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BIG BROTHER Spoilers from Inside the House

August 25, 2009 by  

Those of you who enjoy your BIG BROTHER fix solely from the CBS show that airs three days a week get just a small glimpse as to what goes on inside the house. Those of us who are fans of Showtime’s BIG BROTHER After Dark get a look as to what happens between 9 and midnight (BBT) every night. But those with the live feeds have 24/7 access to the houseguests. And it’s those lucky (relatively speaking) peeps that got a first hand look at the mayhem that ensued yesterday afternoon.

For some spoilers as to what’s been happening in the BIG BROTHER house this week, keep reading.

Ok, spoiler hounds, let’s cover the basics. As you know from watching the live show, Jeff finally won HOH. It’s about time. With the power to put two houseguests on the block for eviction, Jeff chose to put up Kevin and Natalie. But even before the nominations were announced, Jeff went to Kev and the Gnat and told them they were both pawns in a scheme to backdoor Russell. As long as Michelle or Russell didn’t win POV, they were both safe.

Fast forward to the POV game. All houseguests but one were allowed to play. The houseguest sitting on the sidelines? That would be Russell. Leaving Michelle the only wild card in the game. But being that luck has finally turned his way, Jeff was this week’s winner of the POV. Kevin, Natalie and a suspicious Russell were riding Jeff’s ass for the next few days. The guy couldn’t get a moment alone. The only quiet time he got was at night during which he split his time trying to get Jordan to makeout with him (it’s been a no go) and running through the pros and cons of each eviction scenario with her.

Yesterday was the POV ceremony. The live feeds took a long break, but when they returned a solemn looking Russell was sitting in the backyard. Jeff asked him if he had any questions or anything he’d like to discuss. And that’s when we knew what happened. Jeff played the big card and he nominated Russell for eviction. Within a minute or two the two guys blew up at each other, with nearly a moment going by where the “F” word wasn’t uttered. Russell threatened to “mop the floor” with Jeff the minute Jeff landed in the jury house. Jeff told Russell that if Russell came anywhere near him he was going to stab him in the neck. Ha! (I love how Jeff fights). The houseguests have alluded to it before, but it’s worth noting again…Jeff gets away with saying just about anything in the house. He’s talked about slitting people’s throats, poisoning people, smothering them while they sleep and even going after their families if they cross them (more on this comment in a bit). But the thing is, Jeff has always made these comments with an air of hyperbole. Up until yesterday these comments were never said in spite, but rather in a (somewhat) playful manner.

During the verbal throw down yesterday, Russell claims that it wasn’t that Jeff nominated him that got him so enraged, but rather that Jeff stood their, days before,  and threatened his family and Michelle’s family if either of them broke their final four pack. Now come on Russell….did you really think that if you pulled one over on Jeff in this game that he would seek out members of your family after the game and kill them? Come on, buddy. Keep your head about you, please. But time after time, that was the one comment that Russell kept going back to. Geesh.

A lot more was said, as they guys really got into it. Gnatalie, being the annoying twit that she is, ran up to the HOH room during this time to get Jordan. Blondie of course comes running down and gets herself right into the middle of it. The girl really doesn’t know when to shut up. Russell “politely” told her that she wasn’t involved in the discussion. But it took Jeff’s urging to get her to step aside.

The fight was ridiculous but expected. The two haven’t had any altercations since then (at least none that I’m aware of). They aren’t speaking, but not staying out of each other’s way either. Russell has been in the backyard a lot since he was put on the block, and Jeff has been right there with him, smoking away. Neither guy is backing down. Oh testosterone.

As for how the vote is going to go down? I think it will be Russell that goes home. He’s been making a go at Kevin telling him that if he votes Natalie out then the two of them can team up together with Michelle to get Jeff out of the game. At times it seems that Kevin is seriously considering it, and strategically he should. But I don’t think he has the cajones to get it done. I truly think it will be Russell walking out the door this week.

With Jeff being out of the run for HOH next week, it’s up to Michelle, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie to win. What Jeff doesn’t know is that Kevin and Natalie are both gunning for him. Despite deals that they’ve made, either would put up Jeff and Michelle for eviction next week. If Jordan were to win it seems that her target would be Kevin. Michelle? No clue what the hell that girl would do? Again – wild card.

If Kevin and Natalie were smart, they would team up with Michelle in an effort to oust Jeff. That would leave Jordan as the only player keeping him safe. But Kevin and Gnat hate Michelle and they should be weary about trusting her.

Bottom line…that house is an absolute sh#% show. How one lives under a roof with that much stress is beyond me. A bunch of crazies, I tell ya.

That being said, here’s to Jordan pulling off the big win! She is Jeff’s only hope!

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10 Responses to “BIG BROTHER Spoilers from Inside the House”

  1. Carli on August 25th, 2009 3:15 pm

    Jeff is an idiot. You don’t keep people around that will have the jury votes.

  2. BIG BROTHER Spoilers from Inside the House | Joe Hosting on August 25th, 2009 3:24 pm

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  3. Patty on August 25th, 2009 3:50 pm

    People talk alot of crap while still in the house but when it comes to the jury vote, I really think it goes to the person that played the game best. There is always that one person who plays personally but for the most part, it’s a game. I dont’ think anyone has made any real enemies (excpet Chima and she’s really gone) and I am sure Lydia and Jesse have more than made up by now.

    This has turned out to be a crazy season which is a nivce change form the past couple of years. Thanks for the update! Do Jordan!

  4. maxine on August 25th, 2009 5:13 pm

    I liked Jeff a lot but lately, I’ve been wondering if the guy is half interligent as I thought. Why on hell will he believe anything that kevin or natalie says.I know Russell has been shady a lot but it’s all part of the game. Jeff should have evicted either kevin or Natalie then Russell. Now Jeff has dug his own grave.He actually gave the dagger to his two enemies and they will definately deliver.Even Kevin laughs about how easy it was for Jeff to belive him. If Natalie is thinking about hooking up with Jeff,she better forget it cos he isn’t smart as we all thought he was. I want to see Jeff’s face when he is evicted and sees the clip of how he was played by kevin.

  5. maxine on August 25th, 2009 5:15 pm

    Sorry Jordan thinking about hooking up with jeff not natalie

  6. Katie on August 25th, 2009 7:26 pm

    Jeff will be gone next week unless Jordan wins the POV. Jeff made a stupid mistake by putting up Russell. I can’t believe he believed Nat and Kevin, he is a moron and so is Jordan. Neither of them deserve to win. Jordan has done absolutely nothing to win this game except ride Jeff”s coattails, this is not Miss Congeniality / Beauty Pageant if it was Jordan would have it wrapped up. Jeff took out an ally, a vote in the house for his side and a vote in the jury house. I will vomit all over myself of Jordan and Jeff are in the final 2. I don’t like Kevin or Nat and would much rather see Michelle win but I’d much rather see Kevin or Nat win then Jeff or Jordan. Jeff has no chance at winning this game, unless Jordan wins HOH next week or he gets the POV. Second dumbest player in BB history behind Marcellus who didn’t use the veto on himself when he was on the block.

  7. Katie on August 25th, 2009 7:28 pm

    People hold grudges in BB, the perfect example: Season 3 (I believe) when Lisa beat Michelle.

  8. Colin on August 26th, 2009 7:22 am

    You said that Russel had to sit out the power of Veto. That’s not true he played for the veto and lost.

    I can’t believe Jeff fell for Kevin and Natalie’s garbage. I guess it’s more believing Kevin than Natalie, as he has come across as honest and believable.

  9. GMMR on August 26th, 2009 7:30 am

    He played? Oops, my bad. I must be confusing it with another week. Maybe I’m thinking back to the week Lydia got evicted. They are all running in to one another.

    Jeff bought Kevin’s lie. Dumb. But, it was well played by Kev & Nat. And at the end of the day, it wasn’t really all that much of a stretch. Russell said he would keep the final 4 together, but we will never know if and how that would have changed if Russ had HOH.

  10. luke on August 26th, 2009 8:08 am

    I like Jeff and Jordan, but having the power for so long has gone to their heads. They keep going on and on about how Michelle and Russell betrayed them by them having a final 2 deal. It’s driving me crazy because obviously J and J have a final 2 deal (even though they keep denying it ), so why can’t Michelle and Russell have one? They’re both acting like Jesse and Nat when they had the power. It’s almost as if they both just expect everyone to just fall over and let the two of them win. I really hope either Jeff or Jordan goes home next week and I think it’s a definite possibility. I think the only way they’ll stay in the house is if Jordan or Michelle won HOH.