19th, 2009 2:24 am

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  2. SB on August 19th, 2009 9:56 am

    Man, I LOVE this season. Jeff and Jordan are so priceless, and the craziness is a good amount–super dramatic but not really disturbing (by BB standards at least). I’ll be SO sad when it’s over.

  3. Randi on August 19th, 2009 10:29 am

    This season has certainly been amazing. I wish that the show last night had been a tad more dramatic. I had heard various reports about other things that Chima did that never made it on last night’s show. Of course, that could have all been rumors too. I know Lydia is trying to freak out so she gets a week of Jessie-love. She has no clue that he wants nothing to do with her other than what she provides under the covers at night. Silly woman. I really hope Jordan wins. She’s a sweet girl but I actually do hope that Russell picks up Kevin and grabs Michelle and overthrows Jeff & Jordan. It could make for better TV. 🙂

  4. Patty on August 19th, 2009 10:57 am

    I used to say I wanted to be on BB but I think I would be one of the but cases without my internet and TV. Staring at other house guests for 3 months? I don’t know how anyone does it!

    This is a crazy season and I don’t think we are seeing the half of it. I wonder how this weeks elimination will work since it was supposed to be a double? Does Chima count as one of the elims? How crazy would it be if Natalie and Lydia are both booted so all the real crazies are gone in one week?

    GMMR, please post an update Thursday night since I will be on the road and won’t be able to watch. I will be DYING!!!!

  5. KatInChatt on August 20th, 2009 7:45 pm

    Love it, hate it . . .
    I’m especially sad that Jeff & Jordo have gotten the “Paranoia Bug” going around the house. Since Gnat never lies, poor Kevin couldn’t see the light soon enough, and his demise may be eminant. He didn’t catch the bug, which in his case, is a bad thing. . .
    Russell and his Love Muscle say “just the right thing, at the right time” he has everyone scratching their heads ~ like, OK whatever! Michelle is in her own little world, cause she’s not there! Doesn’t matter, she won’t remember her stay anyway. Lydia, I just wish she would go away, I find her so irritating and a tad under whelming.

  6. PAM on August 20th, 2009 11:56 pm