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About Last Night…GLEE – “Acafellas”

September 17, 2009 by  

There’s nothing like a boy band to get the ladies swooning. Frustrated with his lack of a creative outlet, and inspired by his father (played by the always fabulous Victor Garner), Will forms a boy band (ok really a man band) called “Acafellas”. His love of the his new musical group means less time for the Glee kids who are facing struggles of their own when they bring in a super-charged choreographer to help them.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is looking for love in all the wrong places – namely Kurt. (Oh sweetie, we’ve all been there. You should have known me in college)

Oh and Josh Groban shows up. He likes alcoholic floozies – oh you so crazy, Groban!

Having now seen the first four episodes, I’ve realized that GLEE is one of those shows that you just can’t watch once. You need at least two viewings to properly take in all the small moments that make the show special. Even the musical numbers can’t be fully appreciated after watching just once. I mean, those boys had some moves last night that need to be seen again.

Unfortunately, since hotels don’t yet have DVRs (and seriously, this kills me) I was only able to watch “Acafellas” through my computer on my SlingBox. While the SlingBox is a faboosh device, this is GLEE and it deserves some serious HD viewing on a big screen.

I can say that even after only one viewing I loved last night’s episode (“Kill Yourself!”). I was worried that there was a reason that Fox sent out last week’s “Showmance” and next week’s “Preggers” (which is GENIUS btw), but “Acafellas” was great.  And Puck…who knew? But damn.

I’m going to turn this one over to YOU! Let’s talk GLEE. Favorite quotes, moments, musical numbers. What are you loving about the show? Not loving so much?

GLEE fans – check out the latest TV Talk Podcast to hear about hanging with the GLEE cast at the Fox party here in L.A. on Monday.  We snagged some j’adorable pics with a few of the GLEEkers too!

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12 Responses to “About Last Night…GLEE – “Acafellas””

  1. Michele on September 17th, 2009 1:20 pm

    I spotted Lauren from SYTYCD in the front row of the Vocal Adrenaline dancers!

  2. Amrie on September 17th, 2009 1:21 pm

    See the Puck love? That’s what I was talking about on the phone last night 😉

  3. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect on September 17th, 2009 2:03 pm

    “Who is Josh Groban?”
    “‘Who is Josh Groban?’ Kill yourself!”

    Oh. My. Goodness. That cracked me UP! Too funny.

    Did you catch the line of the girls puking outside the rival school, when they went to hire the choreographer? “You can’t leave rehearsals for any reason, and that includes heat exhaustion and Crohn’s disease.”

    So good!!

  4. Jana on September 17th, 2009 2:17 pm

    I’m one who watched the pilot about 30 times this summer, talked the show up BIG to friends and family and cleared my calendar for last week.

    And HATED “Showmance”.

    It was with low expectations that I watched “Acafellas” last night. I felt like I was giving Glee one last chance before I gave it up. Luckily, I loved it. It will be on my re-watch list this week for sure.

    Which hopefully goes to show that even the best shows can have an off night (“Phyllis’ Wedding” is still too difficult for me to re-watch from “The Office” but it’s still my favorite show off all time).

    Can’t wait for next week (but I’ll be re-watching “Acafellas” in the meantime).

  5. Dawn on September 17th, 2009 4:13 pm

    I’m actually the opposite, I enjoyed Showmance but really disliked this episode.

    The good: Mercedes & Kurt. Jane Lynch & the Cheerios. “Mercy”. Will’s Parents.

    The bad: The Acafellas. Sparky Dakota. Unfortunately those were the two major plot points. I know it’s a comedy, but in the first episode it was established that Will has to pay money to be Glee’s teacher, yet the kids can raise thousands of dollars to hire Sparky? The school can’t afford janitors but had special lit props for the PTA Acafella performance? It’s staring to turn a little “Friends” with the school being “so poor” but having good facilities and extra money for things.

    I’m really liking Will less and less. He left the Glee kids AGAIN this episode. Before it was a monetary thing, and with a baby on the was it’s somewhat understandable. This time though it was all about the ego, and that makes me dislike Will. The episode was supposed to be about having “guts” but it seemed to parallel the pilot, but with the opposite message…

    I still really like the show and will keep watching, I just thought this episode was pretty weak.

  6. maura on September 17th, 2009 4:19 pm

    some of the minor characters had hilarious lines.

    ken tanaka “wanna know what i’m feeling? i live in a ymca. i only have one pair of long pants…”

    howard “i’m afraid of my vaccuum.”

    victor garber (love) “your secret’s safe with me. i spent six months in the hanoi hilton. never said a word.” i hope victor comes back to sing!

  7. Kimber on September 17th, 2009 4:49 pm

    I really enjoyed the episode, but I’ll admit it was no pilot! “Showmance” was great, and got two viewings out of me, but they have yet to surpass the greatness that is the pilot. Maybe with the “Preggers” episode, which I’ve heard amazing things about.

    Good things about last night? Um … Acafellas! I’m swooning over Matty Fresh, so that was a real treat for me. And the songs? The Turk Dance Song from Scrubs (seriously, that’s the title I know it as!) was awesome, and got me giggling. Also – Sue? Love her. And love the comments she makes to everyone around her … Will, the Cheerios, and everyone else. She’s amazing.

    Kurt’s story, and Mercedes’ busting his window? Awesome. But oh honey, I think we all knew he was a bit … happy … how could you not? Guess when you want to believe something, you just go with it. Can’t wait to see the story play out, though, and I think he and Mercedes will go on to develop an awesome friendship.

  8. Kelly on September 17th, 2009 5:36 pm

    VICTOR GARBER!!! Love him, love him! Although he better be back to sing! 🙂

    Plus we got Bel Biv Devoe, Montell Jordan, and Color Me Badd all in one episode? Hilarious! You can definitely tell Mr. Schuester’s musical tastes are from the 90s. When he first turned to the camera singing “This is how we do it,” I laughed so hard I was crying. Plus who knew Puck could do all that?? Hotness!

    If it hadn’t been for the great Acafellas musical numbers (plus Victor Garber and the awesome scenes between Kurt and Mercedes — that Chris Colfer kid can ACT), I probably wouldn’t have liked the ep much. Again Will was basically just ditching the glee kids. I know he needed to get his “confidence” back, but make up your mind, Will! You need to fully commit to something!

    All that being said, though, I am still fully and completely on the GLEE train! I’ve heard so many awesome things about next week’s ep, and I am mucho excited for it!

  9. OldDarth on September 17th, 2009 10:21 pm

    Wow – this one has gone down the drain quickly. The plot lines are insipid and the music choices tonight – BORING! Goodbye GLEE.

  10. Mrsb918 on September 18th, 2009 10:01 am

    I was so excited for GLEE based on the pilot, but unfortunately, the last few episodes have just been ok for me. They feel very rushed, where plot developments just come out of nowhere. And, the characters lack consistency – I like people with depth, but I feel like people are all over the place. Hello, Puck? I wish the writers would take their time with the stories, giving the viewers time to enjoy the hilarious dialogue and casting (Victor Garber, Josh Groban!!)

  11. Gavin on September 18th, 2009 8:40 pm

    So I was tempering my excitement for Glee when it came on this season. I know Kevin (wheelchair kid) pretty well from an old job, so I was definitely rooting for him, but overall I’ve been underwhelmed. The songs are… ok. The plot is weak and with few exceptions the characters are WAY cliche. Talk about stereotypes… Not to mention, kids in high school may talk about those subjects (who am I kidding, of course they do) but they do NOT talk about them the same way these kids to. It just rings false in most every way.

    The biggest offense? The musical numbers. I thought it was a brilliant premise. It’s obviously a huge cash cow (iTunes, soundtracks, karaoke sales, etc) but damn could they possibly sound any more over produced? I realize not everyone cares, but I watch them and it looks like they’re TRYING to appear like they’re lip syncing… an odd choice to say the least. Now obviously singing live is not a realistic option, but they don’t have to be so overproduced that you can’t even IMAGINE them being sung live. Seriously, it’s terrible. They better get their show in order quick, or else I’m over it.

  12. Elyssa Wells on September 23rd, 2009 12:15 pm

    Okay so after reading all of these comments i have to say i mostly disagree. I mean glee put out that pilot in the summer to lure people in. Very few shows are ALWAYS as good as the first episode suggests. Glee is a well rounded show it has the right balance of humor and seriousness, music and dialogue, i mean the show really has SPUNK!
    There has never really been a show like glee before, and the actors and actresses have some really good raw talent.
    I think all the haters need to quit, or i will bust the window out of ur car!