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About Last Night…GOSSIP GIRL, BIG BANG THEORY and more…

October 13, 2009 by  

I think it is only fitting that I watched Monday night’s HOUSE as well as all of my other Monday night shows hopped up on Vicodin. What can I say? I’m a method viewer. It wasn’t easy but I watched almost all my show on my Monday night agenda.  I said almost…

While I share some quick thoughts on my Monday night shows, I wanted to open up the forum for you to let us know what YOU watched last night.

Jen already shared her thoughts on last night’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, but may I just add that the high school version of me flipped out with the appearance of Nuno Bettencourt playing alongside Marshall in the music video found on www.itwasthebestnightever.com. For those of you who don’t know (or are just too young to remember), Nuno was the guitarist for the rock band Extreme.  The video was a spoof on Extreme’s big hit “More than Words”. But long before “More than Words” became a hit, Extreme was our hometown band, with some of the guys coming out of my hometown of Malden, MA. Lots of good memories of high school friends and my sister whenever I see one of the guys from the band. Oh and the episode was pretty great too. Not my favorite, but enough laughs to keep me entertained.

I know many of you have given up on GOSSIP GIRL but I’m sticking with it.  It’s flawed, for sure, but it’s still my Monday night guilty pleasure. In perhaps the most bizarre wedding episode ever, Lily and Rufus finally got married. Finally.  The event was overshadowed by the revelation that Scott was their long lost son. It was ridiculous how quickly everyone adjusted to the situation, but since I look to GG for pure fluff and not real storylines, I easily overlooked it.  The subtle ways in which the writers are maturing Chuck Bass are really working for me.  Has Blair really changed him all that much?  I’m not sure, but I like him.  Nate continues to bore. Serena continues to be pointless (although Carter makes her that much more interesting), and the writers/producers continue to show us that they are clueless on how to write storyarcs that last more than 3 episodes.  Bree Buckley is already gone? Hilary Duff as Dan’s new gf Olivia disappears after only one episode? Scott is revealed as the brother and then heads back to Boston right away? I know the show was built for the ADHD generation but give us all a little credit. But yet I keep watching. I just don’t know how to quit you. Oh, and can someone please explain to me how Serena kept that strapless dress on last night?  Seriously, it defied gravity.

THE BIG BANG THEORY continues to dominate in its new time block.  Is it official?  Is THE BIG BANG THEORY TV’s #1 comedy?  Where did that come from, and by that I mean YAY! I can’t say that I’m on the Leonard/Penny train. I just don’t find them believable as a couple, but they also don’t bother me so I guess it’s ok.  I hate to say it because he’s one of my favorite characters on TV, but I think the writers are becoming much too lazy when it comes to writing for Sheldon.  I like how he’s becoming more perceptive to those around him, but he’s also a little one note when it comes to his literal interpretation of everything his friends say. Enough. And as much as I love a good ‘Bazinga’ and hopes it catches on, it’s never going to be a ‘That’s What She Said’, so stop trying to make it happen.

It pains me to admit that I haven’t yet time to watch last night’s GREEK yet. But don’t let that hold YOU back from talking about it.  I’ll hopefully get to it later tonight. Maybe a little Cappie will make my back pain go away.  Hey, never underestimate the healing power of a KT boy.

Philiana will be back later with her take on last night’s CASTLE and Erik will be posting his review of last night’s HOUSE shortly.  So stay tuned.

Anyone still watching GOSSIP GIRL have anything to say about last night’s episode?  Where are all my BIG BANG THEORY fans…I know you’re out there?  GREEK? HEROES?  Dare I say it, what about DANCING WITH THE STARS? Has ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE found any GMMR fans?  Time to talk to me about YOUR Monday night!


5 Responses to “About Last Night…GOSSIP GIRL, BIG BANG THEORY and more…”

  1. Casey on October 13th, 2009 4:57 pm

    Monday nights are always my homework nights, so I usually sit down and turn the tv to CBS for the four comedies and then turn to ABC for Castle at 10. Didn’t love last nights HIMYM, but I loved BBT. I ignore Two and a half men, and I half watch Accidentely on purpose, but I feel like I have basically watched the same episode three times now. Still love Castle though!

  2. Bonnie on October 13th, 2009 5:27 pm

    Still watch Gossip Girl, but it’s usually the last thing I get to on TiVo. HIMYM is rather boring although any time NPH and Robin are on I’m glued – no matter what they’re saying. BBT is so good and I totally agree about Sheldon being one note these days. I’m hoping something different will happen with him soon. House always delivers although I’m starting to get bored by Foreman. He’s never been that much fun to watch, but lately I’m terribly irritated when he’s on the screen.

  3. Lee on October 13th, 2009 7:43 pm

    Totally loved BBT, got a huge kick out of the Sheldon and Raj story but Loved the Leonard/Penny scenes with Howard. First I think the chem between Johnny G and Kaley C is great and lends itself perfectly to a romantic union. The only one of the gang I coudl ever buy Penny with, and they are just adorable together. Howard had some of his best lines last night with them. He was so on!
    Great epi. Not too thrilled with HIMYM this season at all, and this is from one who was looking forward to B&R but I am kind of bored by them. Not feeling what I used to for them and I feel like Barney has really lost most of what made him interesting to me. Marshal and Lilly saved that stuff for me.
    I watch Accidentally on Purpose and feel it is getting better and two and a half men is such a guilty pleasure for me,maybe it is the 80’s teen in me who still sees Jon Cryer as Duckie lol.

  4. Jen (HIMYM) on October 13th, 2009 11:41 pm

    I’m still watching Gossip Girl. It’s light and fun but I agree that they seem to only be able to write 3 episode arcs, which is sad. Bree, Scott, Duff, Georgina…

    Loving BBT! And yet again I have to agree there are too many bazingas this season. Sheldon needs to lay off them for a bit.

    Watched Greek and saw a shout-out to The Middleman. I love Evan and Cappie being friends on the DL so I wished Casey was out of the loop for a little longer.

    Gave up on Heroes this season and haven’t kept track of it at all.

  5. Jackie on October 14th, 2009 3:17 pm

    I, like Jen, have given up on Heroes this season…Was only watching for Mr. Quinto, but he needs to leave that sinking ship now.

    Don’t get the CW, so I’m still catching up on GG. I should be receiving my last disc for season 2 from netflix this week, so I’m almost caught up.

    I’m late on the BBT train, but I watched the season 3 premiere and was hooked instantly…Bought season 1 and I’m already half-way through it; addicted!