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Is it me or is Smallville slightly more violent this season and loaded with graphic scenes? It’s strange I didn’t pick up on it until tonight when I saw Tess killing off zombies with a sword or Zod finishing off the doctor in the end of the episode. I’m not complaining or anything but the series has definitely matured and is darker than the season’s before. Lois’s daydreams even seem more risqué and vivid for Smallville! I guess this change is just proof that the characters have really left the innocent Clark Kent farm days behind.

Rabid was a great episode either way! The gang somewhat pulled it together to save the human race from the airborne virus floating through the atmosphere with Clark’s blood as an anecdote. Chloe and Dr. Hamilton seem to be the new team in Smallville as well as Lois and Clark. There was a lot of chemistry between the pair in this episode. I wasn’t really loving Erica Durance and Tom Welling on screen together in the beginning. When they would argue back and forth it seemed natural but when things began to heat up between them it just didn’t seem to click for me.

Now after a couple of seasons they seem to have a smoother interaction on screen with a believable scenario. The extra long gazes and Lois’ face when Clark picked her up tonight to bring her to safety after she was bitten by a crazy zombie really seemed to pop out and show their feelings for one another. Lois actually has a softer side and admits that she doesn’t want to be alone anymore now that she has shared so much with the Blur. And while where on the topic of confessions. The whole Oliver/Lois pining storyline I didn’t seem coming. It was surprising to hear Oliver confess his love to Lois. Luckily she was passed out on the floor becoming a full fledged zombie right in front of him while he continued to pop pills.

I guess Chloe isn’t the only one having a hard time adjusting to the aftermath of Davis Bloom/Jimmy deaths and the Lois and Clark situation. Oliver is fully aware of their connection which is evident in his glance and comment on the elevator and in the end makes Clark angry when he lets Lois fall asleep. In the beginning it looked like the two where patching things up with Clark confessing that Oliver was right to about killing off Davis Bloom. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Oliver next week though after he decides to torch his Green Arrow suit in the alley. Luckily Chloe is secretly tracking the gang from her watch tower. She does let Dr. Hamilton in on her secret as long as he doesn’t tell. I do hope the writers return to the Jimmy/Chloe conflict with Clark. I would love to see what would happen if they brought Jimmy back.

And after all my gabbing I am left to catch up on Tess. The super villain of the series has really gotten herself into a mess this time and Clark, even though he is unaware of it. Apparently the Kryptonians are still in hiding with Tess on their trail. She did work wonders with that sword tonight! And her zombie scene was pretty good too. I can’t wait to see what happens when Tess and Zod reunite.

Overall tonight’s Smallville was pretty good! My favorite part of the night was the Lois and Clark scene in the rain. She adores the Blur but her feelings are so obvious for Clark as well as his.

And as always I hope you guys are still with me! It’s the last season! Tell me what you thought of tonight’s episode?

Sarah is from Massachusetts and currently writes for several TV and music websites. She loves Smallville, Heroes, Everwood, and of course Californication.


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