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DEXTER: Blinded by the Light

October 12, 2009 by  

While we didn’t have a Dexter-caused death this week, we definitely dealt a lot with Dex’s personal life and how the edges of it might be cracking in certain spots.

This week we were introduced to a lot of the members of Dexter and Rita’s community. Apparently, there’s been a vandal in the area, and, what do you know he comes to hit Dexter’s home. Dexter’s paranoia comes in the form of Harry, who doesn’t want Dexter having any questions raised about him. It’s a good point, I suppose, but it seems to be the behavior of someone with something to hide…which Dexter is, so my entire point is both valid and invalid at the same time.

Anyway, I was very interested to see the tug of war that is taking place between the Vacation and Trinity Killers right now. LaGuerta is getting pressure to solve the Vacation Murders quickly, but Deb is stubborn and won’t let Trinity, and Lundy, go. I like the character of Anton, so I hate to see him get pushed to the side by Deb, but Lundy and the Trinity case are so intriguing, it just might be worth it.

Matt Parkman’s wife from “Heroes” was forced to jump from the building at the pier, making the death the second of the three-part cycle. One thing that I think has made “Dexter” fresh this season is knowing who the killer is from the start. I’m a big fan of the show “Criminal Minds” and I always love being able to see the killer’s ritual; the episodes where we get to are much more interesting to me than the straight episodes where the group catches a guy. The same thing is the case here. Instead of weeks of “Hey, guys, I think we might have a serial killer on our hands,” we jumped straight into it and get to see everything as it happens. It raises a lot of questions.

Why has Trinity returned to Miami? Why does his pattern play out the way it does? What was it he put near the victim’s fingers? Does he do that to every victim? What was with the entire ritual toward the end of the episode? Ashes? Whose ashes? Who is next?

The good thing with a serial killer like Trinity is that he follows a very strict pattern. Additionally, since he’s recreating crimes from 30 years ago, the team should be able to track down where he’s going to go next. I think the next episode could be action-packed.

Office politics continue as Angel and LaGuerta get more and more intimate with their shenanigans. Is it just me, or can it be inferred that, if they hadn’t been having sex when they did, they would have caught the suspect and his girlfriend? I mean, I know we can’t say that for sure, but if they hadn’t taken their “detour,” they would have been there at the right time, right? Also, Quinn is being really stupid with the reporter. REALLY stupid.

Apparently, cops don’t watch cop shows. Otherwise, they would never get romantically involved with reporters or assume suicides are suicides.

On the personal side of things, Rita is starting to get more and more suspicious of Dexter, and I can’t say I blame her. I think that these tensions are going to keep building and come to a head eventually, with Harry always in the back of Dexter’s mind telling him that his family is just a façade that’s kind of gone too far. “Dexter,” at its core, is about Dex dealing with being a serial killer and a member of society, and it looks like we’ll definitely be getting a lot of that part of the storyline this season.

Does anyone want to take any guesses on Trinity? And, will Rita get fed up with Dex and how long will that take?

Philboy is a Midwesterner who spends his days doing PR for a small Catholic university. His can’t miss shows are “Glee,” “HIMYM” and “Dexter”. His thoughts for the week are, “Go COLTS!” and “I need to take a day off soon.”


5 Responses to “DEXTER: Blinded by the Light”

  1. JustCari on October 13th, 2009 10:56 am

    I had the same initial reaction – but I don’t think the jumper/victim was the same actress as Janice Parkman – at least not according to her imdb page:

    She does look quite similar, though.

  2. strunkette on October 13th, 2009 12:26 pm

    From what we saw I think that the Trinity killer is killing members of his family over and over. From the age of the victims and the fact he’s been doing this for 30 years It must be his father, mother and an older sister (or girlfriend I suppose.) The first clue was him saying “Mommy (or mother, can’t remember)” over the body this week. I’m guessing he wiped the ashes of his mother next to the body. The other clue was at the end when he poured the drink and said you’re next. Lundy told us the next victim would be a man bludgeoned to death. So I’m guessing that would be his father. Just my thoughts.

    I also really like Anton and hope Deb doesn’t screw that up.

  3. macdady on October 16th, 2009 12:00 am

    I was also extremely curious what Trinity was doing with that liquid or whatever it was he dipped his finger in after he took off his gloves by the ladies corpse?! There must be some reason for doing this??

    The scene at the end with the ashes was just as bizarre, but probably just one of his idiosyncrasies. Also I have heard Misouka is going to become very fortunate in the near future…

  4. Macro on October 16th, 2009 12:39 am

    Totally not Parkman’s wife. It was Berg’s rival/lover from “Two Guys and a Girl”. I win the obscure actress recognition game! Yay!

  5. Lee on October 18th, 2009 2:04 pm

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